How do we make consistent choices?

FW23 niche fashion buying

As a niche boutique, how do we make consistent choices? Actions in accordance with our values, ideas, and lifestyle for modern humans. So, with the thoughts posted here or shared with our community when we chat with you.

The culture we believe in is not about the perfection of an ideal world. Because it is obvious that we cannot be 100% sustainable, no one can keep that promise! But, with our selection, we are doing something radically different. And consistency is crucial for trust. So, we need to pay attention to what we select.

For a more sustainable approach to fashion buying, our key message is being selective.

Step 1: what is the reason for a fashion brand to exist?

Creativity – expressed in good design and through skilled craftsmanship. These are fundamental elements for a fashion brand. But, many “sustainable” brands – other than picking eco-friendly materials to make their garments aren’t delivering any special designs. Therefore, we don’t need them.
On the other hand, contemporary brands must find the perfect balance between design and sustainability. One is not possible without the other anymore.

Step 2: how do we select brands?

• Avoid juggernauts: big brands aren’t making any change. Some can offer a refined design, but they are still involved in the overproduction pattern, exploiting people and the planet. The world cannot sustain this system anymore!
• Forget brands who cannot understand that the reality has changed, so they must shift how they operate the business. Adapting to evolved needs.
• Auto-proclaimed sustainable labels are not for us: first, there’s no control. Second, we don’t need more marketing and less design! Brands without a soul can avoid overcrowding an already saturated market.

Our consistent choices: less but better

We learned to search for smaller companies whose designer’s touch and vision are tangible in their unique and meaningful garments. Indeed, they focus on design, and sustainability comes along. They have something to say. Even though it’s not a matter of popularity for us. Moreover, these brands are not mass-produced. Skilled artisans make their garments or accessories, so productions are limited.

How do we make consistent choices?

We operate a careful, accurate, and thoughtful selection searching for value expressed in good design, quality and limited pieces. That’s how fashion can match sustainable standards.