Fashion for Unstable Times

Men’s Fashion Week in an Industry Seeking for Direction

In the past, the concept of fashion for unstable times held a promise of the future. Now, that promise is shrouded in further uncertainty, casting a shadow of disorientation upon an industry that appears adrift.

From Milano, the men’s fashion journey continues in Paris, leaving us to ponder the industry’s quest for new dynamics. In the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion system, the search for direction is more pronounced than ever.

Men’s Milano Fashion Week witnessed a notable return to the classics. However, beyond aesthetics and communication, the undercurrent of turbulence in the industry was tangible.

Fashion industry: a field in profound transformation

Brands are undergoing a thorough reassessment, especially in terms of their structures. Indeed, the fashion world, whether in Milano or Paris, is immersed in a profound transformation. Maybe not even brands comprehend the magnitude of this change. In fact, despite the uncertainty, most of them continue flooding the market with new products, clinging to the notion that quantity begets success.

However, there’s a sense of bewilderment surrounding the industry’s decisions. Take, for instance, the trend of hiring musicians as fashion designers. Yes, we are talking about Pharrell Williams. One cannot help but wonder, what is the message behind appointing a musician as a fashion designer? How does the far-west Vuitton concept align with its traditional narrative?

Among the ambiguity, some designers stand out for their attempts to convey a message through their creations. For instance, Yohji Yamamoto portrays people of a certain age or unique young individual (like Wim Wenders and Hannah O’Neil). It’s as if he’s saying, “This is my audience.” In these subtle nuances lies an attempt to redefine the boundaries of fashion and challenge the conventional norms.

Unstable times: fashion seeking for direction

Whether it’s a return to classics in Milano, avant-garde choices in Paris, or unconventional appointments in the fashion design realm, the industry is in a state of flux. And the search for direction stands out among brands that seem lost.

As we navigate through fashion in unstable times, one thing is clear: change is inevitable. However, the extent of the current change is not yet understood.

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