Timeless fashion beyond the buzzword

Do you know what timeless fashion really means?

The concept of timeless fashion, beyond the buzzword, is misleading. It’s one of the many empty claims you hear everywhere. Unfortunately, when you put together fashion and marketing, the risk of pointless shit is pretty high.

In brand profiles and social media, you read about clothes sold as timeless, but the misinterpretation is clear. For instance, brands or retailers describe the features of their magnificent timeless garments to introduce discounts! So, is that the point of timelessness? We don’t think so! On the other hand, people cannot understand that, even if from the previous season, meaningful pieces aren’t outdated. There’s value in good design and quality.

At first, timelessness in the fashion field may seem like a contradiction because fashion is about periodic changes. But these changes have become so frequent that the industry is out of hand. Indeed, it makes sense to go back to past times when a made-to-last vision prevailed. Timeless guides us towards an evolved mindset facilitating a sustainable lifestyle.

The impact of fashion and textile overproduction on climate change is tangible. Unless you still choose to ignore it. Lately, the industry has moved from fast to ultra-fast fashion, generating mountains of waste. And so, timeless is our way out. It represents the possibility towards a conscious lifestyle. In fact, by refocusing our shopping habits, we contribute to limiting the disasters we have made so far.

But what does timeless mean?

Items lasting forever! Something that is timeless does not change as the years go past.

Therefore, the timeless design doesn’t change completely season by season. Items are classics. And classics are made to last: higher quality and good design. And so, heavy discounts on these products aren’t consistent.

Finally, refocusing on a caring and evolved attitude should also help you to change your vision of “new.”
Timeless design is the opposite of disposable fashion. And has nothing to do with a compulsive desire for novelties, destructive behaviour that doesn’t understand the value of garments and work. But it is just a frenzy reaction to a consumerist society.

So, forget empty marketing claims. We don’t search for convenience, but we search for worth. Beyond the buzzword, this is what timeless fashion means: meaningful garments with no expiry date!

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Why good design first?

Designers’ responsibility to provide the answer

Good design is everything because that is the starting point for any serious discussion about fashion. And even more when the analysis touches on sustainability.

Indeed, whenever we meet students and interns who want to know more about fashion and sustainability, first, we show them brands that focus on exceptional design. Then we can talk about the rest. And not because we aren’t involved in sustainability!

Good design first

So, why design first? Because it’s the core element where you find answers as it reflects a creative vision which gives sense to a product.
Designers who have something to say translate their ideas into their products by creating beautiful pieces that are meaningful and timeless. They carefully select materials, choose to recycle fabrics or use particular hand-dyed processes and artisanal workings. They value their employees because an ethical approach is part of their philosophy.
So their garments are rich. Indeed, you can see there’s a lot of substance in them.

Why good design
From Marc Le Bihan showroom in Milano

If brands lack design, there’s no point in developing whole collections. Therefore, sustainability matters are solved quickly: we don’t need them.

When designers have nothing to say, you will see archives looted, stolen ideas and tons of marketing labels and catchphrases. Sometimes you may even see nice garments but without a soul. Perhaps these products are easier to sell, but they have no value. So, from a sustainable viewpoint, no reason to exist.

Indeed good design is the core principle, the reason to exist, and the deep meaning of a fashion brand. Furthermore, in a phase of transition and profound change like the time we are living, designers have the moral responsibility to make meaningful products. And so, quality made to last, no overproduction, and no push to overconsume, decent wages.

The designers’ task is to trace new pathways by respecting people and the planet. Sustainability embeds in their pattern. And their designs must provide answers for an evolved lifestyle #formodernhumans

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The special ones

Discover more about fashion research

Hunting for the special ones – unique brands for people who want more from fashion is what drives the passion for research by enhancing it. Dates and exhibition places are more or less the same, but the sense of discovery is much more engaging.

In a key of less is more, exclusivity and unique garments, thoughtful design and made-to-last quality represent the new luxury for modern humans. And this is what we select for you.

Mainstream fashion and its limelight are just one part of the industry. But out of the dominant narrative, there’s a more hidden universe that you have to dig a little to find. It is a microcosm made of true passion, hard work and unconventional designs. A fascinating universe that delivers profoundly valuable garments having the feel of niche or cult fashion. Not for everyone.

By the way, more hidden doesn’t refer to the insiders but to a larger audience, the final customers. They rely on social media as the only source of information, their only bible. Therefore, their knowledge is shallow. Indeed, they are brand oriented or taken from fast fashion but lack a deeper understanding of design and quality.

Being radically different, these cult brands do not follow trends. In fact, they represent a counterculture escaping from marketing labels. And precisely because they don’t want to be pigeon-holed, classified, and placed into boxes with a trendy label stamped outside.

Most importantly, they let their products talk – with excellent quality fabrics, tailoring, artisanal workings, limited productions, and experimentation. It’s an act of meaning: they deliver beauty and uniqueness. Timeless quality and value.

Also, one more factor: almost no advertising. In fact, the special ones run away from algorithms too. Which contributes to making them more fascinating.

Do you want to know more? Keep in touch!

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