A celebration of friendship

We spent the weekend in Lucca, where Frank, our dearest Norwegian friend, invited us to celebrate his birthday party. And it was a special one since he turned 70.

Specifically, we stayed some days at Villa Adriano in Borgo a Mozzano, Tuscany. That is one of the most welcoming villas we ever saw; surrounded by abundant green nature, a wonderful view and silence. The rooms, decorated with pieces picked from different places but harmoniously blended together, are an invitation to stay. Also, the pool with its gazebo and bar is so marvellous. That’s the perfect place to savour a slow lifestyle.

Villa Adriano – Tuscany

And so first, a pool birthday party on Friday encouraged connections with people from Europe to the Middle East. Of course, we wore our summer outfits: the open-back white cotton apron dress for Ro and the fuchsia v-neck one-piece swimsuit with a turquoise silk maxi skirt for Cri. So we enjoyed a lovely day chatting and dancing till evening.

A celebration of friendship
Palazzo Pfanner - Lucca
Palazzo Pfanner – Lucca

The official party was the following day, Saturday. The location – Palazzo Pfanner, along the ancient Walls of Lucca, which per se is stunning, was beautifully decorated for the occasion. A full-white setting for candles, roses, and a big table with suspended chandeliers. Cri opted for a coral red silk maxi gown, wide v-neck gathered top, plus a contrasting purple bow belt. An asymmetric nude pink double layered silk top paired with a lavender maxi skirt for Ro.

Palazzo Pfanner – Lucca

The atmosphere was elegant but not snobbish. However, more than a birthday party, it was a genuine celebration of friendship, togetherness and love.

A celebration of friendship
Palazzo Pfanner – Lucca

Celebrating friendship & values

In fact, inclusion, respect, and kindness are some of the values that Frank promotes. Also, these fundamental elements connect different cultures, determining a positive posture open to others. And that’s a great inspiration!

By the way, we believe in the same values. But above all, these values are a good starting point to change, making the world a better place.

Thank you, Frank!

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First post of the year

First post of the new year.
The eighth month in this online adventure.

Tiny breadcrumbs left around.
Traces sent to those who have the eye. Diverse explorations for people like us, people who care.

If words resonate with you, you’ll feel comfortable with us.
Indeed, no obsessive marketing will draw you in. An intentional and conscious choice is your reply. It’s a matter of evolution because you are on the same page.

Due to an unforeseen event, we have shifted to the online world. It’s a resilient response to a life-changing occurrence.
However, the easiest solution would have been a quick fix. No concepts to explore, no food for thought. Just mass-market clothing, from top brands to fast fashion. Easy to sell and make money. The status quo never dies.

Perhaps we are crazy for undertaking the opposing direction. We believe fashion is not about being frivolous but a way to inspire and make a change. So, the idea is to provoke a cultural shift. Change for the better is our commitment. An engaging journey, which takes time. A long haul path. But too much effort goes unnoticed by the majority.

And that is why you are not part of that majority. Indeed, you read up to here. So, you don’t stop at titles but seek more knowledge till the end.

Values and consistency drive your lifestyle choices. Therefore, you don’t buy anything and everything. No overconsumption. You are selective.

If style and values do not align, our connection hardly lasts.
And it’s ok too. Because what we do is not for everyone. We don’t need a large audience.

We need the right people along with us.
And for you, we’ll keep on researching unique pieces, worthwhile designers. And bring about our vision around fashion, lifestyle and society by celebrating the value of rarity.

2022! Agents of change, this is for you #formodernhumans
We are proud to serve you again this year!

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Racism is not an option

In case we need to say it clearly, racism is not an option!
Every now and then, we feel the urge to step off the carved path of the trails. Please, allow us to do that. There are moments in which only talking about fashion is not enough. We do not live in a bubble, so it’s impossible not to look at what happens around us and not be affected.

Moreover, we have always been very open to discussions in our physical boutique, and the same is true in our online community.

Paola Egonu is a great Italian athlete chosen to carry the Olympic flag in Tokyo. She also became a testimonial for Armani.
But, forgetting the fact that she is a real champion, one of the strongest volley players in the world, a group of people have found reasons to complain. Why did they consider it compelling to bring their views to the table? First, she is black. And, second, she had no problem talking about being in love with a woman.
Neither of the points is relevant to her sports abilities or has any connection to sport values. Neither is any of our business.
We should be proud of the champion she is. And that’s final.

Meanwhile, we acknowledge that in Voghera, a League safety councillor has killed a Moroccan man. The immigrant punched him, he replied by shooting him dead. In his defence, he said that the gun fired accidentally. But why was he carrying a gun? And what if the aggressor was Italian?

The reason we address these realities is simple.
In short, that is not the world we want to live in.

We are promoting a community for modern humans – based on mutual respect, acceptance and understanding.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values.

It’s important to state it clearly.
If you are racist or homophobe, this is not the place for you.

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The wake-up call

Lifestyle is constantly evolving.
It’s not about hectic fashion anymore, that time is over.
We learned the lesson, so we are evolving towards a new era based on consciousness. The pandemic is our wake-up call. Pollution, climate change, social issues, racism, our behaviour of the past led us here. Now, we must think about what kind of world we want.

Fashion as a reflection of who we are must be involved in the lifestyle evolution process. It’s about understanding the core values, so, as a consequence, we search for a design that fits our new vision.
Creativity takes time to express itself, manufacturing quality items takes time. Trust takes time too.
No need to hurry, not anymore. Slow is ok. Indeed, the process of consciousness takes time.

So, after the wake-up call, change for the better is what we are doing.
But don’t underestimate small changes. Even modest changes in our lifestyle can have a significant impact.

2021 is our blank page. Reset and restart with us.

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Sharing ideas

Ideas are powerful. Sharing our thoughts makes the energy greater.
Sharing is at the heart of our community. Believing in the possibility of inspiring each other, cross-pollinating, is the real precious benefit of our interactions. It is about being open to a growth process that enriches us, broadening our visions.
Hearing our interconnection elevates the sense of community. A group of like-minded people, focusing on specific values: inclusion, diversity, ethical work, kindness, respect.
Fashion is the door that lets us in, connects us, knowing that we don’t stop at a superficial level. We enter from that door to find a common ground, but then we dig deeper into our culture and lifestyle.
Together, we facilitate an ecosystem where we develop beauty, empathy, value. We connect, we come together to make things better.
Join our community by sharing your thoughts with us!

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