Quality and attention

The tie is closer than you think

Quality requires attention. Have you ever thought about that?

Quality is the set of all the attributes that identify a product. Or even a person.

Attention comes from Latin, attentio-onis. Which means: turn your soul towards something. In other words, looking at, listening to, thinking about something with deep interest, with care. With your soul.
The depth of this etymological meaning doesn’t seem suitable for the time we live in, not for the crowds who still overconsume. In fact, what’s popular now doesn’t require any attention. And no attention or low level of it means no understanding of quality.
As a matter of fact, this represents the ground where the ‘shop & toss’ culture thrives.

Attention is an intentional choice

You can’t stop at a quick glance because you know that rapid, superficial evaluation is not enough to notice all the details. Forget trying to perceive the quality of something by scrolling social media. Unless you are well trained, of course. Or, you possess an elevated dose of good taste as a natural talent. Which is not that frequent.

Quality and attention are two fundamental values.
One implies the other, and vice versa. Without attention, you cannot understand quality.

It takes time to develop your attention

But it’s worth doing it to appreciate what surrounds us. So train yourself to pause for a few minutes of silence every day. Observe more, listen, allow yourself to focus on details and think.

Marketing is full of smoke and mirrors. Don’t stop at a logo placed on the outer surface to catch your eye and trick you. Or prices that wouldn’t justify a sustainable production chain. Instead, train the eye to go deeper than that. So you will deepen the value of choosing with intention.

If attention is an intentional choice, a slower pace will help you savour more. Not only your purchases but your life.