Where do we find value?

In a world full of empty marketing claims, unclear production regulations and massive greenwashing, if you want to buy a product, it’s very hard to differentiate between what is worthy and what is not.

In this jungle, where do we find value?

Thoughtful design and quality

First, we need to define value; Thoughtful design, fine quality standards expressed through good materials and skilled manufacturing, together with ethical production.
Respect for people and the planet is the essence of modern evolved worth.

That said, we are perfectly aware it’s complicated to identify it. Here and there in our globalized jungle, we can see some lights.

Value: where do we find it?

We find the real value in small artisanal brands that feature a creative approach mixed with skilled craftsmanship and the selection of extra-fine quality materials.

We find value in up and coming or unconventional designers who show a high dose of creativity and innovation but talk to a limited audience because people see nothing but famous brands.
A good rule of thumb says the higher worth usually resides in the less popular brands or products.
The brands that everyone recognizes are rarely the best.

Those elevated products target a niche that has become smaller and smaller because the mainstream offers cheap products or top brands. In full disclosure, the state of some top brands is nothing exciting.
Advertising is doing a good job creating automatons that don’t even raise their eyes, manifesting a minimum level of curiosity.

Although we cannot imagine a world made of sublime products only, the opposite trend is tangible so far. If we analyze the state of culture, we can see that lowering the bar is the main trend. In fact, culture is not in good shape at all.

On the other hand, some individuals are different, never stopped reading or searching for unique things. They still think for themselves.
Being out of the mainstream, maybe people like us cannot invert the trend, not in the short run, at least. But, we should join and raise our voices in support of value because it’s time to stop celebrating mediocrity.

If we cannot invert the trend, we can still make a difference.