Niche fashion: what does it mean?

And can it stand on its own?

Niche fashion is a matter of having a personal identity, refusing mass products and somehow having a certain repulsion for what is extremely popular.

The question is: do you want to look like everyone else? Dress like everyone else? And think like everyone else?

If yes, maybe reading this post is a waste of your time. Indeed many people like to be the copy of others. But if your response is no, it’s worth a few minutes of reading. Exploring the concept of niche fashion will help you understand that small universe outside mass trends.

It’s an imagery that finds very little space in our homologated culture. Social media flattened everything privileging a single line of thought.

Created by visionary designers, it finds support from a limited number of selected international retailers who still have a passion for research. And by people like you, who love searching for authentic gems.

Niche fashion
Marc Le Bihan tulle skirt

However, niche has a meaning in marketing but has a slightly different connotation in fashion. In marketing, it refers to a group you identify as your target audience.

Niche in the fashion field

In the fashion field, professionals call niche brands or collections those designs out of the mainstream. Cult pieces of clothing or accessories not for all because of their design, quality and craftsmanship. Which image is so unique that only people with a specific taste will understand them.

In essence, niche fashion is about having a different sensibility towards design and quality. It is for connoisseurs, insiders or everyone having an eye to recognise it, people who escape from mass thinking and find pleasure in the unconventional.

Now, can niche brands stand on their own?
The news that Calzedonia group just acquired Antonio Marras, taking a majority stake in the brand, opens the discussion.

Niche fashion will never be trending, never too popular. It wouldn’t be niche. And it has nothing to do with algorithms.
And so, preserving a culture of diversity is vital for niche brands to survive.

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Entering the season: Fall/ Winter 21

Soon we will start introducing our selection for the coming season, Fall/ Winter 21.

We are going forward with a certain sense of slowness. The ‘Hurry-up’ attitude is part of the status quo, which none seems interested in questioning (but we do). In fact, from N.Y. to Paris and Milano, the bandwagon of fashion shows is starting again following the same stale rules.

However, keeping in mind our timeless approach, let’s go through the garments we have selected for you. For us, as well.

Fall/ Winter 21

First, the perfect pants. One wide-leg version, one straight-leg. Both in Supima cotton. The material has a shiny finishing that makes it look like silk. Moreover, a special treatment makes it warm too.

Then, we found a couple of basic knits in a striped jersey. There’s a boat-neck version and a turtle-neck. Slightly loose fit, they are the perfect complement to multiple outfits.

Of course, we couldn’t miss an asymmetric oversized pull in extra-fine wool. The worsted yarn makes the texture very soft.

Also, we’ll show you a cool cardigan designed as a whole garment. It means there are no shoulders or side seams, so it is very comfortable to wear.

As a more elegant piece, we picked a sleeveless v-neck boxy dress, under-knee length. Three fabrics with different textures are sewn together and then pleated. Unique!

A maxi collar blouson looks so stylish even when worn unbuttoned. And a cocoon sleeved maxi dress. The texture is dry and soft. There’s also a boxy sweater with a horizontal line at the body. It comes in soft lambswool.

Lastly, the sweatshirt is never too casual. We picked one with a zipped detail so you can wear it backside front too.

We thought we needed some colours to boost our mood. Therefore our palette goes from comforting tones to some bright hues.
Black, grey, off-white, camel, green, mustard, yellow, purple.

Please, check our Instagram account to see the new arrivals for the Fall/ Winter 21 season, and stay in touch with us.
We’d love to hear from you!

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The niche choice

When it comes to fashion or lifestyle choices, you have two options: take the most popular brands or search for what’s different. Likewise, you can go on holidays where crowds go or search for your places, out of the beaten path.

Needless to say that we tend to go for the latter. And if you interact with us – in person or through our digital world – you are on the same page. Perhaps, as we did, you have seen everything in fashion, and now you want more.

So we look for what we call niche designers or niche brands.
And it’s not that we don’t like popular brands. Indeed, we could handpick some cool items out of those collections. But, we love to search for something more unique. For a style that is special, and not immediately recognizable. Therefore, more personal.
That style is you.

Key points for our niche choice

What are the keys we use to analyze fashion collections?

Design and style
First, we are attracted by the designer’s viewpoint, what the brand is bringing in. From what we consider a valuable style proposal, we pick out the pieces we like. Which, then, are reviewed from other perspectives to match our quality standards. The construction and fit, how the garment falls. Wearing occasion and materials. The price point.

Timeless aesthetic
We select items that you can wear for a long time. If some pieces recall a fashion trend, it is never too much to make those items seem old the season after. Indeed, our pieces always look fashion-forward.

We tend to select items that you can wear during the whole year long. By layering, you can use them not only during a given season. It avoids fashion cycles and so the ‘buy & toss’ attitude.

Pieces that you can wear on multiple occasions, but you are never out of place.

Of course, a niche selection is not for everyone. But that makes it even more special.

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