Vintage, not a mere “USED”

Treasure hunting

In Japan, the age of 20 is a big year. We get many gifts and blessings from parents, grandparents, relatives, and literally everyone we know.
When I turned 20, my parents asked me what I wanted for my 20 years celebration. A new bag, dress, shoes…? Perhaps that’s what they were expecting me to say.

However, I said I wanted my dad’s pair of jeans and my mom’s trench coat.
Since my teenage years, I have always enjoyed sneaking into my parent’s closets and randomly trying on their clothes. (I hope they are not reading this blog…) For me, their closet was a load of excitement, like a treasure box.

Vintage has a STORY

My dad gave me a pair of jeans from Gianfranco Ferre. He bought it when he visited Italy 30 years ago. It was the first trip to Europe with my mom, he said.
My mom then gave me a trench coat from Burberry. This was what my dad gifted to her 30 years ago.

These two pieces have some personal stories connected with my parents. They aged with them.
Yet, my parents were happy to give them to me because they liked how their favourite pieces would be worn more frequently, rather than being just stuffed in the closet.

Aged, but never actually
Even after 30 years, they are perfectly holding up. The shape and colour beautifully remain. Because of their high quality, they last over decades, and their value never fades.

I love my parent’s vintage items not just because they are “vintage”, but I do enjoy wearing them because I am giving a new life to the pieces of clothing, which is something truly special.

I brought them here in Italy, and guess what? I went to my first fashion show in Italy with my coolest one. The first pair of jeans my dad bought here 30 years ago.
I can’t wait for another 30 years with these two pieces.

So what is your story with your vintage items?


A piece written by Kotono Sakai, a Japanese girl studying history and fashion at Cattolica university in Milan and interning for suite123

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