The Greenwashing Effect

& Where Sustainability Can Grow

Today, we read on Modem about Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana’s presence at COP28, and the greenwashing effect starts itching. By the way, the entire conference sparked a considerable sense of discomfort.

Indeed, the recent presence of the fashion world at COP28 in Dubai raised eyebrows and questions about the authenticity of the messages from mainstream fashion entities. Likewise, the event “Climate Change is not Cool: A Sustainability Message from the Fashion World” by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

COP28 & the fashion industry

While it’s promising to witness fashion institutions addressing sustainability on global platforms, there’s a deep concern about greenwashing. True sustainability isn’t a marketing tactic; it’s a fundamental shift in values, production methods, and consumer behaviour. Which we failed to witness so far. When mainstream brands adopt sustainability as a buzzword without genuine commitment, they dilute the essence of real change.

The authentic roots of sustainability

A genuine, sustainable culture in fashion starts as a counter-culture, born from grassroots movements, independent designers and shops, and community-driven initiatives. It’s radical, disruptive, and not easily co-opted by corporate agendas. These movements champion transparency, good quality, ethical production, and circular economies. 

The power of the counterculture

History has shown that meaningful change often originates from the fringes, where unconventional ideas take root. These movements challenge the status quo, paving the way for a new fashion narrative that prioritises craftsmanship, durability, ethical practices, and a deeper understanding of the environmental impact.

Shifting perspectives and empowering choices

As consumers, we hold significant power in shaping the fashion industry. Embracing a more sustainable mindset involves supporting independent, ethical brands, vintage and secondhand fashion, and demanding transparency from big corporations. It’s about making informed choices that align with our values and contribute positively to a more sustainable future.

The fact that fashion entities participate in events like COP28 can create a false impression of sustainability – the greenwashing effect, indeed. However, real change happens through the efforts of communities, alternative movements, designers and shops that prioritise quality – less, much less but better – not overconsumption. 

Eventually, we must remember that we vote with our wallets; that’s how we shape the world we want. And that’s how we attest our commitment to sustainability.

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Education to value

How to survive in a world of destructive overproduction

Going from “fashion is dead” to a style rebirth as the reflection of a thoughtful lifestyle involves a renewed education to value. Which, in an era of devastating overproduction and immense confusion, takes time, a lot of time. Also, patience and humble work. By getting rid of pointless stuff. And silence rather than loudness and obsessive presence. Because it can be ok to post on social media, but for instance, if designers’ voices speak louder than their product, they are not for us.

The paradox of sustainability

Paradoxically, because of sustainability, buzz increased, yet no change ever happened. Noise, just a lot of noise. Who’s the greenest one? The show is on, but the conversation is demeaning. Thanks to green capitalism, in fact, many individuals found new job opportunities even though it has nothing to do with being sustainable. It’s about making money, not making change. Apart from climate activists, sustainability and green capitalism turned out to be a profitable bandwagon.

Indeed, green brushstrokes seemed very cool! And what’s absurd is that most people buy into it.

Therefore, from the perspective of searching for value and offering value, favouring interactions in smaller communities seem more effective than social media screaming. More real, more human. Fake conversations lead nowhere.

Education to value: what does it mean?

Start by avoiding mass production, mass tourism and intensive farming.
Specifically, in fashion, rediscovering value is about developing an understanding and appreciation of good design. And, learning about quality and artisanal handiwork.
Respect workers’ rights and human rights, and care if workers get fair wages. Above all, the necessity of working within the means of the planet.

It involves the need to eliminate the garbage brands try to sell, and not wanting to be part of a world that wants to promote it. Rather than buying pointless stuff, buy nothing at all.

Break the moulds.
Escape marketing slogans,
Search for quality, not quantity.
Because education to value means learning that less is more, even if the rest of the world still follows another direction.

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Summer style

Fashion and lifestyle #formodernhumans

Summer style for mainstream fashion communication means purchasing many cheap clothing: dresses, t-shirts, swimsuits. Lowest price possible. “Because, you know, it’s cheap! So I can throw it away quickly.” Of course, these people blindly contribute to generating tons of waste, but they don’t seem to care.

However, from the perspective of “buy less, buy better” – which is our viewpoint – summer style is about wearing the same clothes, just styled differently. You don’t have to buy more. In fact, you need the right pieces only.

That is the point of choosing meaningful garments. It’s a matter of value. Take quality, not quantity. Clothes that last for decades and are never out of place. Indeed, they represent an understated elegance with a contemporary sense of style. Just change the shoes and accessories, and you adapt them to your current occasion.

summer style
Summer style: The Mesh Poncho by Meagratia + The Cross Strap Sandals by Antenora

For instance, take The Mesh Poncho by Meagratia. In town, you can wear it over a T-shirt or a dress. But at the beach, you can wear it over a swimsuit during the day or a pair of shorts or a maxi skirt for the evening. The material is soft cotton that feels good on your skin and falls beautifully on your body. Moreover, it’s a piece that offers multiple style options.

For your summer style, we would love to show you our niche selection of meaningful garments handpicked from international designers who have something to say in the fashion panorama. Uniqueness, far away from mass production.

Drop us an email or WhatsApp and we’ll help you choose the best pieces for you.

International Shipping available!

We are based in Milano but ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere. In order to provide unicity and a sustainable approach, our selection offers a limited number of pieces.

Treat yourself today! ❤️

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Customer criticism

Niche fashion selection and clients’ expectations

As a fashion boutique, throughout our almost 18 years of independent activity, we’ve been open to feedback and customer criticism. Although we do our work conscientiously, there is always room for improvement.

Since we started this new path trying to bring forward our vision of fashion within the means of our planet, limiting as much as possible our impact, we went straight to the essential. Which means cleaning up a lot and reducing our selection to worthy garments only. In fact, we don’t need more. We need less, much less, but better quality.

So, it became even more important to listen to different viewpoints. Feedbacks and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Customer criticism on a limited selection

But sometimes, criticism revolves around the number of items selected. For instance: “Don’t always show that bag, otherwise people may think you have only a few items.” – said a client commenting on an Instagram post. Of course, it means she expected to see a broader selection.

“That’s right” – we replied. It was an intentional choice. In fact, we aren’t a fashion supermarket. We love hunting niche fashion pieces which are not for all. Most importantly, we think the fashion industry needs to change, and so does the way people consume clothing and not only that. It’s a matter of lifestyle and consumption habits in general. Our planet is melting, and we cannot afford fake marketing claims. We need immediate action.

Niche fashion #formodernhumans

A niche fashion selection might not be for you. But how can we stop promoting overconsumption if we still select endless choices of clothing and accessories? It would be impossible. Though niche fashion is not for everyone, more is not the answer. However, that comment made us understand that not everyone is open to change. As they do not see any problem. And do not even understand good design. So our selection might not be for them.

How do we respond to customer criticism about our precise selection and a limited number of items?

Rather than tons of garbage fashion or tasteless sustainable products, we need real fashion items: a good design and high quality. Made by creative individuals who know what they are doing, not by marketers. That’s it.

Being extremely selective, buying what really makes sense only. In limited quantity. That is what we do.

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How do we dress for this unstable weather?

Mastering the art of layering style

How do we dress for this unstable weather? It’s a question we hear frequently. Indeed, this is the season of crazy meteorological conditions. Sunshine today, rain tomorrow, or even worse, the weather changes over the day. So, you get dressed in the morning and go to work, but you don’t know what to expect when you close the office or finish your shift. Heading back home can be a real surprise!

By the way, the weather seems crazy all over Europe and perhaps not only on this side of the planet. You know, that thing called climate change…

Unstable weather & how to dress

The best way to dress for variable weather is layering. Indeed, for a long time now, we have been promoting this style because it allows you to wear your seasonless garment throughout the year. And so, when you purchase your clothes, you can focus on meaningful pieces only, knowing you’ll wear them for a long time.

The art of layering style

Layering means creating multiple layers of clothes, tone one tone or contrasting colours. This mix and match give good protection from the cold. But, at the same time, allows removing one or more garments depending on the weather. However, many people find this combination of fabrics of different weights difficult. In fact, the risk is to build up so many layers that they look like a sausage.

How to dress for this unstable weather?

Layering for the spring-summer season is easier because it’s about putting together lightweight clothes. So you will not risk building out too much. Start wearing a T-shirt underneath a shirt. Also, add up an oversized sweatshirt or a blazer and complete the outfit with a scarf. Then, depending on the temperature during the day, you can take off some layers which you’ll fold up and put in a shopping bag.

Of course, do not forget to put a foldable raincoat and a pair of sneakers in your bag.

If you may have any doubts, drop us an email or WhatsApp. We’d love to help you!

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