The Double Tank Top

Comfortable and Stylish Basic #ForModernHumans

Introducing The Double Tank Top by Miaoran, a brand from China and Italy – our top pick of the week!

Miaoran is a brand that blends contemporary craftsmanship with both Chinese and Italian influences. Also, it has a strong focus on innovation. We shared a lovely conversation with them (read it here).

However, touching materials and having the opportunity to feel their comfort on the skin is something we appreciate. That is why we picked this garment to complete our selection. It’s comfortable and stylish.
Garment’s values: seasonless, timeless, comfortable and easy-care.

Discover The Double Tank Top by Miaoran

About the design
This tank top features a minimalistic design composed of two overlapping pieces of different lengths. Both layers are crafted from a soft, comfortable material that feels great on the skin. Round ribbed neckline, ribbed armholes, and a tone-on-tone embroidered insect detail along the front neckline.

The double tank top by Miaoran in olive color
The Double Tank Top by Miaoran

About the material
100% Japanese modal. A very comfortable material on the skin. 

About the colour
Olive: a muted shade of green. Easy to match with any other colour.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Double Tank Top is a versatile wardrobe essential you cannot miss. Office attire? Wear it underneath a blazer for a polished, professional look that works all year round. Use it as a base layer under your sweaters, knits, or shirts for added warmth during cooler months. Also, pair it with white, khaki, black, or purple bottoms for a fresh, stylish ensemble. Its versatility makes it a go-with-everything piece that can easily adapt to any season or occasion.

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Exclusive Fashion
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The end of trend-based items

From trend-driven to timeless: how contemporary fashion has evolved

Although fashion brands stubbornly introduce transient concepts to maximise their turnover, the end of trend-based items seems quite clear. Lately, the idea of seasonal trends has lost meaning. That is in favour of a clean and timeless style that prefers classics with a modern twist, clothes you’ll never get tired of.

Trend-based fashion, status quo and the pandemic

Trendy-driven items are a trail of the status quo. Fashion with a close expiry date, without distinction between luxury and fast fashion.
But since the pandemic, our lifestyles have changed, and so have the clothes we want to wear. And the climate crisis, too, has an impact on shifting consumer behaviour and our style.

Cleaning off wardrobes of the pieces we won’t wear anymore is the first step. Which, by the way, doesn’t absolutely mean discarding them! In fact, as a consequence of this evolved behaviour, we don’t throw away clothing. We do not throw away anything. We donate or re-sell, depending on the item.

The motive for this cleaning is that we realised we don’t need more garments. Less but better is what we need. And also, we need clothes that make us feel good.

The end of trend-drive fashion & new style:
timeless, seasonless, comfortable

The new style is about assembling a capsule wardrobe of beautifully designed garments. Special pieces that give a sense of elegance but make you feel comfortable at the same time. Even important clothes that we love to mix nonchalantly.

Therefore, the focus is on the cut and fabrics that provide an elevated touch. Relaxed tailoring assembled in modern separates is the heart of this evolved style. Blazers, trousers and knits do not constrain the body but allow movement.
Also, we want to feel the comfort on our skin. So, wearing our favourite clothes becomes a pleasant experience.

On the same line, we see the end of trend-based items. Indeed, we filter fashion proposals in search of good design – seasonless and timeless clothing. An evolved and subtle elegance. A clean style for a contemporary understatement that impresses for its beauty but refuses any showiness.


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The New Yooryuu Top

Today we introduce The New Yooryuu Top – by Plantation1982.

Among the Yooryuu series of timeless carry-over pieces designed by Plantation, a new model was launched this season.
Yangyanagi is a woven fabric in which threads are twisted to create a grainy striped surface. Indeed, the unevenness of the texture prevents the material from adhering to the skin and has excellent breathability, sweat absorption, and quick-drying properties. Those characteristics make this garment perfect for the summer season.

Discover The New Yooryuu Top

About the design
Boxy sleeveless top with an asymmetric cut volcano neck that you can also fold up, so you can wear it in two different ways.

About the material
100% organic Japanese cotton. Using the grain in a horizontal striped shape instead of vertical, and giving the fabric an appropriate tension, creates a rhythmic movement like a spring, typical of the Yooryuu cotton series. Which is comfortable and fun to wear.

The New Yooryuu Top
The New Yooryuu To
by Plantation1982

The material is easy to remove from the skin, thanks to its unique texture. Also, it has a silky feel, excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties. These are lightweight and resistant pieces that you can wear many times.

About the colour
Light yellow: a delicate accent of colour in your wardrobe which is also easy to match.

Wash by hand, easy care.

Styling tips
Even though these organic cotton pieces are perfect for the hot weather, in fact, when you sweat, they do not stick to your skin, you can wear them throughout the year. Indeed they work well for your layered style as basics under wool garments.

Comfortable as loungewear, you can spend time at home and work remotely in style, but it’s perfect when you go out.
The New Yooryuu Top is the high summer piece you cannot miss!

Drop us a message for any further information. We’d love to help!

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The Wavy Cropped Pants

Comfortable yet stylish

Today we introduce The Wavy Cropped Pants – by Plantation.

This item offers a more relaxed style, perfect for the summer season, but the image is always elegant. So you can create many outfits by combining them with the tops you already have in your wardrobe.

Discover The Wavy Cropped Pants

About the design
The three-dimensional wavy effect of the material makes these jersey pants unique. The length allows you to see the ankles, so you can wear them neatly while feeling relaxed. Also, the waistband is elasticated, and the internal drawstring makes the fit adjustable and very comfortable.

About the material
The material with a wave-like border is 100% cotton, which is attractive for its silky feel while gently touching the skin.
Indeed the fabric elasticity is good. Moreover, the elastic effect created by the border thickness enhances the elasticity.

The Wavy Cropped Pants

The Wavy Cropped Pants

By giving the surface an embossed wave-like effect that creates a three-dimensional silhouette, it is difficult for the lines of the body to appear. And by improving it slightly with a 60/2 comb, the sense of sheerness is reduced. The fabric has good skin release and stretchability, making them ideal for your everyday style.

About the colour
Navy blue – a classic hue and a go-with-everything colour.

Wash by hand, easy care.
After washing the product once, it gets an airy feel.

Style tips
The Wavy Cropped Pants are easy to match with a shirt, blouse or a t-shirt. Also, you can wear them under a shirt dress as a layered item. Why don’t you try them with The Denim Shirt Dress? The combination is perfect!

With their unique material and comfortable fit, The Wavy Cropped Pants are a classic you’ll never get tired of.

Drop us a message for any further information or book your private shopping experience, physical or via video call.
We’d love to assist you!

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The Lambswool Sweater

November, temperatures are cooling down, and it’s time to introduce our new arrivals. A limited number of pieces selected with specific attention to quality and design, aiming to build a capsule wardrobe of timeless clothing. Indeed, that is the essence of a sustainable style.

Wool sweaters, with their masculine image and warm feel, represent a fascinating clothing item. The timeless identity is intrinsic and well represented by a good design choice.

We picked out this sweater from Zucca – we appreciate the meticulous sense of design that identifies Japanese designers. Details are many but always mixed with a good balance and unusual proportions.

This pull is both classic and modern at the same time. In fact, it is a modern revisitation of a classic piece. Nevertheless, you will never get tired of wearing it.

Discover The Lambswool Sweater

The Lambswool Sweater by Zucca
The Lambswool Sweater – ZUCCa

The material is soft lambswool – made in Japan.
The colour: a blueish green. A unique hue to enhance your wardrobe.

The design point: sophisticated but easy to wear.
It is oversized and has a voluminous feel, but its short length makes it look neat.
It features a ribbed round neckline, cuffs and hemline. And ribbed details along the sleeves too. Moreover, two crossing ribs point to the front and back of the garment.
The hemline is asymmetric, meaning that the front side is shorter than the back.
Two side slits give extra comfort to the movement of your body.

You will have no problem coordinating this item with the garments you already have.
The knit, which is a modern arrangement of the basic shape, goes well with any bottom. From elegant outfits to casual styles, you’ll make multiple combinations. Try it over a dress too, or pair it with jeans for a cool everyday style.

Think twice before you buy. More is not the answer, nor is disposable fashion.
Quality over quantity is the way, a value we embrace and want to share with you.

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