See the difference

Being able to see the difference is a way of speaking the same language.

Simplicity goes to the essential. The essential reveals real quality.
When design is lacking, simplicity is reflected poorly.

Take an essential top, a basic shape.
Can you see the difference with a garment that apparently looks similar?
Touch it. Can you feel the material?
Do you see the fitting?
Can you feel the quality?

Those who are aligned and share our values don’t need many explanations. They instantly get the message. We speak the same language.
Furthermore, it’s a matter of trust.

The ones who are curious sometimes need time to get in. At least, they search for more information. And that point of communication opens a door.

Those who don’t see any difference from one item to another don’t have the sensibility to go further. Thus, they do not align with our vision of the world. The language is not the same.
In that case, there is no connection.

There’s no need to connect with everyone. Or to be liked by everyone.

A small aligned audience is enough.