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How to order our niche selection

To order the items we post on Instagram or here, please send us a private message:

WhatsApp: tap here to connect directly!
DM via Instagram

how to order - Milano private shopping

First: check your DM, chat or inbox: we will notify availability and provide all the information you may need.
Second: once you confirm your shipping address, we will send a payment request via PayPal and our terms and conditions. As soon as we receive the payment notification, your order will be delivered shortly.
Same day delivery for Milano. But we ship everywhere!

Also, you can request a personal shopping service, which is available remotely too. It means we pick out the garments that would suit you best, offering a personalised service. This is our advice: sometimes, an item you don’t consider at first is the one that works best for you. Give it a try!

Plantation1982 tote bag made of recycled PET felt
Plantation1982 tote bag
Felt made of recycled PET

We believe in private shopping and deep connections.

One last note: our selection is limited. On purpose. Because it’s a niche choice.
Drop us a message! We’d love to help!

Thank you,
Cri and Ro

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