The Pleated Dress

Today we introduce a piece of contemporary elegance: The Pleated Dress – by Zucca.

Innovative and evolving style, paired with functionality and versatility, mixes well in this beautiful dress. A piece to wear for the Christmas festivities. But you’ll always find an occasion to put it on afterwards. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the classics in your capsule wardrobe.

The design point
The silhouette is simple, boxy and stylish. V neckline along front and back. Sleeveless with dropped shoulders. Two side slip pockets, under-knee length. Relaxed fit, a side slit makes the movement comfortable.

Three different fabrics with distinct textures are sewn together and then pleated. Indeed the design plays with juxtaposition in a refined and modern manner. Moreover, the hand of the fabric is soft and glossy.

The Pleated dress by Zucca

About the texture
The difference in texture is created by stitching three types of fabrics, such as velour, satin and crepe. And after, pleating them.
This particular technique makes the dress really special.

About the colour
Dark brown tending to bronze. It is a warm hue with a slightly shiny effect which gives a natural glow to your outfits.

The pleated dress by Zucca
The Pleated Dress – by ZUCCa

Coordination ideas
Although it is a unique dress, both colour and shape are basic. So you can use it as a one-piece. When the weather is cold, we suggest wearing a long-sleeved basic top underneath, also tights or leggings. Instead, for a party or a dinner at the restaurant, you can combine it with a jacket or long cardigan to create an elegant style.

Advice and care
This item is pleated by heat and pressure. The pleating could gradually disappear by repeating wearing and washing. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Also, when wearing and storing, do not apply pressure for a long time.

Easy-care material. You can wash it by hand at home.

The Pleated Dress is a statement piece. It reminds us that good design is made to last.
And you can enjoy it in your everyday life.

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