The Denim Shirt Dress

Zero-waste design

Today we introduce The Denim Shirt Dress – by Plantation.

A thoughtful design aiming to reduce production waste is a fundamental step for a conscious fashion mindset. Indeed, this garment is modern and stylish.

The Denim Shirt Dress
The Denim Shirt Dress
by Plantation1982

About the design

It is a zero-waste pattern with a unique design realised by using the fabric cutout of the curved sleeves along the hemline.
Also, the hemline at the back is square, and the front is round, giving a cool asymmetric silhouette.
Inside the sleeves, you’ll find a flap with a buttonhole which holds the sleeves when you roll them up. Two pleats along the back provide amplitude to the armpit and shoulders, making the movement comfortable.
Front button closure plus a self-tie belt. One side slit pocket. Under-knee length, two side slits.

It is a dress suitable for many occasions: to wear it as a dress, adjust the waist belt tightly, or wear it as light outerwear by opening the front buttons.

About the material

100% cotton – lightweight indigo denim. Fresh and comfortable.
The zero-waste pattern cuts the fabric in order to avoid production waste. Instead of the conventional zero-waste technique, consisting of linear and complicated parts, Plantation designers want to create a zero-waste pattern for everyday wear. Indeed, the curved design provides extra comfort.

About the colour

This item is indigo dyed. Indigo dyeing has a natural texture, and you can enjoy the unique colour change as the colour fades when you wash it. Since the colour will fade, please avoid wearing it with white items prone to colour transfer.
It is a washed product in order to give a unique texture.


Hand washable, easy-care.
You can wash it by hand at home. Please, be careful not to wash it with other items.

The Denim Shirt Dress

Timeless, seasonless, ageless design #formodernhumans

Drop us a message for any further information. We’d love to help!

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The most wonderf… wasteful time of the year

Low impact Christmas #formodernhumans

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday, a time to spend with family and loved ones. But during modern times, it became just another occasion to overconsume. More than the atmosphere, the tradition revolves around buying and, even more, tossing out the day after.

Indeed, the waste we produce grows exponentially during the festivities. Wrappings, gifts, food – people consume and throw away everything. To demonstrate it, see the average fast-fashion Christmas sweater worn just for the occasion and then discarded right away. Those garments go directly to replenish the horrendous clothing island in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

(In case you do not remember about it, please read here)

In fact, the most wonderful time of the year corresponds to the most wasteful time of the year.

However, sooner or later, any excess becomes exhausting. And for those who choose a conscious lifestyle, the need to clean up the festivities routine is deeply felt. But, paying attention to our lifestyle and consumption habits doesn’t mean giving up the celebrations. On the contrary, a low impact Christmas is possible, pleasant and more meaningful.
And yes, we can definitely enjoy it!

What we can do:

• As a general rule: avoid single-use items.

• Christmas decorations: we never throw them away. We just mix them differently, and the atmosphere is created around us. Those who interact with us will surely remember our lovely polar bears! In case you missed them, have a peek at our Instagram.

• Wrappings: avoid too much paper for packaging and use non-plasticised wraps. Also, recycle them.

• Food: throwing away food is an insult to humanity. There are so many recipes for food leftovers.

• If you cannot afford gifts, make something by hand. But please, don’t buy fast fashion. We don’t need more garbage.
For the same cost of a fast-fashion item, consider gifting a book.

Finally, whatever we buy for Christmas, make it last. And most importantly, let’s donate what we can.

A conscious lifestyle means intentional choices. It is not about deprivation but quality, values and meaning.
May your days be merry!

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Anmi x suite123

We have known Anmi, the jewellery designer, for about twenty years or more. Usually, we met up in Paris during the accessory exhibitions where he showed his new collections every season. Known for his creativity and unique designs, Anmi had a certain following of international buyers. Specifically, Japanese retailers loved his jewels.

About Anmi jewellery line

Born in Italy, Antonio Miranda graduated as an architect in Naples and, soon after, as a designer in Paris. There, he worked as a jewellery freelance designer for several brands such as Givenchy, Kenzo, Balmain, Lecoanet-Hemant, Jacques Fath, Fendi, and others. While in Italy, he has done collaborations with haute-couture brands as Sarli and Balestra.

In 2011, he launched his own jewellery label called ANMI – a mix between French “esprit” and the Italian “know-how”. His pieces have always been very imaginative and meticulously elaborated.

The fashion field has changed a lot since then. And the new direction has not been so positive. The request for novelties became incessant. Moreover, in order to match the necessity expressed by international clients, the price range was supposed to lower down. The hypothetical need was more about competing with Chinese manufacturing rather than understanding the value of creativity and skilled artisanality.

About two years ago, in December 2019, aiming to give a new meaning to our work, together, we decided to focus on the new concepts that had to become crucial in our field. 

Anmi x suite123
Anmi x suite123

Fashion had to change, so we launched our capsule collaboration: @anmi.collections X suite123 
recycle – reuse – rethink archive items reassembled to create timeless pieces for a zero-waste, eco-conscious jewellery collection. A sustainable jewellery capsule made to inspire a modern and conscious lifestyle  #formodernhumans

Anmi x suite123
Anmi x suite123

Also, we believe it is relevant to connect with people who have the same vision. Who share the same ethical and respectful approach in order to support each other.

Anmi x suite123
Anmi x suite123

Indeed, we made this for you.
Please, request Anmi jewellery selection via e.mail or DM.

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