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Were unskilled designers worth the ride?

There’s a process happening in the fashion industry, a change of direction, which takes brands back to fashion design.
What does it mean? Real fashion designers are back in charge of designing fashion brands. Wasn’t their job? Yes, of course. But the fashion industry loves insta-fluff to generate revenue. So, popularity won over skills.

But, after a decade of sportswear, big exposed logos, and poor designs, the wind is finally changing. Specifically, the heart of the matter is that celebrity designers with a pervasive social media presence and a huge following base have oversaturated the market with products. But that doesn’t sell anymore.

The sense of improvisation, lack of skills, clothes taken from thrift shops and assembled by chance, or designs clearly stolen from other designers was really too much. It has contributed to impoverishing the perception of fashion, which has become a game for clowns rather than a matter of culture.

Therefore, the vision of a creative director having more knowledge about fluff than expert hands seems over. Perhaps some fashion Maisons made a lot of money overflooding the market with pointless stuff, but they destroyed their heritage. So, were unskilled designers worth the ride?

For instance, we are curious to see what Sabato De Sarno will do with his much-awaited Gucci show. Indeed, deleting everything from Gucci’s social media account seems to be a good start to cleaning up the image.
Also, we are curious to see Phoebe Philo, known for her minimalist and timeless style, launch her namesake brand.

Fashion design: what makes the difference

Though we think contemporary fashion Maisons are not so interesting because they are just a game of finance and overproduction, we appreciate the idea of moving from big logos to skilled fashion design.

Exposed logos don’t make the difference but represent a poor idea of style, which sounds more like marketing than actual fashion knowledge.
What makes the difference is good design, pattern-making, tailoring, and craftsmanship. That is what adds value and makes garments stand out.

Ultimately, we wonder what credibility those who play these games have. Most importantly, can those who fed their clients with garbage educate their audience to something more refined?

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