The Supima Cotton Pants

Perfection in design and quality

Today we introduce The Supima Cotton Pants – by Plantation, one of the most versatile items in our selection.

We tested this material a couple of seasons ago, and we were amazed by the pleasant feel on the skin, which you can understand only when you touch it. Also the design, which is a classic with an absolutely perfect fit! Indeed trousers with a perfect fit are hard to find. So both elements make this item really special. Moreover, those who had the chance to buy them were 100% satisfied, so we cannot miss them season after season.

The Supima Cotton Pants - Yellow
The Supima Cotton Pants – Yellow
by Plantation1982

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About the design
The cropped silhouette that falls straight makes it look neat without picking up the line of the foot. And the waist is fully elastic and comfortable to wear. Also, it also has a belt loop, making it easy to adjust the size around the waist. Two side slit pockets, and two patch pockets on the back.

About the material
98% cotton, 2% polyurethane. A high power, medium-thick stretch material made by weaving 100% Supima cotton with luxurious yarn, which gets combed and spun compactly. By taking the time and effort to finish it, it becomes a soft fabric with an elegant lustre like a silk blend.

The Supima Cotton Pants - White
The Supima Cotton Pants – White
by Plantation1982

About the colour
Available in two colours: off-white and yellow.
Yellow: it has a slightly bright tone that looks like a combination of beige and light yellow. It is a colour that makes you feel the spring mood.
Off-white: it blends well with bright spring and summer clothes. Also, it works well in combination with coloured tops.

Hand washable, easy care.
You can wash this item by hand at home.

The Supima Cotton Pants are popular every season. Indeed, they make an outstanding performance regardless of the occasion or the item you’ll match.
A timeless and cool choice #formodernhumans

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