The power of colour

Colours impact our mood. There is a connection between colours and emotions. Indeed, colours have a psychological and cultural effect on us.

Whenever we read how to match colours or what combination to avoid, it’s always complicated to sympathize or recognize ourselves in the articles.

You can agree or disagree with the writer, but the main point is you. Rather than being influenced by someone else, you need your brain to work actively. In the end, the way you match colours depends on your personality, your perception of colour. And, on your mood.
Colours tell who you are. And who you are defines everything!

However, we don’t listen to those who tell you how to match your eye tone with a scarf.

Colours and mood
The colour therapy – by Cri – suite123

This is what we do:

We put the garments one next to the other to check the chromatic harmony. If we like the combination, we wear it.
Easy, isn’t it?

Are there hues “not for you”? That you wouldn’t wear next to your face?
If it’s a sweater, pair it with a contrasting colour turtleneck basic underneath. Of course, you can do the same with a jacket or a cardigan.

The way you combine colours changes the way they look on you. In fact, for us, it’s not about the colour per se but how you style it.

If you are a colour lover like Cri, you love matching all the colours of the rainbow! So, play with purple, yellow, orange, green, red. And mix them. Colours are a beautiful expression of style and an optimistic attitude.

If your personality is softer, understated, you can start with just one bold colour item. But give yourself a little time.

And consider a fundamental aspect: colours are mood boosters. When you feel a little bit down, put on a coloured garment, and your mood lifts.

As Kandinsky said: “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

For this Fall/ Winter season, some mood booster hues were much needed. And so, maxi stoles are purple or yellow. Felt tote, green or orange. Choose your favourite via DM or email!

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The Oversized Blouson

Unpacking new arrivals is always a happy moment. Indeed, we are taking this chance to introduce you to our Fall/Winter 21 pieces as soon as they come in.

As fashion news reports these days, fast fashion is booming, back to the pre-pandemic levels. Like nothing happened.
Overproduction and overconsumption are still ruling. Why question it!

However, we moved in the opposite direction, our worldview is different, and we believe in a more conscious way to live and work.
‘Consume less’ is the imperative, a lifestyle approach from now on. With these words written on a post-it in front of us, we made our selection for the coming season. And for the following ones too.
We only select clothing that makes a difference.

Discover our new arrivals: The Oversized Blouson

For the Fall/Winter season, we picked out a beautiful oversized blouson. It’s from ZUCCA – a Japanese brand known to a fashion-conscious audience for its unique cuts and design.

Mustard yellow oversized blouson •
By Zucca
The Oversized Blouson

The material is sweatshirt – 100% cotton. Therefore you may expect a sporty garment. But, it is not. The hand of the fabric is shiny and stiff, providing a unique texture to the jacket. When we select a sweatshirt, it is never too casual. Surely, we do not renounce elegance.

Asymmetric side buttoned, it has a wide collar and a loose silhouette.
The line is stylish and comfortable. All the stitching details along the inside are made with special care. So it will look neat even when worn unbuttoned.

The colour? Mustard yellow. This season we need some bright hues to boost a sense of joy. You can match it with soft tones for an understated outfit or with bright colours to stand out. The final result is up to you, your personality or your mood.

Last but not least, you can wash it by hand.

We are happy to help you with style advice or any discussion that may arise about fashion and lifestyle.

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Entering the season: Fall/ Winter 21

Soon we will start introducing our selection for the coming season, Fall/ Winter 21.

We are going forward with a certain sense of slowness. The ‘Hurry-up’ attitude is part of the status quo, which none seems interested in questioning (but we do). In fact, from N.Y. to Paris and Milano, the bandwagon of fashion shows is starting again following the same stale rules.

However, keeping in mind our timeless approach, let’s go through the garments we have selected for you. For us, as well.

Fall/ Winter 21

First, the perfect pants. One wide-leg version, one straight-leg. Both in Supima cotton. The material has a shiny finishing that makes it look like silk. Moreover, a special treatment makes it warm too.

Then, we found a couple of basic knits in a striped jersey. There’s a boat-neck version and a turtle-neck. Slightly loose fit, they are the perfect complement to multiple outfits.

Of course, we couldn’t miss an asymmetric oversized pull in extra-fine wool. The worsted yarn makes the texture very soft.

Also, we’ll show you a cool cardigan designed as a whole garment. It means there are no shoulders or side seams, so it is very comfortable to wear.

As a more elegant piece, we picked a sleeveless v-neck boxy dress, under-knee length. Three fabrics with different textures are sewn together and then pleated. Unique!

A maxi collar blouson looks so stylish even when worn unbuttoned. And a cocoon sleeved maxi dress. The texture is dry and soft. There’s also a boxy sweater with a horizontal line at the body. It comes in soft lambswool.

Lastly, the sweatshirt is never too casual. We picked one with a zipped detail so you can wear it backside front too.

We thought we needed some colours to boost our mood. Therefore our palette goes from comforting tones to some bright hues.
Black, grey, off-white, camel, green, mustard, yellow, purple.

Please, check our Instagram account to see the new arrivals for the Fall/ Winter 21 season, and stay in touch with us.
We’d love to hear from you!

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