The Military Bag

Small but practical

Today we introduce The Military Bag in small size by ZUCCa.
It is the little sister of the bigger version we showed you previously in black nylon.

About the design
The design point of this cool military bag is a large three-dimensional pocket with a vertical zip fastening. Also, cotton fabric is sandwiched by nylon fabric and double stitched. And the puckering stitching highlights the military image.
The typical ZUCCa item specification tag is stitched on the outer maxi pocket.

This shoulder bag has a top zip fastening and two top handles in addition to the strap, meaning you can carry it by hand or crossbody. The shoulder strap is adjustable and removable. In addition to the outside pocket, there is one more pocket on the inside.

The Military Bag Small
The Military Bag – small size – by ZUCCa

About the colour
Khaki – a nuance that provides a military image softened by its reduced size. This accessory is easy to match, indeed doesn’t require any particular style advice.

Bag size: W17 cm X H16 cm X D5 cm
Material: 100% nylon

The small military bag

Although it is part of the Spring / Summer 22 ZUCCa collection, this is undoubtedly a seasonless item. Indeed you can use it to complete your style throughout the year.

We suggest using it as an additional day bag where you can put your essentials, wallet, mobile, keys and kleenex. And maybe something else too, because even if it’s small, this crossbody is quite capacious.
The problem with big bags is that you never find what you need, in this way your essentials are easy to find and reach. Indeed, this accessory can be useful even when you travel, so you’ll have your flight documents at your fingertips.

The Military Bag – small size – is practical and stylish. You will never get tired of carrying it with you!

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The Recycled Felt Tote

Just arrived! The recycled felt tote is the perfect carry-all bag for your fall/winter season. Indeed, its features represent what we expect now from evolved designers.

Made in Japan by Plantation1982, it’s a stylish accessory made out of recycled PET bottles.

Although made with oil, natural gas and raw materials, PET is 100% recyclable. Ok, the starting point is oil, and it would be better to find other materials. But at least, the flip side is reasonable.

To be clear, we must reduce the enormous amount of waste we produce daily. To this end, it is crucial to stop using disposable goods, plastic most of all. And limiting the number of plastic bottles we use by refilling our water bottles is one of the actions we can take immediately.

Discover The Recycled Felt Tote

The Recycled Felt Tote by Plantation1982
The Recycled Felt Tote – Plantation1982

Anyhow, planning multiple solutions make the strategies viable.
If we think about the tons of plastic bottles we use all over the world daily, the idea of giving them a new life sounds interesting. Whether it means going back to their original shape or finding new forms, that’s a valuable chance.

Since waste does not disappear, recycling materials is a meaningful way to reduce our impact on the planet.

Further notes about the material:
It’s a thick felt. Specifically, an Italian felted fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Sturdy but flexible and eco-friendly. The warm touch texture is comfortable for the winter season.

About the design:
Simple but functional. Open top. One front external pocket and one inside. Two top handles, you can carry it by hand or over your shoulder. It is a convenient bag because it is large enough for everyday use. Moreover, it is very lightweight.

The size: H31 W24 D20
Big enough to carry an A4 size file.

The colour:
A shiny green. Inspired by nature, it will brighten up your fall/ winter outfits.

This bag has high-quality finishing materials that are durable, supple and environmentally friendly.
Cool design #formodernhumans

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