A circle out of the mainstream

Why do we choose words?

With words, we try to foster a culture for a circle out of the mainstream. Our style will not reach the masses, but it’s not for them. They prefer just pictures.

In our posts, we touch on several topics we like to discuss with our community, not necessarily related to fashion, hoping to leave a thought-provoking perspective. Also, we offer descriptions of the design, the quality, materials and colours of the garments we select. Those detailed notes represent a way to celebrate the brands’ creativity and the uniqueness of those pieces, things you don’t find everywhere.

Though we try to give detailed descriptions, one thing is difficult to provide via the web: the touch of the fabrics, as the feel on your skin. Which, for us, has become a real fixation. Indeed, those who had the chance to buy our selections over time are familiar with our obsession with materials. So, when we say “it feels good on your skin”, they know what it means.
But, in the case of those in touch with us, it’s a matter of trust, which we build on actual conversations and needs time to grow.

For people who happen to read our blog posts or maybe find us on Instagram, that place where everything is possible, perhaps it’s not easy to perceive the quality. Impossible to feel the hand of the fabrics.

However, searching for specific standards for clothing and lifestyle choices means coming from a certain mindset. You don’t take everything, but you are selective. And you are part of that tiny niche that doesn’t want to be the photocopy of others.

And so, this is for you. Suite123 Milano is not a place for ordinary choices. The world is full of that! You don’t need our expertise and research to get mass products.

Through words, we want to promote an alternative culture, a circle out of the mainstream. And we research meaningful garments as a way to express it.

The Bicolour One-Piece

Elegance on the beach

Today we introduce The Bicolour One-Piece by Cinzia Cortesi Couture.

Cinzia Cortesi is a new Italian beachwear brand we added this season. Well, it took a lot of time to find it. Indeed, we have seen so many brands, but we weren’t satisfied. For the quality or the design and, in many cases, for the image of the woman they propose.

Unfortunately, one image dominates the scene: fake lips, fake boobs, and too much of everything. Also frequently advertised by starlette or the new Insta celebrities. That depiction, to us, means nothing.
And if you have another idea of a woman and don’t feel represented by that image, finding something different isn’t an easy task.

And so, we searched until we saw Cinzia Cortesi Couture. Et voilà, her essential and refined style caught our attention!

The Bicolour One-Piece
The Bicolour One-Piece
by Cinzia Cortesi Couture

Let’s see The Bicolour One-Piece in detail

About the design:
This item is a one-piece swimsuit with thin shoulder straps, a criss-cross front band and a self-knot at the back. Also, to provide that couture touch, the material is doubled. Thanks to the perfection of the pattern, the fit is excellent. Therefore, the silhouette is flattering and very elegant.

About the material:
The material is lycra sensitive, which is the top quality lycra. Specifically, it’s a high-quality fabric that will not wear out over time. The hand of the material is dense and looks like a crepe, but even if it’s solid, it has good drying properties.

About the colour:
Bicolour: black base with a beige criss-cross front band. An absolutely chic combination.

Style tips: wear it as a top with your favourite jeans or a black maxi skirt for your summer nights.

The Bicolour One-Piece is the swimsuit that lets you stand out in elegance!

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Consume less!

How to reduce our impact on the planet

In order to reduce our impact on the planet, the solution proposed is to purchase sustainable products. So the industries believe, or so they want to make us believe.

But the truth is different. If we don’t start from the assumption that consuming less is at the base of a sustainable lifestyle, we will not make any progress.

Indeed, there’s no sustainable product, recycled or upcycled, green or bio. Or add whatever label marketing will launch to convince consumers that those products are better than others. Not one of these products or all of these labels together will come to our aid.

Even if they really are better, sustainable products will not change anything. Why? They will not solve the issue simply because that is not enough.

Our lifestyle has an impact on the environment, and in order to sustain it, we are exploiting the planet.
Given that, will our impact on the planet be reduced if people consume tons of sustainable goods? It seems very unlikely.

Consume less: this is how to reduce our impact on the planet

A sharp reduction in consumption is the way to bring about systemic change. If we want to reduce our daily devastation, only one thing will be beneficial: consume less.

Of course, this is about all aspects of our lifestyle. So, reducing the energy and water we use, oil consumption, heating systems, planes, cars, etc.
Then, of course, we will need the rest. Meaning sustainable, recycled, upcycled, green or bio.

This also means that we have the power in our hands. Indeed, consuming less requires action on our part.

No brands will ever tell us so, even if this is the only possibility that makes sense. They will continue making sustainable products, filling the world with new sustainable garbage while depleting natural resources!

Sustainability for a dead planet is meaningless!

Bukowski: when words are powerful

Capturing the essence of style

The essence of style is not easy to describe and to capture in sentences. But there is someone who brilliantly found the perfect words to frame it.

Thanks to Mary Portas, we have discovered the following piece by Charles Bukowski, which, she says, sums up her feelings on Style.
We found it fantastic! And so, we decided to share it here because Bukowski’s sharp words are really perfect.

“Style is the answer to everything,
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous day,
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it.
To do a dangerous thing with style, is what I call art.

Bullfighting can be an art.
Boxing can be an art.
Loving can be an art.
Opening a can of sardines can be an art.

Not many have style
Not many can keep style
I have seen dogs with more style than men,
Although not many dogs have style.
Cats have it with abundance.

When Hemingway put his brains to the wall with a shotgun, that was style.
For sometimes people give you style.
Joan of Arc had style.
John the Baptist,
García Lorca.

I have met men in jail with style.
I have met more men in jail with style than men out of jail.
Style is a difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.
Six herons standing quietly in a pool of water, or you, walking
out of the bathroom without seeing me.”

Yes, Bukowski definitely captured the essence of style in such a brilliant way.
And we really adore this piece!

Not only has he left us a great word of art, but this also reminds us of the importance of words in a world full of fake images.

The New Yooryuu Top

Today we introduce The New Yooryuu Top – by Plantation1982.

Among the Yooryuu series of timeless carry-over pieces designed by Plantation, a new model was launched this season.
Yangyanagi is a woven fabric in which threads are twisted to create a grainy striped surface. Indeed, the unevenness of the texture prevents the material from adhering to the skin and has excellent breathability, sweat absorption, and quick-drying properties. Those characteristics make this garment perfect for the summer season.

About the design
Boxy sleeveless top with an asymmetric cut volcano neck that you can also fold up, so you can wear it in two different ways.

About the material
100% organic Japanese cotton. Using the grain in a horizontal striped shape instead of vertical, and giving the fabric an appropriate tension, creates a rhythmic movement like a spring, typical of the Yooryuu cotton series. Which is comfortable and fun to wear.

The New Yooryuu Top
The New Yooryuu To
by Plantation1982

The material is easy to remove from the skin, thanks to its unique texture. Also, it has a silky feel, excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties. These are lightweight and resistant pieces that you can wear many times.

About the colour
Light yellow: a delicate accent of colour in your wardrobe which is also easy to match.

Wash by hand, easy care.

Style tips: even though these organic cotton pieces are perfect for the hot weather, in fact, when you sweat, they do not stick to your skin, you can wear them throughout the year. Indeed they work well for your layered style as basics under wool garments.

Comfortable as loungewear, you can spend time at home and work remotely in style, but it’s perfect when you go out.
The New Yooryuu Top is the high summer piece you cannot miss!

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Child labour: the modern slavery

The obscenity of a society that closes its eyes in the face of the major issues

Child labour is one of the most obscene issues in our society, one of those problems people don’t want to see. Even though prohibited by legislation worldwide, the number of children exploited is growing. According to Unicef, 2021 registered the first increase in two decades, with cases rising to 160 million worldwide because of covid-19.

There is a consistent number of countries where child labour is not forbidden. Poverty and discrimination are the main causes, but conflicts and the pandemic gave a big hand in spreading the situations that degenerate into this modern slavery.

Child labour: modern slavery for the western world

Exploited children produce goods that supply the stores in the western world. Or call it that side of the world where people ignore or pretend to ignore every issue. Whichever it is, having the newest mobile device or a fancy car is better than knowing the truth about the little hands who extracted materials used to produce our toys.

And so, we dedicate each day to specific matters giving them the priority for that day. Specifically, the world day against child labour was on 12 June.

Therefore, on an annual basis, we see impactful graphics and beautiful words that end up in nothing. They just become content for social media, but nothing ever changes.

These kinds of stories are as old as the earth. So, if we aren’t able to eradicate them, but we still abuse children’s rights, we have serious problems.

There will be no sustainability without ethical labour. And if sustainable products are a priority, child labour comes first.
How can we talk about sustainability when the number of children involved in production chains has increased over time?

There is an organisation that is working to change things consistently, it’s called Still I Rise. Their projects aren’t endless. Indeed, they work to solve problems in a specific place, and then they move on. Also, education is their focus, and they open schools.
Please, check them out here and donate if you can!

Milan Design Week 22

Signs of a recovery

Milan Design Week 22 is over, and even if the weather was too hot, it was nice to see the town alive again. Some say it was not as crowded as in the previous editions, but many tourists came for the occasion from everywhere.

When they were interviewed by the press, the industry professionals said they placed orders during the exhibition, something that has not happened for a long time. Therefore, they noticed positive signs of a recovery after the pandemic.

By the way, starting from the first editions, the events held for the “Salone del Mobile” and the “Fuorisalone” created a lively and refined atmosphere in town. Much better than the fashion week, almost pointing out that the design audience is more cultured than the fashion crowds. Which is unsurprising considering how fashion has lowered the bar so far.

Milan Design Week & Fuorisalone

Milan Design Week

However, among the places we visited, our favourite was the Flos’ location at the “Fabbrica Orobia.” Here we saw beautiful setups in a stunning multi-experience venue. Titled “See the stars again”, the event celebrated its 60 years of activity.
In order to show their outdoor lightning system, they have recreated a fabulous garden in one of the rooms. While people walked next to the plants, the lights changed colours. Amazing!

Needless to say, sustainability was one of the big topics at the Milan Design Week 22. But, of course, there was a lot of greenwashing. Indeed, same as in the fashion industry, it is clearly the marketing game of our times. You cannot sell a single pin if you don’t put a sustainable label on it.

But the first question that jumps to our mind is: how can huge events be sustainable?

And what does it mean to sell sustainability when there is no factual guarantee? Or any clear regulation?

The Wavy Cropped Pants

Comfortable yet stylish

Today we introduce The Wavy Cropped Pants – by Plantation.

This item offers a more relaxed style, perfect for the summer season. But the image is always elegant. So you can create many outfits by combining them with the tops you already have in your wardrobe.

About the design
The three-dimensional wavy effect of the material makes these jersey pants unique. The length allows you to see the ankles, so you can wear them neatly while feeling relaxed. Also, the waistband is elasticated, and the internal drawstring makes the fit adjustable and very comfortable.

About the material
The material with a wave-like border is 100% cotton, which is attractive for its silky feel while gently touching the skin.
Indeed the fabric elasticity is good. Moreover, the elastic effect created by the border thickness enhances the elasticity.

The Wavy Cropped Pants

The Wavy Cropped Pants

By giving the surface an embossed wave-like effect that creates a three-dimensional silhouette, it is difficult for the lines of the body to appear. And by improving it slightly with a 60/2 comb, the sense of sheerness is reduced. The fabric has good skin release and stretchability, making them ideal for your everyday style.

About the colour
Navy blue – a classic hue and a go-with-everything colour.

Wash by hand, easy care.
After washing the product once, it gets an airy feel.

The Wavy Cropped Pants

Style tips: these pants are easy to match with a shirt, blouse or a t-shirt. Also, you can wear them under a shirt dress as a layered item. Why don’t you try them with The Denim Shirt Dress? The combination is perfect!

With their unique material and comfortable fit, The Wavy Cropped Pants are a classic you’ll never get tired of.

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World Ocean Day

Voices worth listening to

Today is “World Ocean Day”, and it’s nice to see that we celebrate the earth or the ocean without really understanding what it means. Indeed, we discard garbage in the oceans, too.

Mario Tozzi, a geologist and absolutely great scientific communicator, recently wrote a critical article: in regards to climate change as scientists were not pushing enough to make people understand the urgency.

In his tv show, “Sapiens”, he said that our robbery of the planet’s resources has severe consequences. Every year, we deplete the resources available until December 31st – the overshoot day – much earlier.

Then, he added:
If the climate emergency is so dramatic, why do we not worry?
First, we do not see the climate, and we cannot give it a precise connotation. Therefore, we do not relate the consequences to the causes such as migrations and drought. We don’t see the connections.

Second, we are an overbearing species based on the accumulation of resources. A behaviour that will leave someone with resources, and many others without resources.

World Ocean Day

Moreover, to mitigate climate change, we should renounce something, but we – the sapiens – don’t like giving things up!

He also shared a documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, who said that if we do not act now, by 2070, 1/3 of humanity could live in desertic areas like the Sahara. And 3 billion people could not live in their homes.

We wonder, if we complain about migration now, what will happen then?

However, the two most polluting elements, which need immediate action, are heating systems and intensive farming. In the end, it is clear that our lifestyle – entirely – is not sustainable. So we find it depressing to see people who clean their conscience by purchasing sustainable labelled clothing. It looks like you can buy sustainability, and fashion is the only problem when the issue is way bigger.

These are just two strong statements Arthus-Bertrand pronounced:

“We cannot have infinite growth in a finite world.”

“We live in a world of garbage.”

Yes, even the oceans are full of plastic, so we celebrate “World Ocean Day!”

What else are we waiting for?

Fashion and patriarchy

How men’s taste shapes women’s style

An anthropologic examination of fashion helps us understand why men’s taste becomes the favourite one.

But is that style allowing women’s affirmation? Or is that just the expression of man’s vision? Also, is fashion for women or against women? We should ask these questions.

By analysing the context in which we live, the conclusion is that societal rules, beauty standards, and fashion are manifestations of patriarchy. Yes, it doesn’t take a subtle analyst to understand that! The whole world tells a story of patriarchy because we live in a man-shaped society.

Education for a men’s world

The way women behave, talk, think and see themselves is the sedimentation of centuries of male domination. And so it is for the way women dress. Indeed, it’s not really about expressing women’s taste, but it’s about fitting in an image stitched on us by male figures. It’s a cultural moulding representing an eternal story of dominance and submission.

Women are educated – or brainwashed – to please men in everything they do. Indeed, they are a playful accessory for men. That was the female’s role in the past, and so it is now. Nothing ever changed for real. Women’s style must conform to men’s taste, or they complain.

How men's taste dominates
Fashion and patriarchy

For instance, take the ’50s. Fashion during that time was all about catching men’s attention with lines that highlighted the body. That taste never went out of fashion. And if you ask a woman what style trend she prefers, the ’50s are always on top.

And so, from abortion to clothing, it seems we are glad to let men decide everything about our lives.

The idea is to question conventional rules and notions. To decontextualize fashion to remove all the layers that, century after century, were placed on us. They are just a reflection of patriarchy.

By understanding that, we embrace our freedom. Men do not define us. We define ourselves!

Women must be aware of their worth and choose what best suits them. Understanding this point is a process that leads to self-appreciation and self-affirmation.

Recently (again), we heard the story of a woman who couldn’t buy a dress because her husband didn’t like it. Years of feminism for this? Really?

The question is: do you like it?