Private shopping trend

Also megabrands launch the service!

About four years ago, we started this new thing called private shopping to offer an alternative shopping experience, physical or digital. Which is about delivering personalised service to your home.
A limited, let’s say very limited audience, enjoyed this more intimate participation. Most people’s reactions were: What? What’s that?

Of course, our selection of international brands and independent designers is unique. Indeed most pieces are available only at suite123. That intentionally sets us out of the mainstream, so we talk to a niche audience who loves fashion research. In other words, nonstandard people.

However, the news said that Maison Valentino launched the same service under the name “Chez Vouz.”
So, people? Are you still sarcastic now?

We are happy about Valentino’s choice. Maybe now, the concept will be more widespread. And thanks to the power of the brand, a larger audience will learn about it. Indeed, that is the point. Most people do not have an independent viewpoint but need megabrands, celebrities, and influencers to feed them with a line of thought.

By the way, back to people like us, who appreciate independent thought. People who need creativity, good design and a precise selection. Because we do not need more, we need less, much less, but better, avoiding pointless overproduction and fashion waste. So, an evolved vision of fashion, that cannot ignore an ethical approach and attention to people and the planet.

What’s private shopping?

It is an alternative shopping experience, a personalised service. We schedule a private appointment and come to your home where you can try on some clothes. Also, for special occasions, you can have your made-to-order dress. We take your measurements and deliver the item as soon as ready.

You are not in Milano? WhatsApp shopping!

If you are not in Milano or the surroundings, the service is available online, too. Book a video call. We’ll guide you through our catalogue and deliver clothes directly to your home.

How do you request the service?

Drop us an email or WhatsApp.

We’d love to help and be in touch with you!

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