Venice Film Festival

Characters in search of an author

It seems the Venice Film Festival has become more of a destination for fashion influencers and aspiring socialites rather than a place for actors and true movie experts.

While the films themselves are still relevant, it is clear that the fluff associated with the festival has taken centre stage, attracting many characters in search of an author.
Who are they? People whose purpose is to get attention, pray to get some shots, which promptly pass through some filters. Then they share on social media. So, they accomplish their intent: show the world how beautiful and fantastic they are.
Who knows what words Pirandello would have found to depict them?

Current trends at Venice Film Festival

However, some call it fashion, as the image and outfits represent modern trends. But the sense of style you can read through their clothes as their behaviour is very questionable.
Clothes do not wrap with elegance and style but uncover begging attention. Puffy and smooth faces, which get bigger and bigger, all looking the same, tell more stories of plastic surgery than movie plots. Faces have never been so scary. By the way, there was a reason why Jane Birkin was an icon, but no one reflects on why.

As a side effect of social media, people with immense egos multiplied. Indeed, these characters in search of an author are trending in all the events, wherever they can get a platform to show themselves to the world.
In fact, because of social media, celebrity culture has shifted the focus away from the artistry of filmmaking and actors to empty personalities having nothing to do with it. But that, on a larger perspective, is happening in every field.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shift the focus back to movies at the Venice Film Festival? A sense of elegance and dreamy atmosphere, actors and people contributing to the industry, just accomplishing the purpose of celebrating cinema in all its forms. Not the fluff.

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