Queuing and luxury

Does waiting in line at fashion stores have anything to do with luxury?

Let’s reflect on queuing and luxury. Imran Amed of “Business of Fashion” has recently opened the debate on long lines outside top retailers and whether they are a valid means to convey luxury.

In fact, it’s even hard to get inside some fashion stores. But while the masses seem attracted by that, some people don’t buy it. Precisely, Imran Amed titled: “Queuing is not a luxury experience” and invites brands to rethink their strategies.

Of course, we agree with Imran Amed. Queuing outside top fashion retailers has nothing to do with luxury. Such a waste of time is pointless and makes no sense in relation to spending a lot of money.

What is luxury?

First and foremost, luxury is about exclusive designs made in limited numbers and not mass-produced items. Since all top brands produce their garments in huge quantities, they stopped making luxury long ago. Also, all high-end brands are so overexposed you can see them everywhere, which collides with the idea of luxury itself.
But why do retailers still have long lines if it does not convey luxury? It’s a marketing gimmick to get attention from newbies and mass consumers.

What are the characteristics of a true luxury shopping experience?

Quality, exclusivity, personalised service, privacy.
Specifically, when it comes to service, true luxury is when you avoid crowds. We so much believe in this concept that, about five years ago, we changed our business model. Indeed, we shifted from a physical boutique with a wide selection to a web fashion boutique providing a precise niche selection. Because we don’t need more, we need less (much less) but better. That is through a private shopping service.

suite123 – private shopping experience #formodernhumans

What does it mean? Feeling the need for something more intimate, we thought about offering a personalised shopping experience based on private appointments. In other words, you receive a unique selection made for you and delivered to you (to your home or office).

Perhaps this concept is not for everyone, but that’s the point of luxury.
Luxury is private, and it means avoiding crowds. No waiting in line, no wasting time. Indeed, queuing is not luxury!

We would not queue for no reason at all! What about you? Are you willing to wait in line to get into a luxury shop?

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