The Reversible Bomber

Exclusive Fashion #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Reversible Bomber by Meagratia – from Tokyo, Japan.

Do you appreciate Japanese designers? So, this is your place! 
In fact, if you are a style nerd, passionate about good design, and seeking uniqueness, you will adore Meagratia. 

Undoubtedly, his vision of fashion serves the most refined and attentive individuals. Each piece features so many details that will amaze you. Indeed, the taste is subtle and elegant. Also, the fabrics’ quality is excellent, and the tailoring is absolutely perfect. 

Discover The Reversible Bomber

About the design
Many details enrich The Reversible Bomber. A warm winter blouson with recycled polyester padding, a material with excellent heat retention. Knitted rib collar, cuffs and band along the hemline and on the chest. Two side pockets with snap buttons. Front zip closure. Also, two side zippers along the sides allow a different fit and styling. Fully reversible. 
The grey side has an orange piping all along and two wide pockets. Specifically, many tiny embroidered flowers, tone-on-tone with the grey surface, make the garment precious and unique.
The fit is slightly oversized.

The reversible bomber

About the material
Outer: 100% polyester. Recycled polyester padding is durable and has excellent heat retention.
Knitted rib fabric.: 98% Cotton and 2% polyurethane.

About the colour
One side is khaki. The other is grey with an orange piping.

Dry clean.

The reversible bomber

Styling tips
The Reversible Bomber takes the traditional bomber jacket to a higher level. It’s cool and elegant. Certainly, you will find many occasions to wear it, from office and workwear to casual style. Also, you will match it easily with the clothes in your wardrobe.

How to purchase our selection:

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International Shipping!
From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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The Textured Knit Vest

Today we introduce The Textured Knit Vest by Meagratia.

If you are hunting for unique clothing, check out Meagratia, our new in from Japan. You will discover a modern interpretation of fashion with uncommon creativity. Indeed, the subtle genderless aesthetic and multiple details on its designs allow you to wear the garments as you prefer.
It’s about fashion #formodernhumans – beyond any gendered label.

Discover The Knit Vest

About the design
It is a knit vest with a wide ribbed v-neckline and a boxy shape. And it is designed with different types of delicate knitted fabrics that create a unique pattern. Also, the left side is open, so you can change the silhouette by fastening the two side belts. Another design point is a fringe detailing the hemline all around.

About the material
A knit wool blend made of different types of delicate knitted fabrics – 60% acrylic and 40% wool. The rich texture reveals an elaborated pattern design.

The textured knit vest

About the colour
A combination of three colours: grey, green and white. The result is a soft mix that creates a refined Fall/ Winter hue.

Dry clean.
If you need to iron it, use a cool iron with a press cloth between the iron and the fabric.

Style tips
With The Textured Knit Vest, you have many styling options. Just wear it over a basic tank top when the weather allows it. And when it gets cold, wear it over a basic long-sleeved t-shirt, white, black or grey. We love it over a white shirt too. Also, we tried it with the Marc Le Bihan aubergine t-shirt – it looks cool. However, it works with trousers but also over a pencil maxi dress.

We ship everywhere!

We are based in Milano, but we ship our niche selection #formodernhumans everywhere.

Drop us an email or WhatsApp for any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience – physical or via video call. We’d love to help!

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New in: Meagratia

Genderless fashion #formodernhumans

New in this season: Meagratia is a Japanese brand we selected for good design lovers. And so, for self-aware people who love hunting for unique garments.

Those meaningful pieces allow you to express yourself and not just hide behind a logo. But of course, it means having a certain personality not aligned to the mainstream.

Established in 2012 by the designer Takafumi Sekine, the brand shows at the Tokyo Fashion Week from Spring/ Summer 2019.
And in 2019, the brand was the winner of the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix. Afterwards, the designer shows his collections in Paris and New York regularly.

Meagratia is a unisex ready-to-wear brand, and its concept is a fusion of history with a sense of the present.

Fall/ Winter 22 Meagratia digital show: Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2022

Check out the Fall/ Winter 22-23 digital show from the Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2022. You will enjoy it!

About the brand, we loved the genderless aesthetic, which is modern but effortless at the same time. Unconventional, but never aggressive, well-balanced indeed. And the particular attention paid to all the details, visible or hidden. But also the idea of showing a capsule collection that stands out for a precise sense of style, offering a concentration of good design and quality. Because in the end, more is not what you need.

Cool design from Japan

Meagratia makes some very special but wearable garments.
Rather than dividing into categories, men’s or women’s clothing, there’s a sense of freedom in genderless fashion. As clothes are about who you are. They make you feel good. And it’s not a matter of labelling.

So, if you don’t recognise yourself in mainstream culture and fashion and you aren’t afraid to be different, this brand is for you.

Meagratia, unique cool design #formodernhumans

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The Asymmetric Cotton Sweater

A new classic

Today we introduce a classic by ZUCCa: The Asymmetric Cotton Sweater.

The era of quantity is gone. Therefore, starting from this premise, the range of products doesn’t have to be wide. Buy less buy better is about common sense more than sustainability. So, we intentionally select only meaningful garments in which design and quality are the focus. Indeed each piece we pick out has specific characteristics that encapsulate wearability, durability, and versatility through their design.

Like every season, asymmetry is a style detail we cannot miss because this particular cut is modern and unusual. And also, it looks really good when you wear it. Since asymmetric garments are a staple for ZUCCa, we know we can find something really cool in their proposal.

Discover The Asymmetric Cotton Sweater

About the design
The sweater features a round neck and asymmetric hemline. Also, a robust seam along the front and side highlights the mix of the two different thicknesses of the same material. The seam details the shoulders too.
Ribbed neckline, cuffs and hem. The silhouette is slightly oversized and unisex.

The Asymmetric Cotton Sweater
The Asymmetric Cotton Sweater
by ZUCCa

About the material
100% cotton, non-glossy. It is made by knitting 100% soft cotton yarn into the high and middle gauge and docking it. The material has a thin thickness with a certain elasticity.

About the colour
Purple: a calming colour. A soft opaque hue that is refined and easy to wear. We’ll introduce another colour later, which is stronger.

Hand washable, easy-care.
You can wash this item by hand at home.

This new season item is a versatile modern garment that offers multiple styling options. It’s easy to mix and match, from daywear and office style to free time outfits.
The Asymmetric Cotton Sweater is timeless, genderless and stylish.

Drop us an email or DM for any further info. We’d love to help!

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The Military Sweatshirt

Spring/Summer 22 new arrivals

Among the new arrivals for the Spring/Summer 22 season, today we introduce: The Military Sweatshirt.

Last week we started receiving some new items, and we couldn’t wait to show you the pieces we picked out for you.

About the design
A military mood inspires the image of this sweatshirt.
The design point is a contrasting horizontal band along the front, which features a snap button pocket on the left side. And placed above the pocket, there is a military green grosgrain stripe. Ribbed round neckline and cuffs. Also, the typical ZUCCa item specification is sewn along the left sleeve.

The Military Sweatshirt - by ZUCCa
The Military Sweatshirt – ZUCCa

About the material
This garment shows a mix of multiple materials. The base is made of a light sweatshirt material in 100% cotton, detailed with a wide front application made of cotton in warp and linen in the weft.

About the colour
A contrasting duo: light grey for the body, which is the main fabric. The band with the pocket above is khaki.

We don’t like labels that define what we can wear because we don’t need a reason to feel entitled to pick out clothes. However, this item is genderless.
Size and fit: oversize for women – true to size for men

How to style The Military Sweatshirt

We decided to start with this garment because you can wear it now. Our styling tips: try layering it over a shirt for a smart-casual outfit. Also, it goes very well with the wide-leg pleated khaki pants. Moreover, you could decorate with tiny brooches the ribbon above the pocket.

Easy-care: this item can be hand-washed at home.
Made in Japan
Body: 100% cotton
Front band material: cotton 80%, linen 20%

The Military Sweatshirt is the perfect example of timeless fashion, a piece you can wear forever. That’s the point of good design and quality.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any further information!

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