The Fringed Check Stole

Today, among the new arrivals for the winter season, we picked out a unique accessory: The Fringed Check Stole – by Plantation1982.

Stoles are complements we love. They exquisitely cover you, enhancing your style by adding that final touch to your outfit. Indeed, these accessories are like stylish blankets to wear when you go out, and why not, even at home when you need a little cocoon.

This plaid stole is a beautiful maxi scarf woven as if the mesh overlaps by skipping or weaving wool threads.
Although the texture of the material is open weave and light, this stole is really warm. And so, decor and warmth, elegance and functionality, are well mixed in this item.

the fringed check stole
The Fringed Check Stole – Plantation1982

About the colour:
Blue and khaki, two colours weaved to create a particular check design. This combination gives a sophisticated impression. It’s easy to match with dark colours but catches the eye paired with the light tones.

How to style the plaid stole:
By shrinking the stole at the ends, you’ll get a rich volume and a swelling effect that stands out.

Further details:
This product is washed to provide a unique texture.
Please note that each item has different characteristics, such as size and texture.

Size: H180 x W90 (fringe included)
Material: 100% wool
Made in Japan

the fringed check stole
The Fringed Check Stole – Plantation1982

By choosing The Fringed Check Stole, you’ll have a sense of quality and timeless aesthetic.

By the way, investing more for items that last is the lifestyle choice #formodernhumans
Buy less, buy better!

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The Asymmetric Sweater

Among the new arrivals, The Asymmetric Sweater by Plantation1982 is a piece that perfectly completes your Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe.

The pullover has a simple design with its back falling to the side, but it has a unique, edgy silhouette.

As Jan Tschichold said: “Asymmetry is the rhythmic expression of functional design.”
Indeed, it’s interesting to explore asymmetry as a design pattern, its intake to a functional style, and the movement that allows the body. We find fascinating the idea of not being too obvious or somehow predictable while giving the chance to create modern and stylish garments.

Discover The Asymmetric Sweater

Some notes about the material:
It is a worsted yarn sweater. The high gauge knitted yarn avoids pilling easily, and although it is 100% extra-fine wool, it has a soft texture that does not give the peculiar tingling of wool. You have to feel it on your skin.

The asymmetric sweater by Plantation1982
The Asymmetric Sweater – Plantation1982

The design point:
The asymmetrical hem created from the beautiful drape is the design element that stands out and makes it unique.
It features a ribbed neckline, cuffs, and hemline. The neckline accompanies the neck gently.
Accented by a draped hem, this knit is comfortable to wear because it is compact around the shoulders but wide. Moreover, it does not pick up the body line.

The colour: a bright melange grey, not a solid colour, so it has a soft and gentle impression. Also, extremely versatile.

Some styling options:
You can put together structured coordination when combined with basic bottoms such as stretch pants and denim, the beauty of the silhouette stands out while being cool.
Or, match the sweater with a skirt, and you’ll get an A-line silhouette, giving it an airy and natural look.

It is a knit that gives a plain yet gorgeous impression just by wearing it.
Function and style are beautifully blended.

We don’t wear labels. We wear style!

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The Wide-Leg Pants

This week we take the chance to introduce you to another cool piece: The Wide-Leg Pants.
We picked them from Plantation. The attention they put on quality fabrics with a soft hand feel makes them unique.
This trouser is another item that cannot be missed in your wardrobe. Aiming to put together a capsule wardrobe made of quality clothing, items made to last, we pick out only the pieces we really need.

Discover The Wide-Leg Pants

The wide-leg pants, in dark green supima cotton • by Plantation1982
The Wide-Leg Pants

Indeed, there is a specific reason for every single garment we select. In this case, fit, comfort, and coolness are the top.

Same as ‘The straight-leg pants’, it’s made of 100% Supima cotton – a soft fabric with an elegant luster like a silk blend. This classic stretch material got renewed: the brushed reverse side makes it comfortable for the Autumn / Winter season.
With its soft stretch and warmth but not too thick hand, you can wear them starting in September when the weather is still warm.

The material is comfortable to wear for its soft texture and shape. The line does not widen too much even if it is wide-leg, and it gives a nice effect of falling.

Coin pockets like jeans add that casual design detail. As it has a glossy feel, it is a piece that plays well with various beautiful styling. From informal to elegant occasions, it will blend well with your garments.

The colour is a calm dark green, with low brightness but high saturation, and it is not too flashy, so it is easy to incorporate as an accent colour.

The composition is: 98% cotton – 2% polyurethane
You can wash this item by hand.

As soon as we receive the pieces we have selected, we check the fit on different body shapes in order to be able to give you the best advice. Yes, it’s because we are obsessed with the perfect fit.

The Wide-leg Pants look good if you are thin, but they suit bigger sizes very well too.

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