Rosita and Cristina Cigliola sisters and suite123 founders

Rosita and Cristina Cigliola are sisters, different yet complementary. Connected by a strong family bond and decades of professional experience in fashion. Our sisterhood strengthened in March 2006, when we joined our paths professionally and founded Suite123 – in the Porta Romana area in Milano. An independent niche boutique dedicated to an attentive audience. Soon this became a space for ideas, culture, mutual exchange, and friendship.

Since 2006 we offer our personal take on fashion through carefully selected items from international designers and independent brands. With the singular aim to help you create your unique, distinctive individual style. After 15 years in the physical store, we shifted our activity to the online world.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic pushed us to reflect on the shifts that we saw in our own lifestyle and to take part in positive change. Indeed, without compromising great design and quality, a more sustainable approach to fashion is critical. We promote conscious buying and are constantly educating ourselves about brands that are making a difference in this area.

Less stuff, higher quality is an ethos we embrace.

Thank you,
Rosita and Cristina