How do we dress for this unstable weather?

Mastering the art of layering style

How do we dress for this unstable weather? It’s a question we hear frequently. Indeed, this is the season of crazy meteorological conditions. Sunshine today, rain tomorrow, or even worse, the weather changes over the day. So, you get dressed in the morning and go to work, but you don’t know what to expect when you close the office or finish your shift. Heading back home can be a real surprise!

By the way, the weather seems crazy all over Europe and perhaps not only on this side of the planet. You know, that thing called climate change…

Unstable weather & how to dress

The best way to dress for variable weather is layering. Indeed, for a long time now, we have been promoting this style because it allows you to wear your seasonless garment throughout the year. And so, when you purchase your clothes, you can focus on meaningful pieces only, knowing you’ll wear them for a long time.

The art of layering style

Layering means creating multiple layers of clothes, tone one tone or contrasting colours. This mix and match give good protection from the cold. But, at the same time, allows removing one or more garments depending on the weather. However, many people find this combination of fabrics of different weights difficult. In fact, the risk is to build up so many layers that they look like a sausage.

How to dress for this unstable weather?

Layering for the spring-summer season is easier because it’s about putting together lightweight clothes. So you will not risk building out too much. Start wearing a T-shirt underneath a shirt. Also, add up an oversized sweatshirt or a blazer and complete the outfit with a scarf. Then, depending on the temperature during the day, you can take off some layers which you’ll fold up and put in a shopping bag.

Of course, do not forget to put a foldable raincoat and a pair of sneakers in your bag.

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