The fashion regeneration

A circular vision from the Paris Haute Couture Week

Although the status quo is hard to fight, some designers made a strong visual impact showing fashion regeneration at the Paris Haute Couture.

Regeneration: a new narrative in the fashion industry

While showing beautiful clothes, some brave young designers proposed thrilling setups to make people think. Specifically, they delivered a new narrative raising awareness of fashion overproduction and waste. Therefore, they promoted a more sustainable lifestyle based on circularity.

Since finance owns top brands, the fashion business is an uneven fight. Indeed, small or independent designers put a lot of effort into competing with big luxury conglomerates that have no interest in changing.

But, some spectacular shows made a difference at the Paris Haute Couture week.

One-of-a-kind: a positive change

Yuima Nakazato is a talented designer who presented impressive work!
The collection named “INHERIT” wants to inspire a positive change. Born from upcycling, it is a mix of captivating design, enveloping lines and evocative colours. So, he showed the beauty of fashion innovation and the downside of fashion pollution. Chills and creativity.
Inspired by a trip to Kenya, the introduction video showed an Africa devastated by fashion waste.

“There are many places in Nairobi that have been contaminated with textiles. We need to change that.”

Yuima Nakazato SS23 Couture

Circular couture

Marine Serre: proposed a fashion regenerated through a circular design. To explain, we quote her concept for her Couture show:

“The RISING SHELTER show featured a fully circular set design. The tower weighs 1.3 tons of vintage clothes inside three 8m high towers full of used denim, silk scarves and t-shirts that will be regenerated for the collection’s production.”

Marine Serre SS23 Couture

Perhaps highlighting the reality with the terrifying imposing towers full of fashion waste will help understand the urgency no one wants to see.

However, these young designers deserve credit for addressing fashion waste and climate change, leading fashion regeneration with creativity and skilful design. And so, a positive change for the future.

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