Selecting fashion for connoisseurs

How to navigate the fashion weeks

In a finite world of endless options, most of which have a massified concept, selecting fashion for connoisseurs represents very specific research. Less but better, timeless fashion and quiet luxury are fundamental values for people like us.

By the way, given that overproduction ignores the current dramatic situation, we find it thoughtless to focus on brands that still operate on such a pattern.

So, we are keeping an eye on some international brands, and of course, we are curious to see what happens around us in the fashion field. But that’s just what it is – curiosity. In order to survive all the fluff that overwhelms the industry and contributes to making it less fascinating, we need to be very clear.

Fashion selection

Our preferences and choices reflect our values. We know what we need and what we don’t. So, let’s recap what it is precisely.

First, what we don’t need:

  • obsessive trends
  • poor design
  • mass products, quantity, overproduction/ overconsumption
  • fake sustainable products
  • exhausting social media presence

Too much noise and confusion. There’s too much of everything put out in a compulsive manner. That is not for people like us.

Now, what do we want?

  • clothes made to last: staples and meaningful garments. Once you consciously purchase, they will become a constant element of your wardrobe. That’s what timeless fashion means
  • tailoring: well-crafted clothes made with care and attention
  • beautiful fabrics: when you touch and wear them, you feel the difference on your skin
  • good design and quality

The market is large, crowded and oversaturated with pointless stuff. Should we fit in? No, thanks. Brands’ social media presence doesn’t impress us. Influencers don’t influence us. We prefer less, much less, but better. Niche fashion. It might not be for you, which is fine.

Selecting fashion for connoisseurs, people like us, we want unique clothes for unique people.

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