Consume less!

How to reduce our impact on the planet

In order to reduce our impact on the planet, the solution proposed is to purchase sustainable products. So the industries believe, or so they want to make us believe.

But the truth is different. If we don’t start from the assumption that consuming less is at the base of a sustainable lifestyle, we will not make any progress.

Indeed, there’s no sustainable product, recycled or upcycled, green or bio. Or add whatever label marketing will launch to convince consumers that those products are better than others. Not one of these products or all of these labels together will come to our aid.

Even if they really are better, sustainable products will not change anything. Why? They will not solve the issue simply because that is not enough.

Our lifestyle has an impact on the environment, and in order to sustain it, we are exploiting the planet.
Given that, will our impact on the planet be reduced if people consume tons of sustainable goods? It seems very unlikely.

Consume less: this is how to reduce our impact on the planet

A sharp reduction in consumption is the way to bring about systemic change. If we want to reduce our daily devastation, only one thing will be beneficial: consume less.

Of course, this is about all aspects of our lifestyle. So, reducing the energy and water we use, oil consumption, heating systems, planes, cars, etc. Then, of course, we will need the rest. Meaning sustainable, recycled, upcycled, green or bio.

This also means that we have the power in our hands. Indeed, consuming less requires action on our part.

No brands will ever tell us so, even if this is the only possibility that makes sense. They will continue making sustainable products, filling the world with new sustainable garbage while depleting natural resources!

Sustainability for a dead planet is meaningless!

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Awakening means developing your consciousness – ethical and social – in order to become a better human.

Awakening is an intentional choice. Indeed, it is the act of opening our eyes and realizing what happens inside and around us. Once we understand the reality, the damage we have done to other people and our environment, awakening comes along.

Therefore, we become aware that doing without thinking about consequences or, in other words, acting without a long-term ethical vision is not a worthy choice.

Awakening takes our eyes to see, our brain to think and pay attention, freeing our conscience to emerge. For instance, we reach a higher level of consciousness by reading books, essays or newsletters. Following thoughtful leaders. Interacting and sharing ideas in a community. Perhaps we could list other ways, but honestly, meditation is not our field of knowledge.

Ultimately, awakening is free.
You can pay someone to turn on the light for you, but then the process is yours. And no one can do it for you.

How does it all connect to fashion? Believe us, it does. Fashion as a reflection of our society is part of a system based on exploitation. Part of the world is living at the expense of others and the planet.

The awakening’s result is that we are not satisfied with this system anymore. We cannot take it as it is. Therefore, we want to bring a change.

How do we do it?

We do it by offering you a thoughtful selection. By intentionally taking fewer items. What we really need. Unique pieces. By not adapting to fashion rules anymore but being active agents of change. By bringing in our own vision and values. More is not the answer. Instead, less but better and more ethical choices.

How do fashion brands do it?
Smaller productions – higher quality – shorter and adequately paid working chain. No sales but real balanced value. No modern slavery to serve fast fashion.

How do you do it?
Consume less. Choose wisely.

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