Embracing Global Connections Through Shared Learning

A Deep Dive into the Fashion Industry, Culture and Sustainability 

At suite123, we are passionate about embracing global connections through shared learning. Specifically, we pride ourselves on fostering a sense of community that transcends borders. Indeed, we have the pleasure of hosting brilliant international student interns. Their journey with us, and the work they have shared upon returning home has been inspiring. But also a testament to the power of global collaboration.

A Journey of learning and sustainability

Our 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry, plus our location in Milan, a city known for its rich fashion heritage, provide a fertile ground for in-depth exploration and understanding. So, students immerse themselves in the dynamics of niche fashion, luxury fashion, and fast fashion – a well-rounded fashion education. Specifically examining the fashion industry’s environmental and social impacts. Our projects and discussions around sustainability provide firsthand insights into the industry’s pressing issues and the solutions to address them.

From Italy to New Zealand: Sharing knowledge across continents & fostering global connections

Recently, we welcomed a Brazilian student whose primary focus during her time with us was on the fast-fashion industry and its implications for sustainability. Upon returning to Brazil, she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow with us. She mentioned how her experience in Milan profoundly shaped her understanding of sustainability, providing her with a solid foundation to tackle her academic assignment on fast fashion in New Zealand (where she lives). Her work reflects the knowledge and inspiration she gained during her internship, and she eagerly shared her findings with us.

Fashion education: Building a global community

What struck us the most was the realization of how these experiences have fostered a sense of community among like-minded individuals across the globe. Whether located in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Japan, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, or New Zealand, we are all united by a common goal: to promote sustainability and make a positive impact on the world. This shared commitment transcends geographical boundaries and highlights the importance of global collaboration. In order to facilitate this global exchange of ideas, we have chosen English as our common language. It serves as a bridge, enabling us to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Moreover, it allows everyone to contribute and benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences.

Inspiring the future through the fashion industry

The journey of our Brazilian intern is a powerful reminder of the impact that shared learning and collaboration can have. Her desire to share her work with suite123 readers inspires us to continue fostering an environment where ideas can be exchanged freely. And where every voice is heard. Also, it underscores the importance of sustainability in all our endeavours, encouraging us to remain committed to creating a better, more ethical future.

Embracing global connections

As we reflect on this experience, we are filled with a sense of pride and hope. Our interns’ stories from Milan to the U.S.A, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand exemplify the power of embracing global connections. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of young people’s stories. Together, we can build a community that spans continents and works towards a common goal of sustainability and positive change.

Thank you all, and keep sharing your work with us! Let’s continue to inspire and learn from each other, no matter where we are.

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The Culture of Dissent in a Social Media-Dominated Society

Fashion: From Rebellion to Conformity

In an age where social media dictates trends, thoughts, and behaviours, the culture of dissent appears to be under threat. In fact, platforms designed to connect us have, paradoxically, homogenised our culture, creating echo chambers and discouraging divergence from the mainstream narrative. 

Fashion, a lens through which we analyse society, reflects this phenomenon vividly. The rapid spread of trends via social media has led to global uniformity, stifling individual expression and, consequently, dissent.
But how does this happen?

Understanding the challenge

Homogenization Through Social Media
Social media platforms operate on algorithms that prioritise engagement, promoting content that aligns with popular opinions and trends. So, this creates a cycle that reinforces continuously the same ideas, styles, and behaviours. Therefore, the result is a flattened culture where dissenting voices are ignored.

Fashion as a Microcosm
Fashion, once a bastion of personal expression and rebellion, now mirrors the conformity fostered by social media. Trends spread almost instantaneously, and the pressure to conform is immense. So, the once-subversive power of fashion to challenge societal norms is diminished. Today, everyone wears the same fast-fashion or mass-luxury items promoted by influencers.

Steps to foster a culture of dissent

1. Encourage Critical Thinking and Media Literacy
To cultivate dissent, it is essential to equip individuals with the tools to critically analyse the content they consume. Media literacy programs should be promoted in schools and communities to help people recognize biases, understand algorithms, and critically evaluate sources of information.

2. Support Independent Voices
Amplifying independent designers, journalists, and artists can counteract the dominance of mainstream narratives. Supporting these voices through shares, follows, and financial contributions can help create a more diverse media landscape where dissenting opinions have a platform.

3. Create and Participate in Diverse Communities
Online and offline communities that celebrate diversity of thought are crucial. By engaging with groups that value different perspectives, individuals can find support and encouragement to express their unique views. Also, these communities can act as incubators for new ideas and counter-culture movements.

4. Promote Slow Fashion and Individual Style
Encouraging slow fashion – where the focus is on design, quality, and individuality – can serve as a rebellion against the fast-fashion culture propagated by social media. Indeed, celebrating personal style over trends can empower individuals to express their dissent through their fashion choices.

5. Educate About Historical and Contemporary Dissenters
Highlighting the stories of past and present dissenters can inspire others to question the status quo. Specifically, education systems and media should celebrate those who have made significant contributions to society by challenging prevailing norms and pushing for progress.

6. Foster Open Dialogue and Debate
Creating spaces – both online and offline – where open dialogue and debate are encouraged can help normalise dissent. Encouraging respectful discussions on controversial topics can help individuals feel more comfortable expressing their unique viewpoints.

Building a culture of dissent through fashion

In conclusion, building a culture of dissent in a society dominated by social media is undoubtedly challenging, but it is not impossible. In fact, fostering critical thinking, supporting independent voices, and promoting individuality can create a more diverse and dynamic cultural landscape. Fashion, as a reflection of society, can play a pivotal role in this transformation. When we celebrate personal style and slow fashion, we resist the homogenising force of social media trends. Ultimately, a culture of dissent means valuing diversity of thought and expression. And recognising that progress comes from challenging the norm.

So, as we navigate this digital age, let us remember the power of dissent to drive innovation, creativity, and change. By embracing our unique perspectives and encouraging others to do the same, we can build a richer, more varied society that thrives on the strength of its differences.

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Five Essential Questions for Navigating the Fashion Industry with Integrity

A Journey Through False Promises, Fleeting Trends, and Mental Health

Today, we share five essential questions that serve as a compass for navigating the complexities of the fashion industry. 

As we confront the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry, we recognize the need for a guiding light amidst its complexities. Indeed, these questions not only serve as a compass but also as a shield against the misleading currents of mainstream trends and shallow promises.  

Fashion industry: five essential questions

  1. How can we cultivate trust in an industry built on smoke and mirrors?
  2. Can you thrive in the fashion industry without aligning with mainstream top brands?
  3. How to do it without being part of the (100% fake) sustainability facade? 
  4. Is there a community that values good design and rejects pointless consumption?
  5. Is there a way to maintain mental clarity and well-being while navigating the contemporary fashion landscape?

While we navigate the fashion industry’s labyrinth of misleading messages and surface-level promises, one truth emerges: trust is hard to come by. In fact, it’s a challenge to decipher genuine intentions from mere marketing tactics, and even harder to find like-minded individuals who see beyond the allure of a logo. More in detail, the pervasive influence and control exerted by widely accepted or popular trends, styles, or ideologies within the fashion industry totally overshadow alternative or less conventional approaches.

These five essential questions serve as beacons of introspection and guidance as we seek to forge a path in the fashion industry. Specifically, a journey that honours our values and preserves our mental health amidst the noise of false promises, fleeting trends and mainstream dominance.

However, in the end, it’s not just about us. It’s an extended conversation we would like to pass on to you because exchanging ideas is vital. Would you share your perspective?

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The Stylish Cargo Pants

suite123: Enjoy The Most Unique Fashion in Milan

Introducing The Stylish Cargo Pants by Aurōra from Turin, Italy – our top pick of the week!

Emerging designers add a fresh perspective to a fashion industry stuck in the status quo. So, a fashion industry that privileges facades over substance, exploitation over positive change. That is why we need to promote those who have a different perspective.

Therefore, we are happy to promote one of our new brands for the Spring-Summer season: Aurōra. 
Aurora De Matteis is the designer: a young woman who creates her slow fashion brand in a small workshop in Turin, Northern Italy. Specifically, this garment is a timeless, versatile, easy-care product in a stunning hue.

Discover The Stylish Cargo Pants

About the design
Cotton cargo trousers with a chic impression. Featuring an elasticated waist, drawstring ankles, and a large side pocket on the right leg. So, the design emphasizes minimalism and style.

The Stylish Cargo Pants

About the material
100% cotton: fresh and easy care.

About the colour
Periwinkle: a carefree yet decisive colour, bold and confident. It’s a vibrant hue that offers fresh pairing possibilities.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Stylish Cargo Pants are a versatile addition to your wardrobe, offering both comfort and style. For office attire, consider layering a tailored blazer in a complementary colour, such as navy or grey, over a simple blouse or top. This adds structure to the ensemble while maintaining a professional appearance. Or, pair the pants with a crisp mannish shirt for a sophisticated look. For a more relaxed outfit, opt for a tee or a plain cotton top in a neutral colour. This casual pairing ensures comfort while still exuding effortless style.

How to purchase our selection:

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International Shipping!
From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach ♥

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● Please, contact us for size guidance before purchasing.

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Reaffirming the Cultural Narrative of Fashion

Exploring the Threads of Identity, Style, and Societal Evolution

Reaffirming the cultural narrative of fashion helps in understanding its true essence and value, which goes way beyond the social media-generated fluff. In fact, that is not the style we like.

Fashion is culture, the culture of our times.
In other words, fashion serves as a reflection of culture – contemporary culture or any given one – offering insights into societal norms, values, and behaviours. From the style people wear, we can perceive women’s freedom or to what degree patriarchy rules. 

Identity, Style, and Societal Evolution: The Cultural Narrative Beyond Fashion

The way we dress speaks volumes about us. From the brands we buy – which, by doing so, we endorse, championing their values; to our consumption habits and preferences. It encompasses our quest for specific fabrics, our discernment of quality and materials. And even extends to the lifespan of our purchases; the amount of waste we discard;  our regard for both the labour of others and the well-being of our planet. So, through the style people wear, it is possible to read their identities and values. 

The work of a designer, creating and putting out more stuff in our contemporary context, is particularly challenging. Their task is not talking sustainability but creating an exceptional design, beautiful pieces made to last and worth buying. Good design #formodernhumans intrinsically means for brands to make garments in respect of people and the planet. Less noise, more facts. And the proof of their intentions is that they are willing to make clothes in small batches. Quality, not quantity.

Reaffirming the cultural narrative of fashion aims to highlight that fashion is not merely about clothing but also about the deeper cultural currents shaping our world. 

All these details and information can tell us who we are and where we are heading as a society.
Fashion is culture, the culture of our times.

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