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Wardrobe staples vs fashion trends

The White Shirt: mannish cut, well-tailored, slightly oversized to oversized, pristine go-with-everything garment. Button-down or ribbon collar, it’s perfect for any occasion. And any weather too!
So, is it a trend, as magazines say, or a wardrobe staple?

The White Shirt

Fashion, we all know it, is one of the most inconsistent fields where people say one thing and, the day after, change their minds. Perhaps this behaviour could work in times of abundance when we could carry on our activities while unconsciously ignoring what we were about to expect in the future. But now that the good times are gone, we need to get serious. These aren’t times for joking.

After the pandemic, a debate on how to rewire fashion to current times opened up an evolved set of possibilities: shift towards a timeless style and privileging conscious fashion. That stated the end of fashion trends.

The white shirt: fashion trend or staple

However, after Milano and Paris Fashion Weeks, fashion magazines refocused on trends. Again, we repeat it: the fashion industry is inconsistent. People talk about one thing just to take it back as soon as the new thing comes.

Among the unmissable trends, magazines list the white shirt. And here, the inconsistency is peaking.
What is a trend? A trend is what’s popular in a specific season and which will die soon. Do you think that’s the case for a white shirt? Does it make sense to put among trends an item that is the quintessential representation of timelessness?

Wardrobe staples #formodernhumans

The White Shirt has some of the most stunning style features:
Genderless: anyone can wear it.
Comfortable: it allows the movement of your body.
Seasonless: it’s perfect throughout the year. Underneath a cardi or jacket in winter, rolled up sleeves in summer.
Also, it’s versatile and adds an elegant and classy touch even to your casual outfits. All these features make it a staple for our wardrobe of meaningful garments. So, it’s timeless: never out of fashion. Not a trend!

We are sorry that fashion experts still intend to make fashion a game of transient clothing. That doesn’t work anymore. And, undeniably, that’s not the case with the white shirt.

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The White Shirt

Revisiting a timeless garment for a minimal lifestyle

Today we introduce a timeless garment: The White Shirt by Good Neighbors Shirts.

This Japanese shirt brand creates timeless pieces with an edgy touch. Its design code is innovative and conceived for a minimal lifestyle. Indeed, it provides stylish and comfortable details, but the image is quite understated. Also, born as a unisex brand, it talks to those who feel free to express their personality through style but do not care about gendered labels.

Discover The White Shirt

About the design
This shirt comes in two versions: a button-down or a mao collar. The silhouette is wide, with a comfortable fit. One front open pocket and one slip pocket on the right side for your cell phone or wallet. A contrasting rubber band along the back adds a point of graphic design. It is detachable, and you can wear it as a belt or as you like. Also, the hem design makes it look well untucked.
Takase shell button front closure. These shell buttons are the byproduct of the food manufacturing process, which would be otherwise wasted. Therefore they are considered sustainable.

The White Shirt
The White Shirt by Good Neighbors Shirts

About the material
100% cotton.

About the colour
The base is white with an orange or blue detachable rubber band.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
Shirts are seasonless. So, you can wear The White Shirt throughout the year by mixing it with seasonal pieces to make it suitable for a specific occasion. Also, the white colour is a true classic, easy to mix and match in limitless styling options. In springtime, try it underneath a cotton vest or a blazer. Unbuttoned and untucked above a tank top for your casual style. But don’t forget to take it with you to the beach!

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