Where is fashion heading?

To understand where fashion is heading, we should ask if the industry can change and evolve from its current state of confusion.

Some say fashion is back. Perhaps, those who say that refer to the possibility of showing new collections physically. Or, to the opportunity of wearing more elaborate outfits for special occasions and parties, eventually restarted after covid.

Where is the fashion industry heading?

But, among provocations and logoed items, finding new concepts is very difficult. Indeed, the offer goes from Balenciaga’s garbage bag to logos exposed everywhere. In other words, mass products, that’s all.
And if you want valuable garments because you don’t recognise yourself in that imagery, you have to dig a lot to find rarities.

Since fashion is an industry, like any other field, it tends to support big companies, meaning those who can invest money are trending.

where is fashion heading

Keeping an eye on international designers searching for niche garments, we do not see any real change. Brands struggle to adapt to the new post-pandemic reality, but no new proposals are released. Neither do they consider that if reality has changed, what they have done so far will not work anymore?

Fashion industry vs change

Nevertheless, the industry players insist on the old patterns. So, they all follow the same old rules, distribution scheme and dates. And the same production models. Also, the same discount policies! Whatever brought the fashion system’s implosion long before the pandemic.

A lack of vision is palpable, paired with the need to fit into a system even if that system doesn’t work. Therefore, nothing new can come out of that, not in design, manufacturing or selling strategies.

A lot of talks about sustainability, which you can translate into greenwashing. In the end, change stops at the conversations. About change, of course!

But change means dismantling, restarting, and experimenting. It takes courage and a lot of creativity. Also, there’s no guarantee of success.