The Stylish Cargo Pants

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Introducing The Stylish Cargo Pants by Aurōra from Turin, Italy – our top pick of the week!

Emerging designers add a fresh perspective to a fashion industry stuck in the status quo. So, a fashion industry that privileges facades over substance, exploitation over positive change. That is why we need to promote those who have a different perspective.

Therefore, we are happy to promote one of our new brands for the Spring-Summer season: Aurōra. 
Aurora De Matteis is the designer: a young woman who creates her slow fashion brand in a small workshop in Turin, Northern Italy. Specifically, this garment is a timeless, versatile, easy-care product in a stunning hue.

Discover The Stylish Cargo Pants

About the design
Cotton cargo trousers with a chic impression. Featuring an elasticated waist, drawstring ankles, and a large side pocket on the right leg. So, the design emphasizes minimalism and style.

The Stylish Cargo Pants

About the material
100% cotton: fresh and easy care.

About the colour
Periwinkle: a carefree yet decisive colour, bold and confident. It’s a vibrant hue that offers fresh pairing possibilities.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Stylish Cargo Pants are a versatile addition to your wardrobe, offering both comfort and style. For office attire, consider layering a tailored blazer in a complementary colour, such as navy or grey, over a simple blouse or top. This adds structure to the ensemble while maintaining a professional appearance. Or, pair the pants with a crisp mannish shirt for a sophisticated look. For a more relaxed outfit, opt for a tee or a plain cotton top in a neutral colour. This casual pairing ensures comfort while still exuding effortless style.

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Exclusive Fashion
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What Happened to Slow Fashion?

An Opportunity Lost in the Shadows of Rapid Change

What happened to slow fashion? As the foundations of the old world crumble, the emergence of a new one is fraught with struggles. Amidst this turmoil, we find ourselves pondering the fate of slow fashion.

Fashion industry: contradictory news

Headlines boast of growth and soaring sales for some brands, yet these reports seem akin to acts of sleight of hand, illusion games. Indeed, they prioritise the interests of banks over the stark realities that surround us. Moreover, these narratives clash with reports of top conglomerates stockpiling billions in unsold inventory.

In the relentless cycle of overproduction, an increase in output translates to a surge in revenue. However, much of this surplus finds its way to the incinerator rather than into the luxury retail.

Further underscoring the disintegration of the traditional fashion world are the ongoing bankruptcy reports. Most recently, Matches Fashion has found its place on this list. The Fraser Group, two months after the acquisition, claims the luxury e-tailer is on the brink of insolvency, a casualty of slowing demand for high-end products. Fraser laments: ‘The company systematically missed the targets of its business plan and, despite the group’s support, continued to record significant losses.’

Deciphering the destiny of slow fashion

In the wake of the pandemic-induced instability, sustainability has emerged as a cornerstone of discourse. Slow fashion, heralded as a rational solution to the problem of overproduction and resulting surplus inventory for shops, has garnered significant attention.

So, we’ve seen a lot of talks, round tables with the usual experts. Of course, by giving a voice to the same names that had caused the overproduction issue. A possible solution emerged, but after a few years of discussions on slow fashion, almost no one talks about it.

So, what happened to slow fashion? Was it just a temporary marketing strategy? Indeed, it languishes in obscurity, championed only by a handful of new brands struggling to gain traction. Meanwhile, the fashion industry remains wedded to antiquated profit models, heedless of its impending catastrophe.

The truth is, the world of fashion as we have known it has long been on shaky ground, particularly since the 1990s. But this reality holds little sway over the major players who continue to prioritise short-term profit over long-term sustainability.

Despite appearing as a missed opportunity amidst the whirlwind of rapid change, our commitment to and belief in slow fashion remains unwavering. We wholeheartedly support its principles and practices.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any thoughts or reflections you may have on this matter!

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Threads of Change

Elevating Fashion with Purposeful Design and Limited Quantities

In this exploration, we delve into the threads of change, the transformative power of good design and limited quantities. Join us on a journey where fashion intersects with purpose, quality, and conscious consumption.

The British Fashion Council recently unveiled the winners of the Fashion Awards 2023, an event that celebrates the forefront of fashion and serves as a fundraiser for the BFC Foundation Charity. This gala not only spotlights creative talent but also underscores the pivotal role of fashion at the crossroads of culture and entertainment.

One of the most notable moments of the evening was the tribute to Valentino Garavani for his outstanding contribution to fashion. The celebration was marked by a spectacular fashion show featuring 24 iconic red dresses, all set against the backdrop of “An evening at the opera with Valentino.” This ballet, filmed in his hometown of Voghera, paid homage to his legacy, even dedicating the local theater to his name.
Giancarlo Giammetti, Valentino’s lifetime business partner, received the award on his behalf. His interview to the Financial Times Fashion is a lesson on contemporary fashion industry.

Fashion, culture and change

In our journey through the blogging world, we’ve consistently emphasised the intrinsic connection between fashion and broader cultural themes. While this relationship might not be immediately evident to everyone, we firmly believe it exists.

Our message has been clear: fashion is not merely about an endless array of clothing and accessories. Endless catalogues with tons of options, or stores packed with clothes with the consequent need to push people to shop more and more.
Meaningful fashion, to us, embodies the principles of slow fashion, handcrafted garments, precise tailoring, and, above all, limited quantities. This approach isn’t just an aesthetic choice; it’s the cornerstone of sustainability within the fashion industry.

It’s crucial to distinguish true sustainability from what often amounts to greenwashing. In fact, brands or stores claiming sustainability while continuing to overproduce garments are missing the mark entirely.

However, reflecting on Giancarlo Giammetti‘s recent interview in the Financial Times resonates deeply with us. His sentiments echo the very challenges we face in today’s culture, which seems distant from this vision.

Giammetti’s words, particularly, strike a chord:

“We left because the industry changed and meetings were all about money, not design. Sales forecasts decided what got created. The conglomerates made each label work to the same model. We couldn’t launch today. If we did, we’d be doing slow fashion, inviting fewer people to buy, at the highest quality. You don’t have to be judged on the number of dresses you make. And sustainability must be everyone’s preoccupation right now.”

via Financial Times Fashion
Giancarlo Giammetti

In fact, our radical fashion proposition and business model sometimes feel demotivating in a world fixated on overconsumption. But Giammetti’s stance is a comforting reminder. Indeed, it reaffirms our belief: embracing a model based on good design, quality and limited quantity.

These threads of change are a pivotal shift towards a more conscious and sustainable fashion industry. Embracing this ethos isn’t merely a choice; it’s a statement—a commitment to crafting a better, more responsible future through our fashion choices.

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Fashion far from consumerism

Spring-summer 23: bringing back meaning

Can we think about fashion far from consumerism? Indeed, there’s a way of conceiving the fashion industry cleared of its toxic downsides.

Spring-summer 23, a sense of re-birth comes with the new season. And so, we want to take you with us on our journey out of the blob of mass-produced clothes. Come with us to discover rarities and excellence to bring back meaning in an industry that, as it is now, has lost it.

Fashion & consumerism

If fashion mirrors our society, what we see is growth mania. The industry brainwashed people into overconsumption and disposable culture. In fact, there is a constant need for novelties which has much in common with addictive behaviours. But this massified fashion comes with a cost. It has a polluting and destructive impact.

So, we want to take you with us on a different path, which we’ll hone season after season. There’s no perfection but the commitment to doing better, stepping away from pointless labels or empty claims.
Good design, well-made clothes are for those who can see them. But, attention to design, details, and materials are fundamentals to bringing meaning back into fashion.

Spring-Summer 23: niche fashion #formodernhumans

Come with us to explore the Spring-Summer 23: garments made with care and passion. Indeed, the sense of tailoring prevails. Silhouettes are slightly more defined but always comfortable. Specifically, materials have a pleasant hand feel, and lines don’t make your body feel compressed.

There are drapings, a design detail that adds a special touch to t-shirts and dresses, making them suitable for different body shapes. But also, cool military pants and exclusive knitwear. And shirts, timeless garments par excellence, improved with a modern twist, in multiple lengths. Plus comfortable flat leather shoes for your summer walks.

The selection is accurate, essential and in limited quantities. A design-focused slow fashion, far from consumerism. Indeed, garments feature a carry-over design, becoming made-to-last stylish classics.

What if the perspective of what you considered new so far is wrong?

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The slow fashion context

Slow fashion needs to be placed into the context of a slow lifestyle to make sense of it. Out of that frame, this concept has no meaning.

Slow fashion & slow lifestyle

And so, slow fashion is not only about the act of making garments at the proper pace. Which, by the way, represents a significant shift toward sustainability. Most importantly, it is about living in the moment and enjoying it, which is the point of a slow lifestyle.

Therefore, it is not about the tons of things you buy or the many experiences you have. No hoarding: you choose quality over quantity. However, there’s no sense of deprivation in that. On the contrary, it’s a more conscious and intentional lifestyle.
Also, living in the moment means that if the weather is still warm, it makes sense to enjoy our light clothing. And it’s about purchasing what you need at a given time. Depending on where you live, of course.

Slow fashion

Slow fashion & slow lifestyle

In sunny weather, you wear lightweight clothes. But keeping in mind the possibility of a layering style, you will use light fabrics throughout the year. Indeed, you only need to add something over or underneath. Or both when it is too cold. Here it’s important to remember that it is not the thickness of the material that will keep you warm but the quality.

The slow mode

For us as a boutique, slow fashion also means starting with the new season when it makes sense. Not too early because there’s no point in doing that anymore. The vision of encouraging a frenzy shopping attitude doesn’t fit into the conscious approach for modern humans.

Therefore, we do not hurry. We selected some unique garments, and we’ll introduce new brands. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, contact us to check out our timeless selection. We’ll help you choose the perfect pieces for you: garments you’ll love to wear for a lifetime because of the unique design and softness of the fabrics.

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