Where is fashion heading?

To understand where fashion is heading, we should ask if the industry can change and evolve from its current state of confusion.

Some say fashion is back. Perhaps, those who say that refer to the possibility of showing new collections physically. Or, to the opportunity of wearing more elaborate outfits for special occasions and parties, eventually restarted after covid.

Where is the fashion industry heading?

But, among provocations and logoed items, finding new concepts is very difficult. Indeed, the offer goes from Balenciaga’s garbage bag to logos exposed everywhere. In other words, mass products, that’s all.
And if you want valuable garments because you don’t recognise yourself in that imagery, you have to dig a lot to find rarities.

Since fashion is an industry, like any other field, it tends to support big companies, meaning those who can invest money are trending.

where is fashion heading

Keeping an eye on international designers searching for niche garments, we do not see any real change. Brands struggle to adapt to the new post-pandemic reality, but no new proposals are released. Neither do they consider that if reality has changed, what they have done so far will not work anymore?

Fashion industry vs change

Nevertheless, the industry players insist on the old patterns. So, they all follow the same old rules, distribution scheme and dates. And the same production models. Also, the same discount policies! Whatever brought the fashion system’s implosion long before the pandemic.

A lack of vision is palpable, paired with the need to fit into a system even if that system doesn’t work. Therefore, nothing new can come out of that, not in design, manufacturing or selling strategies.

A lot of talks about sustainability, which you can translate into greenwashing. In the end, change stops at the conversations. About change, of course!

But change means dismantling, restarting, and experimenting. It takes courage and a lot of creativity. Also, there’s no guarantee of success.

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Tom Ford & the change

The fashion business in a post-pandemic world

Even if it is not easy to plan the best strategy, the need to change is in the air. Strong and palpable. Brands pretend to care but avoid the matter. But since the pandemic hit, nothing has changed. Only a few involved in the discussion are concerned for real.

Now, the news is that Tom Ford will step down as chairman of the CDFA on May 31st.

We quote him:

“When I began my role as chairman in June of 2019, my goal was to help the American fashion industry become more globally recognised for its talent and importance. I could not have imagined the extraordinary circumstances that both the industry and the world would have to navigate — that a pandemic would shut the world down and change the course of our lives and of our businesses forever.”

“The pandemic challenged all of us to think about our businesses in new ways—from the design process and production, to how we reach and speak to our customers.”

Tom Ford

The need to change

Since the beginning of our blog, we have talked profusely about change and shifting behaviours in our lifestyle. Therefore, finding new business models. And we highlighted how the pandemic was the catalyst which opened our eyes and led us to a new perspective. So, we find it interesting to listen to Tom Ford and recall his evolution. From the moment he revived Gucci with his minimal, bold, and ultra sexy style saving the brand from bankruptcy in the 90s. To how he revamped Yves Saint Laurent and the launch of his namesake brand in 2005.

Many years have passed, and now things are different, so what was right in the 90s does not work anymore.

The need to change is evident. And finding new ways to pursue the fashion business is something we cannot ignore anymore.

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Different choices

Challenging the status quo

Making different choices, or doing the opposite of what others do, seems to be a valuable strategy. Indeed, standing apart is better than offering a mere homologation to consumerism and blind convenience. Which is the mass culture.

People have a choice. It may seem simple, but it is a fact. And our choices define the world we live in. What happens around us doesn’t occur by chance but is intentional. No supernatural force intervenes, only our own will. Therefore, the reality that surrounds us is the product of our actions, of our lifestyle.

Once you understand that, the change comes as a result, even if you have to go first. But when you move in a different direction, touch on specific topics, and use a certain language, you narrow down the people who would interact with you. In fact, you challenge the status quo while everyone follows it.

The market is vast, and the grand bazaar is always open. But, despite the vastness, the proposals are homologated, and lowering the bar is still the norm. In fact, even in a devastating moment, which was supposed to bring in a shift in behaviour, there is no understanding of the impact of our lifestyle choices.

Different choices #formodernhumans

Over two decades in the fashion field, we have gained more knowledge and a deeper level of consciousness. And we evolved, taking a different path.
Change comes from the inside, so we have started with ourselves and our individual choices. But it’s visible through what we select and how. The quality and limited quantity we pick out.

You will not find the fashion supermarket with us but a capsule selection of meaningful garments. There is a reason for every piece we choose. That is how we make a difference.

We make our choices consistent with our values, aware that changing the way we work can be incomprehensible to many. But understandable for those who see the possibilities. For modern humans, away from mass culture.

And we hope you will be with us.

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Sustainability or greenwashing?

Sustainability as we know it today, is a bubble, an old-school marketing operation better defined by the name greenwashing.
The same marketers made us believe in the existence of 100% organic food products. The world is an open-air landfill, but we believe it is unspoiled. Or at least we can isolate lands, preventing any contamination. Trust in it!

It’s as though we suddenly all woke up in a sustainable world, with green labels flourishing everywhere. But some questions are jumping into our heads.
Is the use of a few eco-friendly materials enough to define a brand sustainable?
Can fast-fashion brands call themselves sustainable?
And all the luxury brands that continue to produce enormous quantities of products?
Can they be sustainable? Really?

And so, sustainability or greenwashing? Contradictions are strong.
We need a radical change, not fake messages.

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Knowledge vs an obsolete system

Knowledge is power. Being informed – educating ourselves – is fundamental in order to make conscious choices.
We love fashion, but we know there are many things to fix in the field. Since we have been part of the industry for so long, we are fed up with representing patterns that are no longer viable, representing an obsolete system.
When you are fed up with what you see, you have two options: you can sit and look at the show, or you take action. Decide to make a change.
We’ve opted for the latter. Change for the better is what we aim for.
Connecting with people who share the same vision is part of the journey.
Change for the better. We do it together.

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