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Who you are

What you choose tells who you are. And what kind of worldview you are promoting. That is because we vote with our wallets, how and where we spend our money. So we decide to support one activity or the other by simply purchasing products. Though, the power people have is so underrated.

If you believe that the logo you are proud to show as a trophy on your handbags or clothing defines who you are, what we do is not for you. We can’t tell how many times people told us they bought logoed leather goods to impress colleagues or friends!

But if you know your value, this is for you. You understand good design and quality. And you appreciate the importance of materials. If these are reasons you buy a product, this is for you.
Your style will impress, not a logo.

What you choose

Our selection is about meaningful garments we pick out from international brands and independent designers. Rarely you’ll see an exhibited logo as a way to catch your attention. And in case you’ll see a logo, there’s a specific reason other than the logo itself.

The fashion we love is about design, not branding.

We love finding beautiful designs, and we know the materials we want to feel on our skin. Indeed, those who have already bought our clothing turn to us with their eyes closed. It’s a matter of trust we have built over time.
But if you are not familiar with the quality we select, taking just a quick look isn’t enough to understand the materials.

It takes attention to understand quality.

Contact us in private, we will explain. But, in the end, only when you wear something on you’ll understand the difference. Your skin will feel it.

No logo show-off. Good design and quality, that’s what we want.
This is the style #formodernhumans

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How to order

To order the items we post on Instagram or here, please send us a private message:

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how to order - Milano private shopping

First – Check your DM, chat or inbox: we will notify availability and provide all the information you may need. Second – Once you confirm your shipping address, we will send a payment request via PayPal and our terms and conditions. As soon as we receive the payment notification, your order will be delivered shortly.
Same day delivery for Milano. But we ship everywhere!

Also, you can request a personal shopping service, which is available remotely too. It means we pick out the garments that would suit you best. This is our advice: sometimes, an item you don’t consider at first is the one that works best for you.

Plantation1982 tote bag made of recycled PET felt
Plantation1982 tote bag
Felt made of recycled PET

We believe in private shopping and deep connections.

Our selection is limited. On purpose. Because it’s a niche choice.
Drop us a message!

Thank you,
Cri and Ro

Prada / Simons: What went wrong?

FW 22-23 men’s fashion show – Consistency “did not report”

Consistency is a fundamental value in designing a product. And also in contributing to keeping it alive over time, shaping a recognisable aesthetic. Which evolves, but its DNA is always perceivable.

Some brands become a one-hit-wonder, a flash in the pan. But it takes hard work to remain on the market (and a lot of money too).

For this purpose, as a strategy, brands follow what’s popular, doing what other designers already did. In this way, they hope to sell more and thrive. But, doing so, they lose their core image, their identity. They lose their face.

Therefore, the message sent will lack that fundamental value – consistency.

We saw the Prada Fall-Winter 22/23 men’s fashion show. And we were very, very surprised. Though not in a good way.
The silhouette recalled Balenciaga so much that the point of the direction wasn’t clear. Also, underlining – “we do luxury, they do Slavic thrift shop” sounds like an excuse.

What went wrong?

There’s no evolution in terms of style. The runway was just a reproduction of things already seen.
And not that we do not appreciate oversize clothing. On the contrary, baggy was part of our selection long before it became popular.
We just gave up trying to understand Balenciaga’s nonsensical extremization. But we cannot see why the lady who has launched the ‘aesthetics of the ugly’ – now carried over by everyone, undoubtedly not with the same refinement – could ever take the decision to follow the mainstream.
That is a surprise! The biggest news!
Instead of making a trend, Prada follows the trend.

Where’s the Pradaness?

If the presence of Raf Simons was supposed to bring fresh air in co-designing the brand, it was better when she was doing by-herself-herself-alone-her-own-brand.

With hindsight, Mrs Prada searching for support in co-designing sounds like ‘Hey, I cannot cope with the new trends.’
Did she have to cope with the new trends? No. She simply had to be herself. Be consistent by giving her own vision of ‘the new.’

But this is the love for fashion that speaks. What really counts are numbers. So, let’s finance rule the game. And say goodbye to consistency.

The pebble in the pond

Starting the ripple effect

Shifting the route towards a new path is complicated and exciting at the same time.

It’s complicated because starting something different makes people stare at you as if you are mad. It’s an experience we had in our first boutique, too. New ideas or independent viewpoints are not well accepted right away. Many do not understand the reasons or, even if they do, they don’t consider going out of their comfort zone. Yes, even for clothing.
Also, you place the seeds, but it takes time for them to grow. Instead, people want things they already are familiar with.

It’s exciting because starting something new gives that extra vibe, a mix of the joy of possibility in navigating the unknown and the risk of failure. Of course, the more you do something new, the higher the risk of failing.

Given that, when the system doesn’t suit you anymore, you either accept it as it is, contributing to the exploiting game. Or try to change it, committing to something better.

The ripple effect, suite123 favicon
The ripple effect

By offering a worthwhile selection built around deep meaning, we’ve changed our way of operating in the fashion business.

Less – much less. Good design and quality only – the essential. No overconsumption. That’s why we offer a capsule selection made of meaningful garments.

We aren’t here for convenience. We are here for worth.

Fashion is what we do. We like it to the point that we do not sell clothing we wouldn’t wear. Or products we do not believe in.
Besides, we feel compelled to change because it’s time to do it.

Perhaps, our alternative approach will not change the world. But we can change our habits first, then those who interact with us.

Starting the new flow is possible. We’ve thrown the pebble in the pond, and hopefully, the ripples will follow.

Fashion in the metaverse

The final frontier of business

While billionaires are busy conquering Mars and developing Space tourism, fashion moves the first steps into the metaverse.

Life on Mars?

We are boiling planet earth. Issues here are appalling: climate change, modern-day slavery, poverty. An impressive number of people have no access to water and food – which are basic needs. Plus, a pandemic. And what do they do? They plan to go to Mars!

Well, those billionaires could bring their contribution to solve problems here, in order to ensure a better life on planet earth. But instead of helping humans, they plan to move somewhere else. Develop space tourism and more pollution, consequently. Though, they are the same who advertise sustainable practices of their terrestrial businesses.

Mars doesn’t even seem a nice place to be. So it’s not understood what kind of alternative they are envisioning. These expeditions produce zero scientific value, just 100% business.
To use Eckhart Tolle words: “I call it intelligence in service of madness.”

In parallel to Space colonization, what happens in the fashion field?

Fashion brands are launching clothing, handbags and accessories for the metaverse. What may seem unmissable for the early adopters, who would even jump off a cliff to parade their coolness, in truth, sends alarming messages. Capitalism enters into the metaverse. It’s hard not to imagine any social and environmental cost related to that.

The illusion of consumption

At least a couple of thoughts jump to our minds.
This is what brands tell us: if you cannot afford our stuff in real life, you can buy them in a fake environment. An easy way to pretend to be rich!
Also, there is a manipulation to overconsume. Since we aren’t consuming enough in real life, brands call us to do it in an imaginary place by reinforcing the physical model.
The need to show off one’s status isn’t elegant and scarcely appreciable in real life. Doing it in a fake environment only doubles the illusion of status and consumption.

Is it the world we want?

Prof. Emilio Gentile, an Italian historian, said on tv at Passato e Presente: “that is modernity, the horrendous can coexist with the marvellous.”

We believe that a conscious lifestyle on our marvellous planet earth is worth more than any Mars or fake universe.

About genderless style

Our viewpoint vs the mainstream

Why genderless style is portrayed as ridiculous?

The point with the genderless fashion trend is that the encroachment in a clownesque style seems the only possible imagery. That is the clear general trend in fashion: excessive, absurd, and deliberately caricatural. So, in the same way, it has to be depicted in the case of genderless clothing. That goes hand in hand with the “please, look at me” social media-induced manner.

Although we embrace and promote the freedom of expression, we can’t see the link between this crucial prerogative and how they force it towards the excess.

About genderless style

Boundaries between sexes are becoming more blurred. Is that new?

David Bowie is one of the best examples of the gender-fluid style of all time. His elegant posture is unforgettable. An innate gift that many try to imitate just with a sad result. By the way, Bowie has never been ridiculous. We cannot say the same thing about the “characters in search of an author” who dominate the fashion and music scenes.

Of course, our viewpoint on genderless clothing has nothing to do with the mainstream trend.
We believe many items have no gender and can be worn by whoever wants to pick them up. Indeed, we have always selected clothing from men’s collections without feeling the need to specify it. We adore that oversized style or even the more rigorous mannish tailoring. Likewise, we have never had problems selling a woman’s coat or blouse to a man, for instance.

Clothing and accessories contribute to expressing your personality.
To that end, gendered labels do not represent a limit for us. In fact, we like to mix and play with them. But something is missing today. Good taste and elegance are the factors that provide the perfect balance.
Where are they now?

Gendered labels

A viewpoint on fashion and gender among young people

This piece is written by an American student and intern working for suite123, Jackson Garske.

What makes someone more likely to ignore gendered labels on clothing?

As an American man living in Italy, I have been told by more shop owners than ever to stop looking in the women’s section for clothing. It has never been mean-spirited. But every person has been very insistent—the men’s section is there, this is the women’s section. I do wear more male presenting clothing and have masculine physical attributes. But I still like to look at every article because I can see myself wearing anything.

fashion and gender

The survey

After surveying a good number of people my age (early 20s), all of which fashion-forward in their own ways, I was surprised to find the large discrepancies in how they would gender their wardrobe.

Individuals either said only 10-20% of their wardrobe could be worn by any gender. Or they said that 70% or more could be – no one in between these extremes. The two separate groups have nothing strikingly in common, given nationality, gender, sexuality, race, fashion style, or social progressivism. It did not even come down to what kind of brands or styles they shop. When asked what stores or designers make genderless clothing, both groups included a wide array of answers like Rick Owens, UNIQLO, and H&M.

So, the overall question remains. But by asking them how much of their closet could be worn by any gender, I could see if they believed anything is gender-neutral. Despite what items they might actually own.
For now, it still boils down to one’s personal taste and view in clothing. Something hard to qualify or analyze.

genderless style

For me, I would say 100% of my clothes are gender-neutral. Not due to how I dress but due to how I perceive clothing in general. Fashion is about the freedom of self-expression, despite whatever confines placed upon it.

I hope that whatever the reason is that we stay on one side of the department store aisle or the other can be addressed and removed. For the freedom of fashion to prevail.


The ultimate sustainable strategy

It’s the second year of our NO SALES decision. If you come across our activity by chance, you may discover now that we do not participate in sales or promotions anymore.

What is the reason?

The market is hyper-saturated. Full to the brim of disposable clothing. Heavy discounts and obsessive promotions are indicators of a sick system. In fact, they reflect an economy whose basic assumption is overproduction. And compel the unceasing construction of fake needs for blind consumers. In other words, people are manipulated and induced to buy whatever.

Therefore, sales are not a sustainable strategy. The selling price should take into account creativity, quality and labour. Which also means fair wages for the production chain. We already discussed the trick of modern-day slavery in our previous posts.

Once we have realized the whole economic system is corrupted, as a consequence, we have reduced the quantity we order. And by refining our selection, we opted for a capsule wardrobe focused only on meaningful items.

This is what:

• We don’t need quantity anymore
• We choose quality and good design
• We select items made to last


Quantity is not the answer, so we invite you to buy less.
Indeed, we suggest you buy intentionally and choose only thoughtful products.

We are here to make something different. To change for the better. And educate ourselves for slower consumption.
If the status quo is what you still want to promote, just look around. It surrounds you everywhere. You don’t need us.

But if you have lost that frenzy and search for value instead, we are here for you.


It’s the ultimate sustainable economic model for a long-term approach. That supports creativity, quality, and fair wages.

No sales mean less stuff, more meaning. It’s a radical and conscious lifestyle choice #formodernhumans

Health protection or work

What comes first?

The priority between health and work in a pandemic is a delicate matter. And finding balance is a real challenge. Governments that have protected the economy have put lives at risk. Vice versa, those who have defended lives have destroyed the economy.

Today, Giorgio Armani cancels the next Milano and Paris men’s and couture fashion shows scheduled for January. Health protection is a priority for him.

During the festivities, when people travel everywhere, this decision may sound too strong.

However, this news was the chance to look into something we already wanted to analyze. Indeed, it’s our practice to start from fashion and jump into a broader picture. That includes society, human interactions and all the multiple fields related.

Personal satisfaction: the selfish choice

On the plate, we have a pandemic in opposition to health, work, and personal life satisfaction.

The decision, taken because of the raising of Covid cases, is impactful. The fact people travel and amass must be related to the number of the infected.

Following Armani’s logic, we wonder: if we cannot work, how come we travel?

Considering the high percentage of people moving, before and during the Christmas holidays, we can conclude that life has meaning only if they travel. No travel corresponds to an empty life.

People like talking about sustainable matters but still travel compulsively. Also, gather in flocks. Yes, we’ll probably cry later. But, should we think about the consequences of our actions? We are not that smart.

Change: health vs work

If not even a pandemic led people to change, it’s hard to imagine what would make it possible.
Though the idea of sacrifice for common well-being is unreal, the concept of sacrifice – in general – is dead. Only the individual counts, his own satisfaction, and nothing else around. The egoistic attitude prevails.

Besides, it’s interesting to notice that we live in the metropolis, but we can’t wait to run away anytime possible.
We’re not saying we have to deny our life’s satisfaction. On the contrary, finding alternatives to bring about meaning in our lives is a conscious choice.

And perhaps, moving out of the big cities is a value-added option for a healthy lifestyle.
By the way, we agree with King Giorgio. Health comes first!

It’s for you

Agents of change

First post of the new year.
The eighth month in this online adventure.

Tiny breadcrumbs left around.
Traces sent to those who have the eye. Diverse explorations for people like us, people who care.

If words resonate with you, you’ll feel comfortable with us.
No obsessive marketing will draw you in. An intentional and conscious choice is your reply. It’s a matter of evolution because you are on the same page.

Due to an unforeseen event, we have shifted to the online world. It’s a resilient response to a life-changing occurrence.
The easiest solution would have been a quick fix. No concepts to explore, no food for thought. Just mass-market clothing, from top brands to fast fashion. Easy to sell and make money. The status quo never dies.

Perhaps we are crazy for undertaking the opposing direction. We believe fashion is not about being frivolous but a way to inspire and make a change. The idea is to provoke a cultural shift. Change for the better is our commitment. An engaging journey, which takes time. A long haul path. But too much effort goes unnoticed by the majority.

And that is why you are not part of that majority. Indeed, you read up to here. You don’t stop at titles but seek more knowledge till the end.

Values and consistency drive your lifestyle choices. Therefore, you don’t buy anything and everything. No overconsumption. You are selective.

If style and values do not align, our connection hardly lasts.
And it’s ok too. Because what we do is not for everyone. We don’t need a large audience.

We need the right people along with us.
And for you, we’ll keep on researching unique pieces, worthwhile designers. And bring about our vision around fashion, lifestyle and society by celebrating the value of rarity.

Agents of change, this is for you

We are proud to serve you again this year!