The slow fashion context

Slow fashion needs to be placed into the context of a slow lifestyle to make sense of it. Out of that frame, this concept has no meaning.

Slow fashion & slow lifestyle

And so, slow fashion is not only about the act of making garments at the proper pace. Which, by the way, represents a significant shift toward sustainability. Most importantly, it is about living in the moment and enjoying it, which is the point of a slow lifestyle.

Therefore, it is not about the tons of things you buy or the many experiences you have. No hoarding: you choose quality over quantity. However, there’s no sense of deprivation in that. On the contrary, it’s a more conscious and intentional lifestyle.
Also, living in the moment means that if the weather is still warm, it makes sense to enjoy our light clothing. And it’s about purchasing what you need at a given time. Depending on where you live, of course.

Slow fashion

Slow fashion & slow lifestyle

In sunny weather, you wear lightweight clothes. But keeping in mind the possibility of a layering style, you will use light fabrics throughout the year. Indeed, you only need to add something over or underneath. Or both when it is too cold. Here it’s important to remember that it is not the thickness of the material that will keep you warm but the quality.

The slow mode

For us as a boutique, slow fashion also means starting with the new season when it makes sense. Not too early because there’s no point in doing that anymore. The vision of encouraging a frenzy shopping attitude doesn’t fit into the conscious approach for modern humans.

Therefore, we do not hurry. We selected some unique garments, and we’ll introduce new brands. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, contact us to check out our timeless selection. We’ll help you choose the perfect pieces for you: garments you’ll love to wear for a lifetime because of the unique design and softness of the fabrics.

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