The pebble in the pond

Starting the ripple effect

Shifting the route towards a new path is complicated and exciting at the same time.

It’s complicated because starting something different makes people stare at you as if you are mad. It’s an experience we had in our first boutique, too. New ideas or independent viewpoints are not well accepted right away. Many do not understand the reasons or, even if they do, they don’t consider going out of their comfort zone. Yes, even for clothing.
Also, you place the seeds, but it takes time for them to grow. Instead, people want things they already are familiar with.

It’s exciting because starting something new gives that extra vibe, a mix of the joy of possibility in navigating the unknown and the risk of failure. Of course, the more you do something new, the higher the risk of failing.

Given that, when the system doesn’t suit you anymore, you either accept it as it is, contributing to the exploiting game. Or try to change it, committing to something better.

The ripple effect, suite123 favicon
The ripple effect

By offering a worthwhile selection built around deep meaning, we’ve changed our way of operating in the fashion business.

Less – much less. Good design and quality only – the essential. No overconsumption. That’s why we offer a capsule selection made of meaningful garments.

We aren’t here for convenience. We are here for worth.

Fashion is what we do. We like it to the point that we do not sell clothing we wouldn’t wear. Or products we do not believe in.
Besides, we feel compelled to change because it’s time to do it.

Perhaps, our alternative approach will not change the world. But we can change our habits first, then those who interact with us.

Starting the new flow is possible. We’ve thrown the pebble in the pond, and hopefully, the ripples will follow.