The classic khaki

From a fashion trend to a timeless basic

Khaki means earth colour. The word khaki comes from Persian ‘khak’, which means soil, and it came into English via the British Indian Army.

The colour khaki was named for the first time in 1848 after the British Army introduced it as a military uniform. Afterwards, it has been widely used for military garments because it provided soldiers some camouflage in war zones.

The colour palette
It is not a single colour: light khaki – khaki – dark khaki – khaki green.
So, the modern palette goes from a mix of tan with a bit of yellow to brown blended with green to olive green. And all the variations tend to have a sandy effect.

Khaki – From a trend to a classic. How and why?

Later, fashion brought it from military to civilian clothes, where it is mainly considered a smart-casual tone. But, what was a recurring trend became a classic in clothing. Indeed we can affirm it’s a wardrobe staple for us, which we like to propose in various items but in a refined manner.

This colour became a classic because it is usually associated with comfortable silhouettes. But, most of all, it provides certain ease in matching other colours and pieces of clothing. It means that a single garment can offer multiple styling possibilities. From elegant to casual, you don’t even need many pieces. It perfectly completes your capsule wardrobe.

Take this ZUCCa wide-leg pants with front pleating. The waistline along the back is elasticated in order to give extra comfort and a better fit.

khaki pants

You can pair these khaki pants with kitten heels and a black blazer for a formal office outfit. Or, you can pull out a leisure time outfit with a denim blouson and sneakers. We love them with a white shirt and flat sandals!

Casual or elegant, the classic khaki is a cool and timeless style choice


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