Styling options: what you need to know

Styling options multiply when you choose good design and quality. If you choose wisely and mix them with the proper styling, you’ll be able to wear your beautiful clothes in multiple ways. Therefore, you don’t need to buy plenty of pieces that last a couple of months.

Indeed, it’s about putting together a capsule wardrobe of meaningful pieces. Of course, the price tag is not cheap. And maybe you will not take many items all at once. But, in the long run, the design and quality of the clothes you have decided to buy will make the difference.

Why? Quality and design make clothes last much longer. And even if the shape is minimal, they always stand out.

Styling options

Buy less, buy better

Styling options

For instance, take “The V Neck One Piece” in cyclamen pink. The quality of the fabric is so good that it feels gratifying to wear it and sense it on your skin. Also, the design is cool, and the fit is perfect. Therefore, you can wear it at the beach for sunbathing or swimming. But it’s so flattering and stylish that you can also wear it in town.

So try it as a top with white cotton trousers or jeans and flat shoes. And when the weather is a little cooler, put on an oversized mannish blazer or a denim jacket.

Same you can do with the other one-piece swimsuits and high waist bikinis we have selected. And if you may have any doubt, drop us a message! We are happy to answer your questions.

So, yes! You will buy lesser pieces. But you’ll take beautiful clothes you’ll love to wear, and your styling options multiply because they always stand out.

Most importantly, you don’t buy clothes to throw away quickly but timeless items that last a lifetime.
And guess what? Your wardrobe will be sustainable for real!

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The power of colour

Colours impact our mood. There is a connection between colours and emotions. Indeed, colours have a psychological and cultural effect on us.

Whenever we read how to match colours or what combination to avoid, it’s always complicated to sympathize or recognize ourselves in the articles.

You can agree or disagree with the writer, but the main point is you. Rather than being influenced by someone else, you need your brain to work actively. In the end, the way you match colours depends on your personality, your perception of colour. And, on your mood.
Colours tell who you are. And who you are defines everything!

However, we don’t listen to those who tell you how to match your eye tone with a scarf.

Colours and mood
The colour therapy – by Cri – suite123

This is what we do:

We put the garments one next to the other to check the chromatic harmony. If we like the combination, we wear it.
Easy, isn’t it?

Are there hues “not for you”? That you wouldn’t wear next to your face?
If it’s a sweater, pair it with a contrasting colour turtleneck basic underneath. Of course, you can do the same with a jacket or a cardigan.

The way you combine colours changes the way they look on you. In fact, for us, it’s not about the colour per se but how you style it.

If you are a colour lover like Cri, you love matching all the colours of the rainbow! So, play with purple, yellow, orange, green, red. And mix them. Colours are a beautiful expression of style and an optimistic attitude.

If your personality is softer, understated, you can start with just one bold colour item. But give yourself a little time.

And consider a fundamental aspect: colours are mood boosters. When you feel a little bit down, put on a coloured garment, and your mood lifts.

As Kandinsky said: “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

For this Fall/ Winter season, some mood booster hues were much needed. And so, maxi stoles are purple or yellow. Felt tote, green or orange. Choose your favourite via DM or email!

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The High-Neck Sweater

Today we are introducing another staple of the new collection:
The High-Neck Sweater. By Plantation1982.

All the pieces included in our Fall/Winter selection are easy to match and offer various styling possibilities. The design may look simple at first glance, but details are never left to chance. Indeed, they are all very well curated. That is the point of good design.

The material is 100% cotton, with an exceptionally soft hand. And its ripple structure is swollen like a tube, replacing the usual rib structure.

the high-neck sweater
The High-Neck Sweater

The collar is slightly higher than the bottleneck so that it covers the neck fully, but it does not have a hold feeling like any typical high neck. Its design adds style while leaving the body free to move.

Furthermore, the vertical texture of the fabric makes it difficult to pick up the lines of your body and underwear. As a result, this garment is extra comfortable to wear.

The high-neck sweater is the perfect piece for the turn of the season, but it is easy to use as an inner for cardigans or jackets too. So you feel its softness in contact with the skin.

Also, the uneven border pattern expressed by the weaving gives a casual yet elegant impression. And the styling options are many. You can wear it with pants or skirts, depending on the need of the day. It can perfectly blend with casual or sporty outfits as with any more elegant look.

Now a note about the colour.
The base is dark green, an intense dark green, and the stripes are navy. This colour matching offers a soft and refined image.

Washed to give a unique texture, it’s an easy-care item. So, you can wash it by hand at home.

Perhaps you will buy lesser pieces, but you’ll take beautiful clothing that lasts over the years.
And you’ll love wearing them.

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