Reaffirming the Cultural Narrative of Fashion

Exploring the Threads of Identity, Style, and Societal Evolution

Reaffirming the cultural narrative of fashion helps in understanding its true essence and value, which goes way beyond the social media-generated fluff. In fact, that is not the style we like.

Fashion is culture, the culture of our times.
In other words, fashion serves as a reflection of culture – contemporary culture or any given one – offering insights into societal norms, values, and behaviours. From the style people wear, we can perceive women’s freedom or to what degree patriarchy rules. 

Identity, Style, and Societal Evolution: The Cultural Narrative Beyond Fashion

The way we dress speaks volumes about us. From the brands we buy – which, by doing so, we endorse, championing their values; to our consumption habits and preferences. It encompasses our quest for specific fabrics, our discernment of quality and materials. And even extends to the lifespan of our purchases; the amount of waste we discard;  our regard for both the labour of others and the well-being of our planet. So, through the style people wear, it is possible to read their identities and values. 

The work of a designer, creating and putting out more stuff in our contemporary context, is particularly challenging. Their task is not talking sustainability but creating an exceptional design, beautiful pieces made to last and worth buying. Good design #formodernhumans intrinsically means for brands to make garments in respect of people and the planet. Less noise, more facts. And the proof of their intentions is that they are willing to make clothes in small batches. Quality, not quantity.

Reaffirming the cultural narrative of fashion aims to highlight that fashion is not merely about clothing but also about the deeper cultural currents shaping our world. 

All these details and information can tell us who we are and where we are heading as a society.
Fashion is culture, the culture of our times.

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The Landscape Tee

Unisex Nature-Inspired T-Shirt #formodernhumans

Introducing The Landscape Tee by Meagratia from Tokyo, Japan – our top pick of the week!

Regarding this unisex t-shirt, we’re enamoured with its nature-inspired aesthetic and minimalist design. In fact, we have a thing for basics with thoughtful design touches, which lend them an elevated style. As we’ve come to expect, Meagratia consistently delivers on multiple details. Like tiny traces, not only imbue each piece with the brand’s dedication to quality design but also with a sense of uniqueness and individuality for the wearer.

Discover The Landscape Tee

About the design
Printed unisex T-shirt featuring a real landscape that becomes a source of imagery for the Spring-Summer 24 Meagratia’s collection. Round neck, short sleeves. Unique hemline design: asymmetric, shorter and round at the front; longer and square at the back. Boxy fit. 

The landscape tee by Meagratia brand from Japan

About the material
100% cotton, full-bodied yet soft hand.

About the colour
White base with a black and white nature-inspired decoration.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Landscape Tee is a versatile, seasonless garment you can play with for many outfits. So, for a layered look, try it under a denim or leather jacket for an edgier ensemble. Or combine it with white or black jeans and ankle boots for a sleek outfit. Also, for a nature-inspired ensemble, build on the nature-inspired design by pairing it with earthy tones such as green (try it with khaki cargo pants). But don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and textures to create a unique and personalised look. 

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Workers’ Rights in the Fashion Industry

A Reflection on the International Workers’ Day

As today we commemorate International Workers’ Day once again, it prompts us to pause and reflect on the state of workers’ rights within the fashion industry. International Workers’ Day is synonymous with Labour Day, annual holidays to celebrate the achievements of workers.

Some facts about workers’ rights in the fashion industry:

1. “Luxury brands show poor efforts to reduce forced labour.” (source KnowTheChain). Specifically, KnowTheChain evaluated fashion companies’ adherence to International Labour Organization standards in their supply chain, establishment of internal responsibilities to address forced labour risks, support for worker empowerment, and implementation of programs to address forced labour allegations. So, companies received scores ranging from zero to 100, with the average fashion company scoring 21. Luxury companies rank second lowest in average score among all sub-sectors, making them particularly flagrant offenders.
In short, among the luxury companies assessed:
LVMH: 6 out of 100
Prada: 9 out of 100
Kering: 23 out of 100
Only seven out of 20 disclosed the complete first tier of their suppliers, including names and addresses.

2. Alviero Martini: under investigation for starving wages.

3. Giorgio Armani Operations: put into receivership for labour exploitation.  Workers in Chinese-run workshops paid 2-3 euros/day, judges say. Probe finds migrant workers eating, and sleeping in factories.

4. Zara and H&M‘s cotton suppliers: involved in land grabbing, illegal deforestation and human rights violations (source Earthsight). Also, this revelation is particularly alarming as it implicates Better Cotton, a certified sustainable cotton label.

5. Low wages made Bangladesh the second largest clothing exporter after China, developing a huge industry for the country. There are about four million garment workers, mostly women, whose wages are the lowest in the world. In addition, the inflation and the devaluation of the taka against the US dollar (30% from the beginning of 2023) created unsustainable conditions for workers. Specifically, garment workers in Bangladesh make clothes for large groups such as H&MZaraGapLevi’s, NextAsos, and New Look.

6. After the Jaba Garmindo factory bankruptcy in Indonesia, 2,000 Indonesian garment workers have fought for the $5.5 million legally owed in severance pay since 2015. The workers made clothes for Uniqlo and German fashion brand s.Oliver, among others. (source

7. China is the biggest exporter of ready-made clothes, monopolising nearly 40% of the global garment industry. Driving China’s $187 billion garment trade are over 10 million garment workers. People who toil under oppressive and exploitative working conditions, mostly for high street brands. …While foreign brands’ business is booming, China bans the fundamental human right of workers to form and join independent trade unions. Driving a race to the bottom on wages and working conditions, brands expect low production prices and a compliant workforce and governments allow this along with factory owners out of fear of losing foreign business. Exploiting this arrangement is the Asian retail giant, UNIQLO. (source

Conclusion: what about consumers’ role?

While we commemorate International Workers’ Day, we’re compelled to confront a shameful truth about workers’ rights in the fashion industry. In fact, workers are often regarded as nothing more than commodities that brands can exploit for their own profit. 

The absence of moral fabric within the industry is evident, as is the disregard shown by consumers who choose to ignore this issue despite the wealth of available information.

But why do people ignore human rights and still support these brands through their consumption choices?

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Cézanne and Renoir: Art, Beauty, Self-Improvement, and Friendship

Revealing the Importance of Nature Through Art

On the occasion of the visit of our beloved Irish friend, we had the opportunity to visit the Renoir and Cézanne exhibition at Palazzo Reale.

Palazzo Reale pays tribute to the legacy of Paul Cézanne and Pierre Auguste Renoir, masters who contributed decisively to the birth of Impressionism, which celebrated its 150th anniversary on April 15, 2024.

So, the exhibition explores their influence on subsequent artistic movements. A journey through their most iconic paintings, from portraits to landscapes, still lifes, and bathers. Also, the exhibition ends with a section documenting how decisive the impact and influence of the two artists were on the subsequent generation of artists by comparing two Cézanne and Renoir works with two Pablo Picasso paintings.

Since our Irish friend Pauline is a painter and art teacher, she provided insights on colours and shapes, perspective and depth. Our pathway through the rooms of Palazzo Reale has been a full immersion in absolute beauty. We had the chance to discover more about Cézanne and Renoir, their different painting techniques, their life struggles, and their friendship. Indeed, their diverse traits joined them like a magnet, offering complementarity to each other. A deep connection, a shelter they couldn’t renounce. Also, despite their health issues, they remained passionate about creating art.

Cézanne and Renoir exhibition at Palazzo Reale, Milano
A reconstruction of Renoir’s studio

Some of Cézanne and Renoir memorable quotes

But the experience was so rich and profound that it’s difficult to summarise in just a few takeaways. So, we share some memorable quotes we found in the rooms:

“Art touches emotions. If it needs to be explained, it is not art.” Pierre-Auguste Renoir

“If my canvas is imbued with an undefined cosmic spirituality that moves me and makes me better, it will also move others, touching a part of their sensitivity of which they may be unaware.” Paul Cézanne

“A state of grace comes from contemplating God’s most beautiful creation: the human body. Suffering passes, beauty remains. I am perfectly happy.” Pierre-August Renoir

“Progress can only be made through nature; the eye is educated in relation to this.” Paul Cézanne

Exploring the paintings of Cézanne and Renoir has been such a meaningful experience. A lesson on art, beauty, self-improvement, and friendship. However, the importance of nature emerges through their art. Nature teaches through its form, which the artist interprets with an increasingly personal vision. Ultimately, nature is an open space to observe and contemplate the world. A space for observation, refuge, departure, and return. Therefore, a space to preserve.

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Military Chic Inspired Jacket

The Unisex Blouson #formodernhumans

In the quest for quality over quantity, we unearthed a gem: the epitome of contemporary luxury in the form of a military chic inspired jacket. This unisex blouson, resonating with a nostalgic charm, seamlessly bridges the seasons. So, we invite you to enter the world of Meagratia, where reverence for vintage designs reigns supreme. Calling all Japanese fashion lovers: this unisex blouson is tailored for you.

Inspired by the rugged attire of US Army armoured troops, this jacket pays homage to the iconic tanker jacket. Every detail, meticulously crafted, breathes authenticity into its design. From the front zip fastening to the button-closed stand collar, from the strategically placed zipped pocket to the generous side pockets. In this unisex military chic inspired jacket every element serves a purpose.

Military chic inspired jacket

Adjustable closures at the wrists ensure a snug fit, while the full lining adds comfort and durability. Crafted from a robust blend of cotton and nylon, the jacket boasts resilience without compromising on style. Specially treated for a vintage patina, its appearance tells a story of timeless elegance.

Ultimately, this isn’t just a garment; it’s a statement. This unisex jacket is a testament to the enduring allure of military-inspired fashion. And with its unisex design, it’s a versatile addition to any wardrobe, transcending gender boundaries with ease.

Military chic inspired jacket

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