The Gauze Maxi Shirt

Good Design and Unique Style #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Gauze Maxi Shirt by Meagratia, a clothing brand from Tokyo – Japan.

In the realm of Japanese fashion, Meagratia stands out as one of the most intriguing brands, aligning seamlessly with our values. Each season, the collection remains deliberately curated, avoiding excess and focusing on good design and quality. There’s a well-developed theme that goes to the essence. In fact, we do not need pointless stuff. We need less but better. Moreover, the genderless approach and the meticulous attention to detail speak volumes about the brand’s ethos.

In contrast to the prevalent narrative of fast fashion and top brands exploiting their labourers, Meagrazia diverges by acknowledging the pattern maker on the garment tag. This adds transparency to the brand’s policy.

Discover The Gauze Maxi Shirt

About the design
Unisex shirt made with double-layer gauze material using 40-thread yarn. Stand-up collar with a ribbon cascade decoration along the front. Straight line, dropped shoulder, adjustable wrist button closure. Shaped hemline and yoke on shoulders. Flamed cotton yarn is used, featuring irregularities on the fabric surface to create an elegant shirt with a vintage flavour. Also, an artisan in the centre of Kyoto dyes the fabric by hand. This piece stands out for its design and exceptional colouring.

The Gauze Maxi Shirt

About the material
Flamed cotton is among the most renowned types of cotton. Specifically, a fabric that contains slight lumps and imperfections, which are not defects but are instead highlighted, deliberately left within the yarn. Moreover, such imperfections are intentionally created during spinning, through a particular process involving knotting or twisting the cotton. So, the resulting texture is rough and irregular, allowing one to feel the perfect interlocking of each fibre, a characteristic that adds great value to the item created from this material.
100% cotton.

About the colour
Teal: an intense hue that makes it absolutely unique, and it’s very flattering.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Gauze Maxi Shirt is a versatile garment you can wear through the seasons. Pair it with trousers or skirts for your work attire. Also, we love it under The Zipped Blouson. But wear it with shorts and sandals for your holidays. Whether for work or leisure, The Gauze Maxi Shirt offers comfort and style.

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