The Black Suit

Today we introduce The Black Suit by Meagratia.

Are you passionate about good design and unique garments? Then, this is for you. Meagratia is the new fashion brand we picked this season from Japan. If you missed the interview with the Japanese designer Takafumi Sekine, please find it here.

This suit is a stylish ensemble carefully designed and rich in detail. The fit is oversized, and the aesthetic is modern and genderless. Indeed, the style goes beyond any gendered label. It’s more about who you are, feeling free to wear whatever you want. Also, you will appreciate the fabric quality and the excellent tailoring.

Discover the timeless black suit

About the design
The blazer features an oversized fit and dropped shoulders. It is fully lined, with one inner pocket. The two front pockets and front closure highlight unique button detailing with leather straps.
The straight-leg trousers come with front pleating, two side pockets and two buttoned pockets along the back. A front button and zip closure.

The Black Suit by Meagratia
The Black Suit by Meagratia

About the material
98% wool, 2% polyurethane – 100% leather buttons and straps.
The fabric has a soft hand touch and an average thickness.

About the colour
Black: cool, eternal, and versatile.

Dry clean.

Style tips
The Black Suit is sleek and versatile. Indeed you can opt for the full outfit on multiple occasions. But, of course, you can separate the two pieces and wear only the blazer or the pants. Since they are easy to match, they will become a staple in your capsule wardrobe made of quality garments. Try it with Marc Le Bihan’s couture t-shirt!

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The special ones

Discover more about fashion research

Hunting for the special ones – unique brands for people who want more from fashion is what drives the passion for research by enhancing it. Dates and exhibition places are more or less the same, but the sense of discovery is much more engaging.

In a key of less is more, exclusivity and unique garments, thoughtful design and made-to-last quality represent the new luxury for modern humans. And this is what we select for you.

Mainstream fashion and its limelight are just one part of the industry. But out of the dominant narrative, there’s a more hidden universe that you have to dig a little to find. It is a microcosm made of true passion, hard work and unconventional designs. A fascinating universe that delivers profoundly valuable garments having the feel of niche or cult fashion. Not for everyone.

By the way, more hidden doesn’t refer to the insiders but to a larger audience, the final customers. They rely on social media as the only source of information, their only bible. Therefore, their knowledge is shallow. Indeed, they are brand oriented or taken from fast fashion but lack a deeper understanding of design and quality.

Being radically different, these cult brands do not follow trends. In fact, they represent a counterculture escaping from marketing labels. And precisely because they don’t want to be pigeon-holed, classified, and placed into boxes with a trendy label stamped outside.

Most importantly, they let their products talk – with excellent quality fabrics, tailoring, artisanal workings, limited productions, and experimentation. It’s an act of meaning: they deliver beauty and uniqueness. Timeless quality and value.

Also, one more factor: almost no advertising. In fact, the special ones run away from algorithms too. Which contributes to making them more fascinating.

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The Semi-Flared Jeans

FW 22-23 new arrivals

Today we introduce The Semi-Flared Jeans – by Zucca.

At a slow pace, we are entering the new Fall/ Winter 2022-23 season. By the way, slow fashion also means introducing the new items when it makes sense. The modern habit of selling winter items during the summer season, or vice versa, is a system conceived to promote overconsumption. So we should all leave it behind because it is not sustainable.

Indeed, we are receiving some great new pieces we ordered during the previous selling campaign. And so, these days, we are unpacking the garments and quality checking. Like two kids in a candy shop, we review the pieces and can’t wait to start introducing each item in detail.

So we’ll start with something you can wear immediately. Of course, the concepts of good design and quality to provide a timeless style are always the focus. It’s all about serving you with meaningful pieces made to last.

New arrivals: The Semi-Flared Jeans

The Semi-Flared Jeans

About the design
These white denim trousers have a semi-flared silhouette, high-waisted line, and five pockets. Also, there’s a front zip closure plus a button. The cut of these jeans stands out and enhances your silhouette. Indeed, this item is basic but so stylish.

About the material
The material is 100% cotton: thick and smooth organic cotton suitable for cold weather. And the garment is washed to get a unique hand-feel effect.

About the colour
White: inspired by tailored, work wear, military, and punk styles. And so, a monochrome colour that creates a cool and sophisticated mood.

Wash by hand separately.

Styling tips
These jeans are the perfect item to start the season in style. They are easy to mix with tops and jackets and perfect for your workwear. But please, pay attention to dark colours which may transfer onto it.

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