The slow mode

Welcoming the Spring/ Summer 22 season

A choice of value
We take it slow, move at our own pace, with no frenzy to enter the new Spring/ Summer season. Happy to finally touch with our hands what we ordered months ago digitally or in physical showrooms, thrilled to show you the mix we’ve put together for you. Which we hope you will enjoy. But we do not hurry. That feeling is not part of the new evolved dimension we have started.

A conscious approach relies on thoughtful actions, not on the rush. And this is a time in which pondering our actions – please, translate it also into thinking carefully about what we purchase – is at the base of everything.

Slow fashion

Quality takes time
Bringing back the value of waiting is fundamental in order to regain standards of quality, and give a proper perspective. Fast is cheap, but there’s no quality nor value in that, just exploitation of human and natural resources. So we want to go back to the ‘tempo giusto.’ The proper time, what quality needs.

the slow mode - welcoming Spring/ Summer 22 season

The global industry is still ingrained in the status quo, not willing to change because by offering cheap products, they are sure they’ll sell them regardless of the side effects. Well, we don’t want to be part of that system.

During days of total uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we’ve been searching for consistency, good design, and quality. This is what we thought it made sense to offer.

Our fashion? We make it slow fashion because we adapt it to our new necessities. If brands run fast, we do not. We bring in our visions and values instead. And we believe that suggesting you buy less, much less but better quality pieces is an effective way to reduce our impact on the planet.

So we don’t go where the wind goes, we go where value resides.