Jane Birkin, Farewell

A style icon: inspiration vs reality

On July 16, Jane Birkin passed away aged 76 in her Parisian home. The British-born singer, actress and muse has shaped the image of the French allure. Indeed, she will represent the symbol of Bohemian cool forever.

Cinema, music and style icon, she also inspired the famous Hermes Birkin bag. Actually, she hadn’t just provided the inspiration, but she had suggested what kind of capable handbag she needed when she had met the French Maison president on a flight.

Of course, everyone knows Jane Birkin. So, the purpose of our exploration is not to revisit her life. In fact, you may watch “Jane by Charlotte,” the documentary released by her daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, in 2021. Instead, we want to analyse to what degree Jane Birkin, regarded by other women as a style example, impacted women’s fashion in reality.

Jane Birkin: timeless style

Undoubtedly, her 60s and 70s outfits marked women’s fashion, making her a point of reference for all designers. But, her latest style represented an evolution: white men’s shirts, oversized coats, blazers, boyfriend jeans and white denim, and flat shoes. Yes, in some interviews, she said she started wearing men’s clothes (now fashion marketing has discovered genderless).
Rugged but refined, mannish but feminine, clothes mixed with that touch of nonchalant elegance typical of someone who can say: ‘my clothes are nice, but I look cool because I am so.’ Indeed, style goes beyond clothes: it reflects that inner quid that clothes alone cannot give. And her style reflected her attitude. In the end, people can buy the bag, but reaching that level of coolness is another story.

However, her effortless style passed through time and evolved with a sense of timelessness. Making her an eternal muse.

She could choose to age according to contemporary standards. On the contrary, she left her face to show the signs of time, with no trace of plastic surgery. A woman who aged beautifully. True to herself and always elegant.

Jane Birkin: from inspiration to reality

Now think about women who celebrated her as a style icon. How do these women process their style? What do they wear? And how are they manipulating their image? Swollen faces, bigger and bigger, to the point of losing traces of human features. Smooth but fake. Bodies are an explosion of plastic. Not to mention clothes that have no idea of elegance.

Therefore, from idolising a muse to reality, what goes wrong? If women say: “we love her style” – what happens afterwards?

No woman in our contemporary universe could wear a naked dress as Jane Birkin did. Her timeless, chic, unforgettable style is on the verge of extinction.

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The classic khaki

From a fashion trend to a timeless basic

Khaki means earth colour. The word khaki comes from Persian ‘khak’, which means soil, and it came into English via the British Indian Army.

The colour khaki was named for the first time in 1848 after the British Army introduced it as a military uniform. Afterwards, it has been widely used for military garments because it provided soldiers some camouflage in war zones.

The colour palette
It is not a single colour: light khaki – khaki – dark khaki – khaki green.
So, the modern palette goes from a mix of tan with a bit of yellow to brown blended with green to olive green. And all the variations tend to have a sandy effect.

Khaki – From a trend to a classic. How and why?

Later, fashion brought it from military to civilian clothes, where it is mainly considered a smart-casual tone. But, what was a recurring trend became a classic in clothing. Indeed we can affirm it’s a wardrobe staple for us, which we like to propose in various items but in a refined manner.

This colour became a classic because it is usually associated with comfortable silhouettes. But, most of all, it provides certain ease in matching other colours and pieces of clothing. It means that a single garment can offer multiple styling possibilities. From elegant to casual, you don’t even need many pieces. It perfectly completes your capsule wardrobe.

Take this ZUCCa wide-leg pants with front pleating. The waistline along the back is elasticated in order to give extra comfort and a better fit.

khaki pants

You can pair these khaki pants with kitten heels and a black blazer for a formal office outfit. Or, you can pull out a leisure time outfit with a denim blouson and sneakers. We love them with a white shirt and flat sandals!

Casual or elegant, the classic khaki is a cool and timeless style choice


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Entering the season: Fall/ Winter 21

Soon we will start introducing our selection for the coming season, Fall/ Winter 21.

We are going forward with a certain sense of slowness. The ‘Hurry-up’ attitude is part of the status quo, which none seems interested in questioning (but we do). In fact, from N.Y. to Paris and Milano, the bandwagon of fashion shows is starting again following the same stale rules.

However, keeping in mind our timeless approach, let’s go through the garments we have selected for you. For us, as well.

Fall/ Winter 21

First, the perfect pants. One wide-leg version, one straight-leg. Both in Supima cotton. The material has a shiny finishing that makes it look like silk. Moreover, a special treatment makes it warm too.

Then, we found a couple of basic knits in a striped jersey. There’s a boat-neck version and a turtle-neck. Slightly loose fit, they are the perfect complement to multiple outfits.

Of course, we couldn’t miss an asymmetric oversized pull in extra-fine wool. The worsted yarn makes the texture very soft.

Also, we’ll show you a cool cardigan designed as a whole garment. It means there are no shoulders or side seams, so it is very comfortable to wear.

As a more elegant piece, we picked a sleeveless v-neck boxy dress, under-knee length. Three fabrics with different textures are sewn together and then pleated. Unique!

A maxi collar blouson looks so stylish even when worn unbuttoned. And a cocoon sleeved maxi dress. The texture is dry and soft. There’s also a boxy sweater with a horizontal line at the body. It comes in soft lambswool.

Lastly, the sweatshirt is never too casual. We picked one with a zipped detail so you can wear it backside front too.

We thought we needed some colours to boost our mood. Therefore our palette goes from comforting tones to some bright hues.
Black, grey, off-white, camel, green, mustard, yellow, purple.

Please, check our Instagram account to see the new arrivals for the Fall/ Winter 21 season, and stay in touch with us.
We’d love to hear from you!

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Timeless: a mindful buying approach

Why now?

Timeless is a concept that has become quite popular in fashion nowadays. Why? And most of all, why now? Let’s dig deeper into this.

Timeless fashion – just as timeless design in general – refers to classic pieces: items conceived and made to last. But it also includes those pieces that feature such an innovative design that even after many years, they are still forward, always relevant. Evergreen, indeed. Those pieces end up being copied by other brands who feed themselves on the creativity of more advanced designers. And, if your eyes are a little bit trained, you can see where the inspiration of these items comes from.

Timeless fashion

Why now?
Now that the system has collapsed, we seek out ways to survive. Timeless is a good strategy because it gives worth back to clothing and its production system. Also, it opens us up to a more thoughtful way of consumption.

Timeless tells you to buy less but better. It is the opposite of disposable clothing, and the opposite of fast fashion.

However, we always promoted a vision of style that was more than consuming fashion trends quickly. And we did this from the very beginning of suite123, about fifteen years ago.
We mainly selected clothes having a certain stylistic content, never banal, with a good design, and made from beautiful materials. In fact, that is the essence of timelessness: items you can wear forever.

Now we are even more concentrated on this approach. Given the situation we are in, we firmly believe it is a mindful and appropriate choice.

The investment is higher, but it’s the only way to have clothes that last for a long time. A very long time if you treat them carefully. Timeless fashion is one of the steps we need to take to reduce our impact on the planet.

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