Art259 Design: Cultivating A New Awareness

Alternative Fashion Choices #formodernhumans

In our fashion research beyond the mainstream, we find inspiration in the work of Art259 Design by Alberto Affinito.

Let’s say it clearly: in the age of algorithms, fashion is standardised. Completely homologated. Like never before. Indeed, researching a style outside the mainstream can be challenging. The explanation is simple: algorithms dictate trends, and individuality seems lost or struggles to surface.

Specifically, the algorithm privileges what masses like, and all the rest remains hidden. At this moment, in fashion, there’s no freedom of expression; people look all the same. It’s a kind of cookie-cutter social media-imposed style. Everyone buys into it, no one questions it. But what the masses like is not what we like. Above all, we think independently. Therefore, we love selecting uniqueness, meaningful garments that resonate with independent minds. Fashion for free thinkers.

Art259 Design: tactile richness and tailoring

Art259 Design, by Alberto Affinito defies conventional categorization. Born in 2011, this brand has evolved into a fusion of bold avant-garde and profound emotion. Skilled know-how culminating in meticulously crafted garments that transcend gender norms. With a tactile richness in textured fabrics, precise tailoring and fluid silhouettes, each piece is a testament to the brand’s ethos of wearable artistry.

On a personal note, there’s a shared resonance between Alberto and us, since we all come from Basilicata. The most remote, somewhat hidden region of Italy. Like his region, Alberto is sensitive and reserved, almost shy, blending sensitivity with steadfast resolve.

Art259 design
Art259 Design – Made in Italy

Fall/Winter 24-25 collection: “You look well”

Now, let’s delve into the FW24.25 collection: “You look well.” A seemingly innocuous phrase that prompts us to ponder its deeper implications. How often do we utter it without truly meaning it? Alberto challenges us to reconsider the significance of this fleeting compliment, infusing it with newfound awareness and introspection.

The collection itself is a study in redefined proportions and adaptive silhouettes. Linear cuts intersect with organic volumes, while layers of jersey and technowool wrap the body in comfort and warmth. Special mention goes to the metal velvet, a fabric with a tactile irregularity that embraces the wearer like a cocoon.

As proportions are recalibrated, a harmonious space emerges between body and garment, allowing for fluidity and freedom of movement. It’s a testament to Art 259’s commitment to evolving the fashion landscape.

In the FW24.25 collection, Art259 Design invites us to embrace a new consciousness in fashion. It’s an alternative choice for individuals who refuse to conform to the dictates of algorithms.
Ultimately, it’s a journey of self-expression and sartorial innovation #formodernhumans

Soon we will show you our Art259 Design Spring/Summer selection. Stay tuned!

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