The society of fake needs

Human needs: are they real or fake needs?
Apart from the basic ones – essential to grant a decent life – human needs involve things that should improve our lives.

But, century after century, individuals have become needier. Or, to put it another way, we have just become spoiled. And if we add a high dose of ignorant and selfish behaviour, easy to detect in our society, the big picture becomes worrying.

We live for instant satisfaction, avoiding caring about the effects of our actions. Among those side effects are issues like global warming and garbage, so much that droughts have increased and the oceans are full of plastic.

Whether it is a sign of malaise or a sign of stupidity, this behaviour isn’t healthy. Therefore, some questions arise: do we really need all the products we consume? Or are ads just building fake needs to make money?

Advertising makes people believe so many things, and they buy without questioning. For instance, according to adv, we need vitamin supplements (all packed in plastic boxes). But the only thing we need is balanced nutrition, unless there are health problems, of course.
They make us believe we need expensive anti-wrinkles, even if nothing will erase a single wrinkle. Only plastic surgery can do that, another one of the crazy modern needs. And, it seems we cannot miss things like water added with hyaluronic acid or yoga pants. It’s a mystery how people could have practised yoga so far!

Also, they make us believe we need a new smartphone every year, so congrats on Chris Evans, who kept the same iPhone for seven years. Hey, seven years! We thought we were the only ones!

Do we need all those things advertising tries to sell?

Surely not. Indeed we built a society of fake needs. And it is the byproduct of a capitalist model, which puts a cage around us. But, at the same time, we talk about sustainability. Or a worldview that, if taken seriously, has nothing in common with capitalism.

Now, we should open our eyes and learn to discern rather than believe whatever they say. Being able to discern implies thinking, which is always a good exercise. And learning conscious purchasing and thoughtful consuming habits if we want the human race to continue to exist.

Dedicating particular attention to the impact of our actions on the environment is crucial. It will help us understand that with fake needs, we go nowhere.

Learning to make better choices is the way out.

The V Neck One-Piece

Today we introduce The V Neck One-Piece by Cinzia Cortesi Couture.

If brands make clothing that self-destructs in the shortest time possible, now swimsuits are made of tissue paper. And you know what? People purchase them, happy to buy things to throw away soon!

Of course, this is diametrically opposed to our culture. We want quality and design for products made to last. So for the beach, we picked out our favourite designs from Cinzia Cortesi Couture – 100% made in Italy.

This swimsuit is a refined and bold one-piece. Also, the top-quality material and the perfection of the pattern make it a timeless piece.

The V Neck One-Piece: stylish at the beach

About the design
It’s a one-piece swimsuit with a v-neckline. The shoulder straps create a criss-cross detail along the back. Indeed, this particular cut creates a flattering silhouette, revealing a beautiful effect along the shoulder. The design is essential, but when you wear it, it makes the difference.

The V Neck One-Piece
The V Neck One-Piece
by Cinzia Cortesi Couture

About the material
The material is lycra sensitive, which is top-quality lycra. In fact, it’s very soft on the skin. Specifically, it is a high-quality fabric that will not wear out over time. The hand is dense and looks like a crepe. But, even if solid, it has good drying properties and is comfortable to wear.

About the colour
Cyclamen pink – a vibrant pink hue.

Styling tips: the essential and exquisite design of this one-piece makes it suitable to be worn as a top. So try it with your favourite shorts, trousers or skirts. Also, we love it with a mannish blazer over!

Add The V Neck One-Piece to your capsule summer wardrobe. Good design and quality are always a choice of value.

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Style and fashion

The question is: do they overlap?

Style and fashion are not equivalent concepts, they do not perfectly overlap, yet they may intersect sometimes. Fashion is about trends, so it changes frequently and involves your wallet. In contrast, style is timeless and goes deeper than money.

We happen to hear people say: “I’m not interested in fashion.” And the funny thing is that they say it with a deprecatory tone of voice, perhaps willing to show a kind of superiority.

Maybe those people ignore that everything that surrounds them relates to fashion. And not only clothing or shoes. But also furniture, food, music, technology and so on. Fashion is everywhere.

On the one hand, considering how the fashion industry presents itself these days, that disgusted reaction can be understandable. Yes, they aren’t entirely wrong. But, on the other hand, if we dig deeper and see how they present themselves in detail, in most cases, that attitude just reveals a total lack of style.

You don’t need to follow fashion, but style is another thing.

Style, not fashion

And so, style is the concept to explore, to value more.
Style may have something to do with fashion, but you cannot identify it with fashion. Both are not equivalent concepts, yet they may intersect. Where fashion flaunts, style whispers. By the way, they cross each other less and less frequently.

Style is about gestures and manners. How you speak, how you live and what you wear. It’s about taste, dignity, and choices made with an effortless posture. It’s an elegance of thought reflected outside. In the end, style is about who you are.

Cool style is doing things when other people don’t. Those unconventional choices that your attitude puts into place with ease.

Most importantly, you can buy fashion, but you cannot buy style.

Are women free to make decisions?

Apparent freedom and women playing men’s game

We have recently touched on the connection between fashion and patriarchy to demonstrate that women aren’t really free to make decisions for themselves.

Is it real freedom?

If, in the Arabic world, freedom is a male prerogative, what happens in the western world is not much different. Women believe they are free, but their image reflects a male perspective. There’s a filter in women’s brains, a male setting made of centuries of cultural domination.

Look at what happened in the U.S., where some older men just passed an abortion ban, sending the country backwards and triggering big debates worldwide.

The joke is that perhaps Americans went to Afghanistan to train with the Taliban. But when the sad laugh ends, the concern grows. Indeed, you can see that patriarchy is still very much alive.

Being a female-led company, we suffer every time we hear women saying: “I cannot buy this dress because my husband doesn’t like it.” Of course, it’s not about the dress itself but because we are the only ones who can decide if we like something or not. We cannot allow someone else to rule us, knowing that someone else is often a man.

Likewise, women are the only ones who must have a voice in any matter that involves our bodies.

Are women free?

Being a woman isn’t a free choice. The vision of a woman is a male representation because those who hold the power and who make the rules are men. And so, they impose beauty standards, the clothing we should wear, and dictate our rights too. Even whether women can study or have an abortion is up to their whim.

If we allow men to decide what we can wear and how we should look, we give them the power to take any decision that involves us.

The story is about men who want to control women and women who play the men’s game, facilitating it!

Wake up, women! It’s time to remove patriarchal layers and choose what we want for ourselves.

The High Waist Bikini

Classy style on the beach

Today we introduce The High Waist Bikini by Cinzia Cortesi Couture.

This swimsuit is the most stylish and cool bikini. Its timeless aesthetic is retrò but fashion-forward at the same time. Indeed, it stands out for its unique design.

The High Waist bikini: essential and timeless

About the design:
Cut in a flattering shape. The bottom brief makes a point on style and elegance rather than coverage. However, you can fold it once or twice, so you will not give up your tanning while having multiple styling options.
The top is a triangle with removable padding. We appreciate this option, so we can remove the padding because we prefer a more natural look. Also, the bikini fully doubled in order to provide that couture structure.

The High Waist Bikini
The High Waist Bikini
by Cinzia Cortesi Couture

About the material:
The material is lycra sensitive, which is the top quality lycra. In fact, it’s very soft on the skin. Specifically, it is a high-quality fabric that will not wear out over time. The hand is dense and looks like a crepe. But, even if solid, it has good drying properties and is comfortable to wear.

About the colour:
Khaki green: an earth colour which is a classic shade for a timeless style.

Styling tips: wear a small chain waist belt over the bottom brief and some bangles for a pool party. Also, an unbuttoned oversized men’s shirt with rolled-up sleeves over the bikini is perfect for a lunch or aperitivo on the beach.

The High Waist Bikini is a beautiful piece of Made in Italy design.
Indeed, the figure is smooth and classy. And as the designer, Cinzia Cortesi, says – “this is not for everyone.”
We agree with her, that is why we like it even more!

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A conversation with Cinzia Cortesi

Cinzia Cortesi Couture is a new Italian beachwear brand we introduced this season. Indeed, after much research, her refined style and timeless aesthetic attracted our attention. There’s a touch of couture in that.

Since we wanted to know more about the brand to introduce it to our audience, we interviewed the designer, Cinzia Cortesi.

The interview with Cinzia Cortesi

• When did you launch your brand?
“In 2019, my first release was during the pandemic. Can you imagine? I said to myself: if I can do it now, nothing will stop me. Despite the lockdown, I delivered all the orders, and customers were happy with my brand. Indeed, over time they increased their orders.”

• Can you tell us something about your background?
“I come from clothing, high end/luxury brands. I’m a pattern maker, and I consulted for many years for Genny, Prada, Bally and other brands. Being a pattern maker, I’m obsessed with the fit, it must be perfect. And I have a sense of giving structure to my garments.”

• Why beachwear?
“I started from scratch, alone. So I wanted to do something manageable, and beachwear has one release a year. But, I intended to make something more structured, more habbillé than pure beachwear. I wanted an essential and researched line to perform my pattern making skills.”

Cinzia Cortesi Couture
Cinzia Cortesi Couture

About quality, fashion and social media

• What kind of materials do you use?
“I put a lot of attention to the quality of materials. My swimsuits are made of lycra sensitive, which is the top quality lycra. In fact, it’s very soft on the skin. Specifically, it’s a high-quality fabric that will not wear out over time. The hand is dense and looks like a crepe. But, even if solid, it has good drying properties, and is comfortable to wear.”

• What do you think of the fashion world today?
“Now fashion is only about logos, everyone is doing the same. There are beautiful things, but there’s a lot of garbage, really a lot! And even because of social media, I see many improvised brands. I’ve been working in fashion for over 30 years, and it’s always more complicated. But I like beautiful things, and I like making beautiful things. This is why I still work in fashion.”

• You touched on social media. What do you think about that?
“I keep an eye on social media, I have to… but I understand they must be dosed. Because if you follow them, you get caught up by a caravan that wants to dictate fashion. And, if you do that, you cannot express yourself, your authentic style.” 

• What do you think about sustainability?
“As it is now, it’s just marketing! A way to clean our conscience.”

And so, her company is small, which is a good way to keep things under control. Production is handmade, and she goes ahead with it only on an order basis. The quality of the materials is excellent, and the fit is absolutely perfect. This is Made in Italy!

A circle out of the mainstream

Why do we choose words?

With words, we try to foster a culture for a circle out of the mainstream. Our style will not reach the masses, but it’s not for them. They prefer just pictures.

In our posts, we touch on several topics we like to discuss with our community, not necessarily related to fashion, hoping to leave a thought-provoking perspective. Also, we offer descriptions of the design, the quality, materials and colours of the garments we select. Those detailed notes represent a way to celebrate the brands’ creativity and the uniqueness of those pieces, things you don’t find everywhere.

Though we try to give detailed descriptions, one thing is difficult to provide via the web: the touch of the fabrics, as the feel on your skin. Which, for us, has become a real fixation. Indeed, those who had the chance to buy our selections over time are familiar with our obsession with materials. So, when we say “it feels good on your skin”, they know what it means.
But, in the case of those in touch with us, it’s a matter of trust, which we build on actual conversations and needs time to grow.

For people who happen to read our blog posts or maybe find us on Instagram, that place where everything is possible, perhaps it’s not easy to perceive the quality. Impossible to feel the hand of the fabrics.

However, searching for specific standards for clothing and lifestyle choices means coming from a certain mindset. You don’t take everything, but you are selective. And you are part of that tiny niche that doesn’t want to be the photocopy of others.

And so, this is for you. Suite123 Milano is not a place for ordinary choices. The world is full of that! You don’t need our expertise and research to get mass products.

Through words, we want to promote an alternative culture, a circle out of the mainstream. And we research meaningful garments as a way to express it.

The Bicolour One-Piece

Elegance on the beach

Today we introduce The Bicolour One-Piece by Cinzia Cortesi Couture.

Cinzia Cortesi is a new Italian beachwear brand we added this season. Well, it took a lot of time to find it. Indeed, we have seen so many brands, but we weren’t satisfied. For the quality or the design and, in many cases, for the image of the woman they propose.

Unfortunately, one image dominates the scene: fake lips, fake boobs, and too much of everything. Also frequently advertised by starlette or the new Insta celebrities. That depiction, to us, means nothing.
And if you have another idea of a woman and don’t feel represented by that image, finding something different isn’t an easy task.

And so, we searched until we saw Cinzia Cortesi Couture. Et voilà, her essential and refined style caught our attention!

The Bicolour One-Piece
The Bicolour One-Piece
by Cinzia Cortesi Couture

Let’s see The Bicolour One-Piece in detail

About the design:
This item is a one-piece swimsuit with thin shoulder straps, a criss-cross front band and a self-knot at the back. Also, to provide that couture touch, the material is doubled. Thanks to the perfection of the pattern, the fit is excellent. Therefore, the silhouette is flattering and very elegant.

About the material:
The material is lycra sensitive, which is the top quality lycra. Specifically, it’s a high-quality fabric that will not wear out over time. The hand of the material is dense and looks like a crepe, but even if it’s solid, it has good drying properties.

About the colour:
Bicolour: black base with a beige criss-cross front band. An absolutely chic combination.

Styling tips: wear it as a top with your favourite jeans or a black maxi skirt for your summer nights.

The Bicolour One-Piece is the swimsuit that lets you stand out in elegance!

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Consume less!

How to reduce our impact on the planet

In order to reduce our impact on the planet, the solution proposed is to purchase sustainable products. So the industries believe, or so they want to make us believe.

But the truth is different. If we don’t start from the assumption that consuming less is at the base of a sustainable lifestyle, we will not make any progress.

Indeed, there’s no sustainable product, recycled or upcycled, green or bio. Or add whatever label marketing will launch to convince consumers that those products are better than others. Not one of these products or all of these labels together will come to our aid.

Even if they really are better, sustainable products will not change anything. Why? They will not solve the issue simply because that is not enough.

Our lifestyle has an impact on the environment, and in order to sustain it, we are exploiting the planet.
Given that, will our impact on the planet be reduced if people consume tons of sustainable goods? It seems very unlikely.

Consume less: this is how to reduce our impact on the planet

A sharp reduction in consumption is the way to bring about systemic change. If we want to reduce our daily devastation, only one thing will be beneficial: consume less.

Of course, this is about all aspects of our lifestyle. So, reducing the energy and water we use, oil consumption, heating systems, planes, cars, etc.
Then, of course, we will need the rest. Meaning sustainable, recycled, upcycled, green or bio.

This also means that we have the power in our hands. Indeed, consuming less requires action on our part.

No brands will ever tell us so, even if this is the only possibility that makes sense. They will continue making sustainable products, filling the world with new sustainable garbage while depleting natural resources!

Sustainability for a dead planet is meaningless!

Bukowski: when words are powerful

Capturing the essence of style

The essence of style is not easy to describe and to capture in sentences. But there is someone who brilliantly found the perfect words to frame it.

Thanks to Mary Portas, we have discovered the following piece by Charles Bukowski, which, she says, sums up her feelings on Style.
We found it fantastic! And so, we decided to share it here because Bukowski’s sharp words are really perfect.

“Style is the answer to everything,
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous day,
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it.
To do a dangerous thing with style, is what I call art.

Bullfighting can be an art.
Boxing can be an art.
Loving can be an art.
Opening a can of sardines can be an art.

Not many have style
Not many can keep style
I have seen dogs with more style than men,
Although not many dogs have style.
Cats have it with abundance.

When Hemingway put his brains to the wall with a shotgun, that was style.
For sometimes people give you style.
Joan of Arc had style.
John the Baptist,
García Lorca.

I have met men in jail with style.
I have met more men in jail with style than men out of jail.
Style is a difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.
Six herons standing quietly in a pool of water, or you, walking
out of the bathroom without seeing me.”

Yes, Bukowski definitely captured the essence of style in such a brilliant way.
And we really adore this piece!

Not only has he left us a great word of art, but this also reminds us of the importance of words in a world full of fake images.