The artisanal way

Possible, more than ever

Usually, behind a collection, there are massive production chains. But there is still fine handcrafted work which we are not used to anymore. Understanding the time and dedication involved in making it is a good exercise.

This week we received Marc Le Bihan‘s order. The delivery was late, but we quietly waited for our selection we made during the Spring/Summer selling campaign in Milano.

The process behind a collection

In short, based on their inspiration, designers put together the ideas, design them and transform them into samples. Then, they show the pieces to international retailers in Milano, Paris, Tokyo, and New York. They take the orders and then launch the production, which is a real struggle nowadays. All this takes a lot of time, attention, and care. And stress too.

Specifically, in Marc Le Bihan’s case, it’s a 100% artisanal production. So take the usual time, attention, care and stress and multiply it by 100.

Behind a collection - Marc Le Bihan

Now, add a pandemic that made the world stop. So production chains have been disrupted, and suppliers delivered raw materials late. This chain effect will impact the following seasons.
The pandemic is not over yet, and as if it wasn’t enough, add the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a war in Europe.
So take that dose of stress that we have just multiplied by 100 and double it down.

Perhaps this is the common denominator that connects everyone who runs an independent business. Corporations are affected too, but they play with money and they’ve got their basis covered. Also, they can find some easy loopholes.
But independent companies, independent brands are the brave ones. They are at the heart of the communities, and they represent the real sustainable choice.

Artisanal rarities

Among independent brands, you find an authentic rarity like Marc Le Bihan. A designer who made his consistency one of the highest values. Couture and limited productions of high-quality garments made with care, clothes made by hand in his workshop. It is artisanal work, and it takes time.

Understanding the time needed to make tailored clothes means understanding and appreciating their quality and higher value. Our expectations were high and 100% confirmed by the absolute beauty of the clothes we unpacked.

Since quality takes time, we waited for it with reverence. Soon we will describe the pieces, and you’ll discover another universe, which is still possible. Now, more than ever!

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