Happy 2024!

New Year’s Resolution: Empathy and Sharing

suite123 team wishes you a happy 2024!

At suite123, we are not just a boutique; we are a tiny hub of style and creativity committed to a ‘less but better’ lifestyle.
In fact, our niche boutique isn’t just about fashion, it is about fostering connections and understanding.

As we step into 2024, we are thrilled to share our New Year’s resolution with you.

This year, amid escalating reports of conflicts, violence against women, and patriarchy still dominating. In an increasingly polarized society where politicians, media, and social platforms use aggressive communication. And in a world where different voices often clash, we choose to embrace empathy.

In embracing empathy, we are committed to welcoming diverse perspectives. Just as we curate niche designers and unique styles, we aim to embrace the richness of differing opinions.

For 2024, we aim to cultivate open-mindedness and value diverse viewpoints. Specifically, we encourage embracing conflicting thoughts as a way to foster growth and understanding in all its forms. Indeed, this approach resonates deeply with our boutique’s ethos.

Also, let’s stay devoted to sharing ideas, thoughts, and inspirations to help make the world a better place. Our journey of discovery and growth thrives on mutual inspiration. So, when a story captures your heart, share it. It can inspire others. In fact, we all have a role in shaping our culture. And we each contribute to this collective effort! The world deserves a deeper, more thoughtful approach, and a collective culture can help facilitate positive change.

Indeed, sharing is at the heart of our mission. We are not just about selling clothes. We are about creating a community that values thoughtful expression and connection.

So, thank you for being part of our boutique’s story. Undoubtedly, every purchase allows suite123 to exist. Also, every interaction and every shared story contributes to our collective effort in shaping a more empathetic and sharing world.
Together, we are redefining the fashion landscape.

To each and every one of you, we are sending a heap of positivity for 2024! May this year be filled with creativity, joy, and all the wonderful things that resonate with your heart. And may your unique style reflect your values.

Stay connected, stay engaged, and let’s make this year remarkable, together!

Happy 2024 from the suite123 family! 🎉✨

Lots of love,
Ro, Cri and Thami

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Disappointment with the fashion industry

Out of the crowd & why

Any disappointment with the fashion industry? Can fashion be a source of frustration? For us, it can be. And we would love to hear your viewpoint on this matter.

Fashion mavericks don’t need to wear, read or do what all the others do. We are independent thinkers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Fashion, as the research of niche brands and designers, is still the exciting side of our job. Unknown or less popular brands, most of the time, offer creativity and real quality designs like no others. That is what we select for you. Also, we love mixing garments to create unique outfits.

Mainstream fashion

But fashion, as the mainstream industry wants it to be, so as it is right now, isn’t exciting. In most fashion brands, there’s a total lack of elegance and style. No creativity, no good design, just marketing. Do you agree with us? Also, there’s no consistency towards the hypothetical sustainable claims. Fundamentally, there is no understanding of how serious the climate emergency is. In fact, the fashion industry is not open to evolution, which is now necessary and much talked about but ignored. However bad the situation is, it is only going to get worse.

As we see it, fashion is a language. Specifically, it’s a reflection of who we are. Indeed, it is a lens through which we can analyse society. So, looking through this lens, what kind of society do we see? 
If you go walking in big towns, most clothing shops and new openings are fast fashion brands. And if you scroll through social media, fast fashion brands have saturated the market. While on holiday, we’ve been to different places: the most present brands were fast to ultra-fast fashion. 

That is what people want. And the fashion industry makes what people want. It seems there’s no escape. But this trend of lowering the bar and erasing any sense of quality is frustrating.

Unique style for unique people

For people like us who love reading, don’t like advertising, and don’t even much like social media’s doped content, the disappointment with this fashion industry is quite profound. We’d buy nothing rather than take the most popular pointless stuff. 

The fashion industry holds so much power in manipulating people. On the other hand, people can access information in order to educate themselves but don’t do it. They follow influencers because they cannot make independent decisions. 

However, as fashion mavericks, we won’t stop making choices out of the crowd. That means stop trusting the fashion industry and follow our own path, creating unique styles for unique people.

What are your thoughts on fashion? WhatsApp us directly from here or comment below!

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Meagratia brings new inspiration

A focus on unique contemporary fashion for you

Meagratia brings new inspiration for the Spring/ Summer season.

We have just received the new collection from Japan! And we are so much satisfied with the unique designs the clothes show. And the high quality, too.

Unique fashion and sustainability

The Spring/ Summer 23 collection offers special garments that will make you stand out but, at the same time, are wearable too. The image is modern, the lines are new, and the colours and details are beautifully assembled. Also, the quality fabrics and the accurate tailoring combine tradition and innovation. Most importantly, the brand is not mass-produced. And that is what we need for sustainable fashion.

Enjoy the Meagratia Spring/ Summer 2023 collection from Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo!

Meagratia inspiration: our SS23 selection

A belted wide-leg khaki pants reveal a slanted front button fastening. Also, it features a button along the ankle, which allows wearing the trousers in two different ways, changing the silhouette. Then, a splendid knit vest combining three colours – white, green and light blue – with a tassel trimming along the hemline. And a white cotton maxi shirt, or shirt dress, decorated with tassels along the back and wrist. Plus a beige net poncho to enrich your outfits.

One last note: who said genderless fashion is dead? Indeed, we happened to read this comment during the Milano Fashion Week 23. This statement had a raise-eyebrows effect on us. Sadly, it is not uncommon to see people who work in the fashion field, who even write about fashion, having a limited vision of style. C’mon! It is not Alessandro Michele who invented genderless!

Saying genderless fashion is dead means having no idea of what genderless is. Genderless means freedom! Specifically, it’s the freedom to pick the clothes you like from whichever category they belong to.

So, Meagratia brings new inspiration for the Spring/ Summer season #formodernhumans
But we can’t wait to create some stylish (genderless) outfits for you!

Drop us an email or WhatsApp to know more!

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Limited number of pieces: our fashion alternative

Why limited quantities pave the way to sustainable fashion

The production of a limited number of pieces represents an alternative in the fashion industry. Indeed, it is a viable approach towards sustainable fashion.

It means producing much less without forcing the market to pursue never-ending growth. The purpose is to limit the impact of the fashion industry on the planet while protecting workers with decent wages. But, at the same time, offering quality and not quantity to consumers.
We are far from the scarcity principle and the fear of missing out, developed to manipulate people’s behaviour. Those patterns fake scarcity to hide a system of overproduction. Because of this massified production, the fashion system needs parallel markets, frequent markdowns and marketing tricks to push people to consume more and more.

The sustainable solution

Garments and accessories made by skilled tailors or crafted by artisans. In the hands of a healthier and more balanced manufacturing chain, those limited production would have a lower impact on the planet. This system includes small reorders and a made-to-order service for retailers. In the end, clients would get real quality pieces made to last rather than disposable fashion.

Unique fashion and sustainability: a limited number of pieces, our retail approach

We have reduced the quantities we buy from each brand we select. Perhaps they are not happy with it, but they cannot deny there’s a new reality, so we must face it and find solutions. Even though some brands come from Japan, which you may consider less sustainable, since quantities are small, the impact is low. Microscopic compared to the fashion supermarkets like big retailers or dept. stores.

Indeed, a limited number of pieces is our commitment to uniqueness and sustainability. Specifically, we are satisfied with Marc Le Bihan, who gave the opportunity of a made-to-order service to those who appreciate his unique designs.

Eventually, we can foster the status quo, pursuing an exploitative system. Or, we can explore alternatives.
We chose to work for a different possibility, an evolution, a change for the better. And a limited number of pieces is our commitment to unique fashion and sustainability.

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Barefoot elegance

What’s new in style

Thinking about reconnecting style with nature got us in the mood for a new liberating impulse: barefoot elegance.

Indeed lately, we have been thinking about some barefoot outfits. Of course, the summer season makes it an option to consider, as it encourages a sense of freedom.

Because of the new work-from-home lifestyle, the opportunities to take the shoes off and enjoy a more relaxed style have increased. Furthermore, locked down in our concrete prisons, we felt the need to stay in contact with nature more and more. Feeling the ground through our feet somehow stimulates positive vibes.

Do not get us wrong. Shoes are a fundamental detail in defining an outfit, the most important accessory. In fact, the right shoes can even revive an insignificant dress, so it’s worth investing in quality shoes.

But, let’s see it as the exception to the rule: enjoying feet’ contact with the ground is a new inspiration.

Pointing out a style reference, Sade Adu is the person who has set a high standard. A timeless and classy icon who often used to go barefoot on stage. Her sophisticated but effortless style was out of the schemes then as now.

barefoot elegance - Marc Le Bihan dress
Barefoot elegance – Open-back cotton dress by Marc Le Bihan

Of course, it’s difficult to reach her level, but let’s try.

Try your barefoot elegance style

Occasions to go barefoot?
A party at home or in a garden, lunch in the countryside or a pool party. And a beach party, of course. Summer offers many opportunities!

What are the clothes to wear?
For instance, take “The Double Silk Dress.” But also “The Open Back Dress.” Both by Marc Le Bihan are perfect for these occasions. Just add a few accessories, and your barefoot look will stand out.

Sensing the ground under our feet stimulates a harmonising feeling, a liberating state of awareness. Indeed, being barefoot is a way to reconnect with nature.
So when possible, try your barefoot elegance look.

And if you have any doubts about your style, WhatsApp us!  
We’d love to assist you!

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