The Melange Wave Pull

Today we introduce The Melange Wave Pull – by Plantation.
Among the Spring/Summer new arrivals, this sweater is indeed a seasonless item.

Since we are not a fashion supermarket, but, on the contrary, we offer a precise selection of meaningful pieces – unique garments that make a difference, we enjoy showing you all the details. Some features that through a digital screen wouldn’t be easy to notice. We pay close attention and care when we pick out the garments, and with the same care, we want to tell you the stories behind the pieces. The beauty of the design and the quality of the materials.

Discover The Melange Wave Pull

About the design
This volcano-neck sweater has a clean neck, three-quarter sleeves, and a relaxed fit. The silhouette is minimal and easy to use daily. Also, the material design shows a refined wavy stripes effect.
Thanks to the unique texture of the material, the surface that touches the skin is very soft and comfortable, so you can use it as innerwear too.

The Melange Wave Pull - by Plantation
The Melange Wave Pull – by Plantation1982

About the material
100% cotton. Fine cotton combed yarn with a good texture is first made into a skein and then dyed unevenly with a pigment dye.
The technique uses a particular kind of dyeing that produces colour differences in shades. This material has a bumpy texture. Specifically, the structure is wavy, so it does not stick to your body and gives a pleasant touch.

About the colour
A delicate warm yellow. It is a colour that gives you a sense of depth with shades due to the melange dyeing.

Hand washable, easy-care.
You can wash this item by hand at home.

Comfortable to wear, pleasant on the skin, and easy to match.
The Melange Wave Pull is a beautiful piece, perfect for the change of season and for your layering style.

DM for any further info. We’d love to help!

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The pebble in the pond

Starting the ripple effect

Shifting the route towards a new path is complicated and exciting at the same time.

It’s complicated because starting something different makes people stare at you as if you are mad. It’s an experience we had in our first boutique, too. New ideas or independent viewpoints are not well accepted right away. Many do not understand the reasons or, even if they do, they don’t consider going out of their comfort zone. Yes, even for clothing.
Also, you place the seeds, but it takes time for them to grow. Instead, people want things they already are familiar with.

It’s exciting because starting something new gives that extra vibe, a mix of the joy of possibility in navigating the unknown and the risk of failure. Of course, the more you do something new, the higher the risk of failing.

Given that, when the system doesn’t suit you anymore, you either accept it as it is, contributing to the exploiting game. Or try to change it, committing to something better.

The ripple effect, suite123 favicon
The ripple effect

By offering a worthwhile selection built around deep meaning, we’ve changed our way of operating in the fashion business.

Less – much less. Good design and quality only – the essential. No overconsumption. That’s why we offer a capsule selection made of meaningful garments.

We aren’t here for convenience. We are here for worth.

Fashion is what we do. We like it to the point that we do not sell clothing we wouldn’t wear. Or products we do not believe in.
Besides, we feel compelled to change because it’s time to do it.

Perhaps, our alternative approach will not change the world. But we can change our habits first, then those who interact with us.

Starting the new flow is possible. We’ve thrown the pebble in the pond, and hopefully, the ripples will follow.

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The Lambswool Sweater

November, temperatures are cooling down, and it’s time to introduce our new arrivals. A limited number of pieces selected with specific attention to quality and design, aiming to build a capsule wardrobe of timeless clothing. Indeed, that is the essence of a sustainable style.

Wool sweaters, with their masculine image and warm feel, represent a fascinating clothing item. The timeless identity is intrinsic and well represented by a good design choice.

We picked out this sweater from Zucca – we appreciate the meticulous sense of design that identifies Japanese designers. Details are many but always mixed with a good balance and unusual proportions.

This pull is both classic and modern at the same time. In fact, it is a modern revisitation of a classic piece. Nevertheless, you will never get tired of wearing it.

Discover The Lambswool Sweater

The Lambswool Sweater by Zucca
The Lambswool Sweater – ZUCCa

The material is soft lambswool – made in Japan.
The colour: a blueish green. A unique hue to enhance your wardrobe.

The design point: sophisticated but easy to wear.
It is oversized and has a voluminous feel, but its short length makes it look neat.
It features a ribbed round neckline, cuffs and hemline. And ribbed details along the sleeves too. Moreover, two crossing ribs point to the front and back of the garment.
The hemline is asymmetric, meaning that the front side is shorter than the back.
Two side slits give extra comfort to the movement of your body.

You will have no problem coordinating this item with the garments you already have.
The knit, which is a modern arrangement of the basic shape, goes well with any bottom. From elegant outfits to casual styles, you’ll make multiple combinations. Try it over a dress too, or pair it with jeans for a cool everyday style.

Think twice before you buy. More is not the answer, nor is disposable fashion.
Quality over quantity is the way, a value we embrace and want to share with you.

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