Creativity or Reality?

Exploring the Struggle to Sustain Fashion Amidst Economic Collapse

These days, we are here with one eye on creativity, or the dream as we like to call it in fashion, and one on the tragic reality surrounding us. In other words, we are trying to strike a balance between maintaining the fashion business and witnessing a world that falls apart.

As we are currently reviewing collections, we would love to stay focused only on the creative side of fashion. Therefore, delve into volumes and silhouettes, hand-detailings, materials and colours. Also, N.Y. Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, or lookbooks we receive. Yet, we cannot ignore the sobering reality that surrounds us. With each passing day, we are bombarded with news of industry giants facing closures, layoffs, and financial uncertainty.

creativity or reality

Navigating turbulent times

We explored the issue of the leather goods compartment in Florence, which is stuck. Consequently, 250 manufacturers are at risk of downsizing or closure. Furthermore, the latest news reveals that 26 Galeries Lafayette affiliated stores are at risk of administration under control. Also, Nike is about to fire 2% of its global workforce, so 1.500 people will lose their jobs. The data, beyond depressing, shows the picture of a collapsing system. Piece after piece. Field after field. Indeed, it is also the case of “The Body Shop,” which filed for bankruptcy, so 2.000 will be jobless. And these are just a few examples.

The fashion industry’s battle for survival

While navigating such adversity, the question is: creativity or reality? Dreams or facts? Perhaps we can ignore that the economy is crumbling. And more people are losing their jobs. But ultimately, who do brands make garments for? Who will buy expensive clothes? The truth is, the economic collapse is reshaping consumer behaviour. It might be that consumers’ preferences will shift towards lower prices, ignoring any sustainable and ethical aspects. So, the percentage of those shopping niche products will be thinner.

In light of the failure of the existing system, it becomes imperative for fashion businesses to embrace change. As we navigate the unprecedented turbulent times the fashion industry is facing, it’s important to remember that adversity breeds innovation. In times of crisis, the ability to pivot and adapt becomes essential. Therefore, fashion businesses must be open to reassessing their strategies.

And if adversity breeds innovation, now it’s the time for it!

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The Fashion We Love

The Alternative Choice For Modern Humans

At the heart of our manifesto lies a simple truth: the fashion we love embodies values beyond mere aesthetics. More specifically, the aesthetics reflect the values.

The fashion we love
Marc Le Bihan dress

The fashion we love is the reflection of independent minds, individuals who embrace a philosophy that transcends trends and superficiality. Individuals who think. In other words, fashion that captivates us serves as a mirror of autonomous spirits, those unique individuals who adopt a mindset that goes beyond the fleeting whims of trends and the shallowness often found in the industry. These are individuals who engage in deep thought, who ponder and question, and whose style is a testament to their intellectual independence.

The fashion we love is about embracing:

  • good design
  • quality materials
  • skilled tailoring and craftsmanship
  • couture in the heart
  • made-to-last
  • in limited quantities
  • ethical approach
  • respect for people
  • respect for the planet

In a few words, it’s about less, much less, but better. No quantity can ever replace the value of a well-made garment.

It’s a conscious choice to support brands that align with our principles, brands that make thoughtful garments. And by doing so, we contribute to making a change in the fashion industry. In other words, we contribute to a more ethical and sustainable industry.

In the end, you know what? The alternative exists! And it’s already here. Can’t you see it?

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Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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Top Brands vs Fast Fashion

Searching for Value in an Oversaturated Fashion Industry

In a world where fashion has become synonymous with rapid turnover and mass production, the line between top brands vs fast fashion is blurred. But, in this oversaturated market, where can we find value?

Top brands and fast fashion are two faces of the same coin. Indeed, they offer the same worldview, just for different pockets. The reason is quite simple: by operating within the economic framework of capitalism, fashion has become a matter of stock exchange more than creativity. In fact, it has shifted its focus from creativity and innovation to financial transactions. Transforming itself into a game of numbers, budgets and unsustainable growth.

Over the last two decades, top brands pursued the logic of perpetual renewal, a characteristic of fast fashion brands. Consequently, overproduction has spiraled out of control, leading to the evident consequences we witness today. And blurring the line between the two segments.

Fast fashion unsustainable & unethical

Fast fashion is unsustainable and unethical. It capitalises on a business model that disregards environmental impacts and exploits individuals, perpetuating modern-day slavery. While it offers the latest trends and affordable prices, this exploitative approach comes at a significant cost to both people and the planet.

Top brands & luxury products

Interestingly, the narrative surrounding top brands isn’t all about substance. By following fast fashion timing and constant renewal of their products, top brands have stopped offering value. In fact, expensive doesn’t always correspond to a higher quality. Specifically, the correlation between exorbitant prices and superior quality is not guaranteed. Luxury products, often draped in prestigious branding, can often be nothing more than low-quality items benefitting from their labels’ reputation. Easy to sell right because of the brand. Quality is an illusion crafted by marketing.

In short, fast fashion results in poor quality, disposable items, and exploitative production systems. But, by following the same exploitative system, luxury clothing does not equate to superior quality.

A beacon of style: niche fashion

Among this very crowded fashion panorama, can we still find meaningful products?

In this labyrinth of fashion excess, there’s a beacon of hope: niche fashion. Within the cluttered panorama of mainstream brands and fast fashion giants, niche fashion emerges as a ray of authenticity through meaningful garments.

Niche fashion, unlike its mass-produced counterparts, operates on a different wavelength. It focuses on craftsmanship and uniqueness. By valuing quality over quantity, these brands avoid the pitfalls of overproduction and unethical practices.

These brands pride themselves on transparency, showcasing the stories behind their products, the sourcing of materials, and the artisans behind the scenes. In a world inundated with generic trends, niche fashion stands tall, offering individuals the chance to express themselves authentically through their clothing choices.

Most importantly, these brands contribute to a shift in consumer mentality. They advocate for conscious consumption, encouraging individuals to invest in fewer, higher-quality pieces that align with their values rather than succumbing to fleeting trends.

As consumers, it’s crucial to reevaluate our relationship with fashion. The power lies in our choices. Supporting niche fashion means endorsing a more sustainable, ethical, and genuine approach to style.

Within the fashion industry, navigating through the competing narratives of fast fashion vs top brands, our pursuit of value and meaning directs us towards niche fashion. In this space, we uncover a deeper connection between the garments we choose, the stories they tell, and their impact on our world.

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The Red Check Shirt

The Essence of Rock Universe #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Red Check Shirt by GoodNeighbors Shirts from Tokyo.

Our exclusive selection of international designers and Japanese brands combines impeccable craftsmanship with contemporary style, evident in every stitch. Of course, not everyone can discern the subtle design nuances niche brands offer. Indeed, they’re a perfect fit for those with refined taste.

Discover The Red Check Shirt

About the design
Elliott is a well-tailored regular collar shirt with a wide silhouette. In addition, one front open pocket and one side slip pocket for your mobile. The shoulders are comfortable, and the trapeze line slightly widens towards the hem. Specifically, this unisex shirt is made with delicate stitch work using 90 and 20 stitches. Also, a pocketable and portable band on the back, inspired by the obi, the kimono belt. It comes with snap buttons. So, it is attachable or detachable to your liking.
Takase shell button front closure. These shell buttons are the byproduct of the food manufacturing process, which otherwise would be wasted, making them sustainable.

The Red Check Shirt by GoodNeighbors Shirt

About the material
100% cotton: a comfortable and warm winter flannel.

About the colour 
Red base with a blue, light blue, and white check pattern. Plus, a blue band on the back.

Easy care: machine wash, 30 degrees. Or wash by hand.

Styling tips
Infused with the essence of the rock universe, The Red Check Shirt proves to be a timeless and effortlessly cool wardrobe staple. Whether paired with jeans for a laid-back weekend vibe or layered over a slip dress or black ensemble, it effortlessly transitions from casual to office chic, adding versatility to your style repertoire.

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From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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The Essence of Quality

Spotlighting Niche Fashion Brands in a Mainstream Market

In the labyrinth of modern consumerism, the line between quality and quantity is increasingly blurred, and the essence of quality is overlooked.

Brands – both big and small, compete for attention in a marketplace flooded with options. Amidst this deluge, an unfortunate casualty emerges: the capacity to discern quality.

Mainstream fashion: top brands vs fast fashion

On the one hand we have fast fashion: at the cheapest prices, quality is not a priority, as well as ethical practices. That encourages a disposable mindset where purchases are made without considering the repercussions of their swift discarding.
On the other hand, even within famous brands, a troubling trend surfaces: quality dilution. Perhaps they try to apply the principle of homeopathy to fashion! The research for cheaper production takes precedence, compromising the essence of what defines a superior product. This sacrifice leads to a paradox: a branded label no longer guarantees enduring quality or just quality.

Niche brands & the essence of quality

In this chaotic landscape, a beacon shines through: the small, lesser-known brands. These niche fashion brands uphold a different standard. Their ethos revolves not around mass production but good design. So meticulous craftsmanship, tailoring, and quality materials. A commitment to excellence and sustainable practices. However, this dedication comes with a price. Therefore, their offering is not for all. First, from a design perspective, as they promote a subtler approach, no prominent logos in favour of a more discreet or minimalist presentation. And second from the price point.

However, these brands offer a glimpse into a different narrative. One where quality triumphs over quantity, where every stitch and detail reflects an artisan’s dedication. They invite us to reconsider our approach to consumption, to reassess what truly defines value in our purchases.

In fact, to navigate this maze and rediscover our ability to discern quality, we must equip ourselves with knowledge. Understanding the hallmarks of craftsmanship, learning to identify materials and production processes, and valuing longevity over fleeting trends can guide us toward recognizing true quality amidst the noise.

In a world where fast fashion and mass production dominate, these niche fashion brands stand as reminders of the value of excellence. While their audience may be niche, their impact transcends the boundaries of commerce, urging us to recalibrate our perspectives and rediscover the essence of quality amidst the tumultuous sea of options.

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