The Gauze Maxi Shirt

Good Design and Unique Style #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Gauze Maxi Shirt by Meagratia, a clothing brand from Tokyo – Japan.

In the realm of Japanese fashion, Meagratia stands out as one of the most intriguing brands, aligning seamlessly with our values. Each season, the collection remains deliberately curated, avoiding excess and focusing on good design and quality. There’s a well-developed theme that goes to the essence. In fact, we do not need pointless stuff. We need less but better. Moreover, the genderless approach and the meticulous attention to detail speak volumes about the brand’s ethos.

In contrast to the prevalent narrative of fast fashion and top brands exploiting their labourers, Meagrazia diverges by acknowledging the pattern maker on the garment tag. This adds transparency to the brand’s policy.

Discover The Gauze Maxi Shirt

About the design
Unisex shirt made with double-layer gauze material using 40-thread yarn. Stand-up collar with a ribbon cascade decoration along the front. Straight line, dropped shoulder, adjustable wrist button closure. Shaped hemline and yoke on shoulders. Flamed cotton yarn is used, featuring irregularities on the fabric surface to create an elegant shirt with a vintage flavour. Also, an artisan in the centre of Kyoto dyes the fabric by hand. This piece stands out for its design and exceptional colouring.

The Gauze Maxi Shirt

About the material
Flamed cotton is among the most renowned types of cotton. Specifically, a fabric that contains slight lumps and imperfections, which are not defects but are instead highlighted, deliberately left within the yarn. Moreover, such imperfections are intentionally created during spinning, through a particular process involving knotting or twisting the cotton. So, the resulting texture is rough and irregular, allowing one to feel the perfect interlocking of each fibre, a characteristic that adds great value to the item created from this material.
100% cotton.

About the colour
Teal: an intense hue that makes it absolutely unique, and it’s very flattering.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Gauze Maxi Shirt is a versatile garment you can wear through the seasons. Pair it with trousers or skirts for your work attire. Also, we love it under The Zipped Blouson. But wear it with shorts and sandals for your holidays. Whether for work or leisure, The Gauze Maxi Shirt offers comfort and style.

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Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach ♥

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The Boyfriend Suit

Genderless Fashion #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Boyfriend Suit by art259 design, new in this season at suite123 Milano boutique.

In a world of mainstream fashion that feels overcrowded and noisy, we find solace in selecting garments from brands that prioritise meaningful design over unnecessary frills. Indeed, art259 design is a made-in-Italy niche fashion brand renowned for its avant-garde creations. The two pieces we’re showcasing today embody a timeless, genderless aesthetic, reflecting the brand’s commitment to enduring style.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these garments, designed to be worn across seasons, ensure versatility and longevity in your wardrobe.

Discover The Boyfriend Suit

About the design
The Boyfriend Blazer in lightweight wool features a tailored mannish cut with a two-button closure. Two flap pockets and one welt pocket on the chest. Also, a partial lining with two internal pockets. The modern, oversized fit ensures both style and comfort.
The Boyfriend Pants are tailored trousers in lightweight wool, wide legs with a front pleat and a voluminous silhouette softly falling on the body. Button closure, two side pockets, and one back pocket, combining practicality with style.

the boyfriend suit by art259 design

About the material
Lightweight, fresh and versatile material you can wear throughout the year.
100% virgin wool

About the colour
Sugar paper, a delicate powder blue hue – stylish and easy to match.

Wash by hand in cold water. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Boyfriend Suit comprises two pieces that harmonise seamlessly. Yet, their adaptable design permits separate wear, presenting timeless and sophisticated essentials. Whether for professional settings, formal, or evening events, these pieces endure beyond trends, destined to become wardrobe staples for life.

How to purchase our selection:

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From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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The Algorithm Dictatorship

Exploring Challenges for Niche Fashion within Totalitarian Thought

The algorithm dictatorship, sculpting the fashion industry with utmost precision, has created a perfect regime where every click, swipe, and trend is meticulously curated. Yet, beneath this facade of efficiency, the danger of totalitarian thinking looms large.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, where trends shift like sand dunes in the wind, algorithms emerge as a formidable force, reshaping the industry in unprecedented ways. In recent years, algorithms have become the silent puppeteers pulling the strings behind our screens. They curate our social media feeds, tailor our online shopping experiences, and even influence the designs we’re presented with.
According to Business of Fashion, ‘algorithms are increasingly driving what consumers see, like, buy, and wear, and not always for the best.’

While on the surface, this might seem like a convenient way to streamline decision-making and personalise experiences, the reality is far more complex. In fact, it’s never been easier to manipulate the masses. Like never before, people have the same faces, the same clothes, and the same accessories. Ultimately, the same conformist, homogeneous mass thought.

Niche fashion & the algorithm dictatorship

People like us, independent minds passionate about niche fashion, can see the danger of the algorithm dictatorship. Niche fashion thrives on creativity, individuality, and unconventional styles. Therefore, it finds itself at odds with the algorithms. But in a world where algorithms prioritize mass appeal and mainstream trends, the space for niche fashion to flourish is shrinking.

However, the issue goes beyond mere visibility. It strikes at the heart of diversity and innovation within the fashion industry. Algorithms, by their very nature, favour the familiar over the unfamiliar, the safe over the daring. While algorithms excel at processing large quantities of data, they may overlook or undervalue items or trends with lower levels of engagement or popularity. In essence, algorithms prioritize the visibility and promotion of items associated with larger numbers, potentially overshadowing niche or less prevalent offerings. This means that emerging designers and niche labels, already operating on the fringes of the industry, struggle to compete for attention against established brands.

Specifically, algorithms contribute to the homogenization of fashion, stifling creativity and diminishing the sense of discovery and excitement intrinsic to niche fashion. The possibility of stumbling upon a unique piece that speaks to your soul is gone. Instead, we’re fed a constant stream of cookie-cutter styles tailored to fit within the narrow confines of algorithmic preference.

Alternative sources #formodernhumans

To resist this contemporary totalitarian regime, the first step is to understand that algorithms control what we see. Second, seek out alternative sources of inspiration. This could involve following independent fashion designers on social media, exploring niche fashion blogs and publications, or shopping at small independent boutiques. Also, choosing alternative social media like the Fediverse. Therefore, prioritize platforms which offer diverse perspectives.

In conclusion, the algorithm dictatorship has created a totalitarian regime that manipulates people’s preferences in the fashion industry. And, more generally, in our lives. But amidst the stifling conformity, a rebellion brews: a call for passionate individuals to preserve the essence of niche fashion. A call for individuals to reclaim their autonomy.

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suite123 turns 18!

A Journey of Fashion, Connection and Sharing

Today marks a special day in our journey: suite123 turns 18!
Dear Beloved Community, 18 years of sharing, love, laughter, tears, support, and yes, often drinks!

Our journey has been one of evolution, adaptation, growth and dedication. When we embarked on this journey nearly two decades ago, we never imagined the incredible experiences that awaited us.

As an independent, women-owned family business, suite123 has always stood for something more than just fashion. In fact, it’s a place for those who cherish good design, unique aesthetics, and meaningful connections.

In a world where fashion trends come and go, we’ve always believed in something more profound: the power of timeless style, self-expression and the beauty of individuality.

suite123 Milano: the most exclusive fashion selection

For 18 years, we’ve been committed to offering a carefully curated selection of international designers and independent brands, plus unique Japanese brands. An exclusive selection of niche fashion for modern humans. Each piece is meticulously chosen to offer something really worth purchasing. Clothes that speak to your essence and embrace the ethos of quality over quantity.

The past couple of years have brought unprecedented challenges, pushing us to adapt and evolve. The shift to the online world was not just a response to the pandemic but a testament to our resilience and determination to continue serving our community, no matter the circumstances.

As we celebrate this day, we extend our deepest gratitude to our cherished community – those who have been with us from the beginning and those who have recently joined our journey. Your unwavering support, shared laughter, and meaningful conversations have enriched our lives in countless ways.

So here’s to 18 years of style, connection, and sharing! Here’s to the memories we’ve created, the friendships we’ve forged, and the dreams we continue to chase together. And here’s to each and every one of you who has made this journey possible.

With boundless gratitude and enthusiasm,
Cristina and Rosita

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Art259 Design: Cultivating A New Awareness

Alternative Fashion Choices #formodernhumans

In our fashion research beyond the mainstream, we find inspiration in the work of Art259 Design by Alberto Affinito.

Let’s say it clearly: in the age of algorithms, fashion is standardised. Completely homologated. Like never before. Indeed, researching a style outside the mainstream can be challenging. The explanation is simple: algorithms dictate trends, and individuality seems lost or struggles to surface.

Specifically, the algorithm privileges what masses like, and all the rest remains hidden. At this moment, in fashion, there’s no freedom of expression; people look all the same. It’s a kind of cookie-cutter social media-imposed style. Everyone buys into it, no one questions it. But what the masses like is not what we like. Above all, we think independently. Therefore, we love selecting uniqueness, meaningful garments that resonate with independent minds. Fashion for free thinkers.

Art259 Design: tactile richness and tailoring

Art259 Design, by Alberto Affinito defies conventional categorization. Born in 2011, this brand has evolved into a fusion of bold avant-garde and profound emotion. Skilled know-how culminating in meticulously crafted garments that transcend gender norms. With a tactile richness in textured fabrics, precise tailoring and fluid silhouettes, each piece is a testament to the brand’s ethos of wearable artistry.

On a personal note, there’s a shared resonance between Alberto and us, since we all come from Basilicata. The most remote, somewhat hidden region of Italy. Like his region, Alberto is sensitive and reserved, almost shy, blending sensitivity with steadfast resolve.

Art259 design
Art259 Design – Made in Italy

Fall/Winter 24-25 collection: “You look well”

Now, let’s delve into the FW24.25 collection: “You look well.” A seemingly innocuous phrase that prompts us to ponder its deeper implications. How often do we utter it without truly meaning it? Alberto challenges us to reconsider the significance of this fleeting compliment, infusing it with newfound awareness and introspection.

The collection itself is a study in redefined proportions and adaptive silhouettes. Linear cuts intersect with organic volumes, while layers of jersey and technowool wrap the body in comfort and warmth. Special mention goes to the metal velvet, a fabric with a tactile irregularity that embraces the wearer like a cocoon.

As proportions are recalibrated, a harmonious space emerges between body and garment, allowing for fluidity and freedom of movement. It’s a testament to Art 259’s commitment to evolving the fashion landscape.

In the FW24.25 collection, Art259 Design invites us to embrace a new consciousness in fashion. It’s an alternative choice for individuals who refuse to conform to the dictates of algorithms.
Ultimately, it’s a journey of self-expression and sartorial innovation #formodernhumans

Soon we will show you our Art259 Design Spring/Summer selection. Stay tuned!

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