Customer criticism

Niche fashion selection and clients’ expectations

As a fashion boutique, throughout our almost 18 years of independent activity, we’ve been open to feedback and customer criticism. Although we do our work conscientiously, there is always room for improvement.

Since we started this new path trying to bring forward our vision of fashion within the means of our planet, limiting as much as possible our impact, we went straight to the essential. Which means cleaning up a lot and reducing our selection to worthy garments only. In fact, we don’t need more. We need less, much less, but better quality.

So, it became even more important to listen to different viewpoints. Feedbacks and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Customer criticism on a limited selection

But sometimes, criticism revolves around the number of items selected. For instance: “Don’t always show that bag, otherwise people may think you have only a few items.” – said a client commenting on an Instagram post. Of course, it means she expected to see a broader selection.

“That’s right” – we replied. It was an intentional choice. In fact, we aren’t a fashion supermarket. We love hunting niche fashion pieces which are not for all. Most importantly, we think the fashion industry needs to change, and so does the way people consume clothing and not only that. It’s a matter of lifestyle and consumption habits in general. Our planet is melting, and we cannot afford fake marketing claims. We need immediate action.

Niche fashion #formodernhumans

A niche fashion selection might not be for you. But how can we stop promoting overconsumption if we still select endless choices of clothing and accessories? It would be impossible. Though niche fashion is not for everyone, more is not the answer. However, that comment made us understand that not everyone is open to change. As they do not see any problem. And do not even understand good design. So our selection might not be for them.

How do we respond to customer criticism about our precise selection and a limited number of items?

Rather than tons of garbage fashion or tasteless sustainable products, we need real fashion items: a good design and high quality. Made by creative individuals who know what they are doing, not by marketers. That’s it.

Being extremely selective, buying what really makes sense only. In limited quantity. That is what we do.

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