News from the fashion industry

What’s going on in fashion?

Reading the latest news from the fashion industry sounds like an earthquake is happening. And what a week!

A brief fashion news recap

Alessandro Michele is exiting Gucci. Honestly, we aren’t sad about it. The Maison and its new designer, whoever will be, will face a tough challenge to clean up the circus he made. And bring back the heritage and historical relevance of the brand.

Balenciaga: another brand that has intentionally killed its heritage to undertake a nonsensical path. Moreover, the brand released one of the most disturbing advertising campaigns to launch their plush bags. Children holding bondage teddy bear bags somehow connected to paedophilia is a disgusting message. Not only sexualising kids is horrendous. But it is a clear sign of a lack of ideas. By the way, we could live without plush bags these days!

Raf Simons is shutting his namesake brand, maybe to focus on Prada. Even though he is a great designer, there is something we miss. Since he started his co-designing collaboration with Prada, the Balenciagitis phenomenon has affected his vision. Indeed, exaggerated jackets reminded Balenciaga so much that they seemed borrowed from their fashion show! Consequently, Prada stopped being copied and started copying instead.

Where is fashion heading?

So, where is fashion heading? A reflection on this topic is necessary. Can the fashion industry evolve from its current state of confusion?

The pandemic was a game changer, but big groups ignored it. Indeed, they thought they could keep up with their pattern: overproduction and making a lot of money. But it seems that provocations and logoed items aren’t enough to survive.

This is fashion in the hands of finance: a blob of mass products. Items covered with logos, taken to the extreme and pretty ignorant. Also, designers lost their crucial role, and marketing experts took their place.

However, we cannot ignore the meaning of the latest news from the fashion industry: reality has dramatically changed, and a new path is needed. Therefore, if brands don’t bring about new ideas, marketing experts will sell their logoed items on another planet!

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The fashion game

All the news we are reading from the fashion universe these days is about acquisitions, revealing, in essence, what the fashion game is about. Who bought who? The competition is open!

To this end, it seems like it’s a good time for doing great deals, playing the fashion game. This luxury group bought that brand, intending to launch other new labels. And so on, with lots of other news along the same lines. Nothing more than acquisitions, finance, and money.

How does the fashion game works?

The fashion game, explained in a few words, goes like this: take the “designer” of the moment, the one who is popular because of his social media buzz rather than his designing skills. Then throw out the bait to a young audience on social media, of course. There’s no better way to reach the mass market quickly. And so, the brand becomes popular and successful!

In other words, the game of exponential growth is not over yet. They act as if the lesson taught by the pandemic has left no trace at all.

Somehow those companies are still telling us that fashion belongs to finance more than creativity.

As a so-called designer now, you don’t need to have your own ideas, given that you can buy or steal them. Of course, the latter is the more frequent case.

And how weird it is to see emerging brands aiming to be acquired by luxury groups. But when they are acquired, very little remains of the original coolness.

What emerges is that no fashion group or designer has the courage to suggest new ideas. Perhaps, they do not even have the intention. No one takes the risk of disrupting the industry. The pattern is the old one. And, marketing seems to be on their side.

But aren’t you tired of DJs designing brands?

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